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The following Linux conference links are in order according to the month of the year in which the conference usually occurs --- going from January through December.

    After Feb 2020, when Covid-19 became evident in the United States, some conferences were cancelled in 2020 and 2021 --- or they went on-line on the internet.

    When some conferences were restarted (in-person), circa 2022, the conference dates may have shifted. And some conferences may have been terminated before 2020. These changes may be indicated by a brief note at some of the conferences below. The note is usually a link to a WEB SEARCH for more information on the conference.

    For some conferences, a Wikipedia link is provided.

The typical start and end dates are shown --- mainly to indicate the length of the conference, in days.

A typical or recent host city is shown after the date.

Note that, for the most part, these are conferences in the U.S. --- or Canada. Some international conferences are shown in some 'calendar' or 'list' web pages, whose links are provided below.

Some of the conferences are not purely Linux conferences, such as Open Source Software (OSS) conferences. Some include information on other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and/or Apple Mac. But those conferences include information that could be of use to Linux users.

I have high-lighted some of the conferences --- some that I may want to attend someday. The month-days are in a bold font.

Note :
You can use a 'Find text' option of your browser to find keywords on this page,
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