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(especially those hosting art from all over the world)

Fine-Art GALLERY sites

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Some Brick-and-Mortar VIRGINIA GALLERIES
--- in the Hampton Roads area:

Fine-Art MUSEUM sites

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Some famous ART MUSEUMS:

--- in the Hampton Roads area:

Fine-Art ARTIST sites

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Some sites of works of WORLDWIDE ARTISTS, all styles:

Some links to some FAVORITE ARTISTS:
(Dali, Escher, Leonardo, Van Gogh)

Some links to some Eastern USA ARTISTS:

Here are a few web sites of interesting artists I saw at the
Stockley Gardens Arts Festival in Norfolk, Virginia, 2006 Oct 22.

  • Dave Bruner, woodcut prints - at
    (Escher-like but more minimalist ; Florida)

  • Tom Barnes, paintings - at
    (rather striking paintings of 'dressy' women ; Guyton, Georgia)

  • Curtis Krueger, photographer - at
    (has taken photos in all 50 states with the same chair in the photos,
    a metal chair he liked that an aging lady gave him; nice quality photos ;
    grew up without TV cause his parents did not have it repaired when it broke
    --- feels this contributed to his becoming an artist ; Wilmington, NC)

  • Jim Spillane, photographer - at
    (Has taken photos all over the world -- Nepal etc. -- mostly of people.
    Has a photo with a "Men at Work" sign --- with a woman, in a sari, wielding a pick-axe in a ditch, with male supervisor watching.
    Another example:
    A photo of New Guinea natives, with bones in their noses and grass skirts for clothing, playing billiards.
    Many photos of faces, children, grizzled elders, hard-scrabble working folk.)

  • Kurt Ruby, copperworks - at
    (mother's married name is Ruby Ruby ; Florida)

  • Jim Newsom, musician - at
    (leader of quartet ; has written up many interviews with famous musicians; uncle is Tommy Newsom of Tonight Show fame; nice clear voice; plays flute & guitar ; Norfolk)

Some links to REALISM-style ARTISTS:

Some 'WEB-DIRECTORIES' of Fine-Art sites

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It seems that 'web directories' are dying out. Google and Yahoo closed theirs down around 2014. Then around 2017, the directory from which the Google and Yahoo web-directories were spawned --- the DMOZ 'Open Directory Project' closed down.

It seems that it is just not feasible for a team of people to keep up with all the sites that are going dead and the new sites that appear.

About a year after the site closed down, it appears that a new web-directory site --- --- arose from the ashes of ''. It remains to be seen how long that web-directory lasts.

Following are a few links related to 'web directory' sites.

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