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Some handy web pages -- of COX COMMUNICATIONS:
(a provider of phone, internet, and cable TV services)

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    (a 'busy' home page with news links and links to info on TV services etc.)

    (a similar Cox 'home' page ; Cox makes contacting them or their services quite confusing --- by phone or by web ; 'MyAccount' and 'Support' links are available from either of these 2 pages ; using '' gives you this page, in 2015)

    My suggestion: The Cox home page should be as simple as the Google search page. Cox basically provides 3 services: phone, internet, TV. There should be three links on their home page, with these 3 words as their titles. Clicking on any of these links takes the user to a page with a 'Support' option tailored to that service. (If necessary, have a 4th link on the home page --- 'MyAccount'.) The same simplicity should apply to their phone menu system, which is atrociously bad. It is designed to keep you from talking to a person --- even when their menu options do not apply to your issue. Apparently their CEO has never had to go through the menus.

    Takes you directly to a Support page (in 2015).

    Cox Personal WebSpace info:
  • Back around 2005-2009, Cox had an article on 'How to: Publish Your Personal WebSpace using an FTP program'. But Cox seems to have discontinued their web-space service at (dead now). They still provide e-mail space (in 2015), but no space for personal web sites.

    For web-site space, I went to See below.

ISP - pages

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Some handy web pages -- of
(a low-cost web-hosting service provider based in Pennsylvania)

Some OTHER ISP sites

    (providers of internet-connection and/or website-space and/or email services)

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  • AOL (America On Line) - at
    (It's hard to find what ISP services AOL provides, in 2015. Any?)

  • AT&T Worldnet, ISP - at
    (From this page, it's hard to tell whether AT&T is in the internet connectivity business anymore. I guess it's under 'Uverse', in 2015. I guess we are supposed to know that. Such a meaningful name.)

  • Canadian ISPs - at

  • EarthLink Home Page - at
    (For info on a topic, use the Search field at the top of the page)

  • EarthLink Web Hosting info - at

  • Juno ISP - at
    (Gee. A home page that makes clear what services they offer. Good work, in 2015, Juno.)

  • Microsoft Network ISP - at
    (There used to be, around 2006, a 'Services' link at the bottom of the MSN home page. Congratulations, MSN. You have made it as hard to find what ISP services you provide as AOL and ATT have. Apparently you just want to offer a very 'busy' page of links to news and celebrity gossip --- like about a gajillion other sites provide.)

  • Netscape ISP - at
    (Gee. Like Juno above, Netscape makes it clear what services they offer, right up front on their home page. Nice work, in 2015, Netscape.

    I thought Netscape was long gone. It appears that AOL owns the name now --- according to small print at the bottom of one of the pages of this site.)

  • Net Zero ISP - at
    (In 2015, a 'Services' link on their pages lets you know what they offer.)

  • People PC ISP -
    (Like Juno and Netscape above, PeoplePC makes it clear what services they offer, right up front on their home page. Nice work, in 2015, PeoplePC.)

  • Road Runner ISP - at
    (It seems that between 2006 and 2015, RoadRunner became a Time-Warner property. And, in 2015, this page offers services through either BrightHouse Networks or Time-Warner Cable --- at

  • Verizon On-line ISP - at
    (In 2015, Verison offers a 'Services' link at the top of their page. Much clearer than ATT and AOL.)


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Some useful (or interesting) internet info sites:
Some Internet organization (.org , .net) sites:

(NIC - Network Information Center)

  • ICANN - at
    (The non-profit corporation responsible for IP address allocation.
    ICANN = Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers )

  • ICANN Qualified Registrars - at
    (Official List of accredited domain name Registrars.)

  • InterNIC - at
    (provides a list of current accredited sites where
    you can register a domain ; a good starting place)

  • CORE NIC - at
    (Not-for-profit association of Internet domain name registrars.
    Operates a shared registration system (SRS) for Internet domain names.)

  • IANA 'Root Zone' list - at
    (IANA = Internet Assigned Name Authority ; a root zone is either a
    ccTLD = country-code Top Level Domain or a gTLD, like .com)

  • Domains World Wide - at
    (Domain Counts from all ccTLDs and gTLDs.)

  • World Wide Web Consortium - at
    (consortium to develop specifications, guidelines, software,
    and tools to promote the Internet's evolution and interoperability.)

Some Internet History sites:
  • - at
    (General guide to the Internet, including sections on the
    history of the Web, email, Usenet and other topics.)

'WEB DIRECTORY' Pages of ISP-info

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It seems that 'web directories' are dying out. Google and Yahoo closed theirs down around 2014. Then around 2017, the directory from which the Google and Yahoo web-directories were spawned --- the DMOZ "Open Directory Project" closed down.

It seems that it is just not feasible for a team of people to keep up with all the sites that are going dead and the new sites that appear.

About a year after the site closed down, it appears that a new web-directory site --- --- arose from the ashes of ''. It remains to be seen how long that web-directory lasts.

Following are a few links related to 'web directory' sites.

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