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Contractors, Designers, and Installers:

Suppliers and Manufacturers:

Solar Energy Promotions:

Solar Energy Information:

Most of the initial links for this page originally came from 'Home Power' magazine, whose web site is listed in the 'Magazines' section.

You can use an option like 'Find in This Page ...' of your web browser to find keywords on this page, such as 'panel' or 'battery' or 'controller' or 'inverter' or 'meter' or 'mount' or 'pole' or 'tracker' or 'thermal' or 'water' or 'pump'.

In the following sections, 'PV' stands for PhotoVoltaic --- in other words, it refers to solar cells and solar panels. Note that 'RE' typically stands for Renewable Energy, rather than Rural Electrification.

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Solar Energy CONTRACTORS - MULTI-STATE   (roughly alphabetically in each section)

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(selected states ; some contractors in each)

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ARIZONA contractors :

CALIFORNIA contractors :

  • Carlson Solar - at (Southern CA)
    ("serving Southern CA since 1988 ; licensed, bonded, and insured solar-electric installation company ; specializing in both grid-tie and off-grid systems ; NABCEP certified ; saving the environment one house at a time")

  • Cobalt Power Systems Inc. - at (SF bay area)
    ("full-service licensed installer of PV systems in the SF bay area ; free consultations, detailed proposals, professional system design by an electrical engineer ; expert installations ; handle all paperwork ; oversee all inspections)

  • Electron Connection - at (Hornbrook, CA)
    ("licensed in CA and Oregon ; NABCEP certified installer ; serving northernmost California and southern Oregon ; PV, wind, microhydro installs"
    "We provide: Complete service. We do solar, wind, microhydro, and pumping systems. Load analysis, site survey, system design, sales, installation, user training, and tech support long after the warranties expire ... have established over 500 systems. ... Tap into our network of qualified, competent Electron Connection associates across the country." ; on-line catalog)

  • Independent Energy Systems - at (northern CA)
    ("serving the Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay area ; specialize in design, instllation, and sales of residential and commercial PV systems ; we love what we do and it shows in our work")

  • Owens Electric Inc. - at (northern CA)
    ("energy solutions since 1964 ; full services including solar electric, solar thermal, and solar pool heating installations for residential and commercial projects ; wide range of electric water heating and home heating solutions ; licensed, bonded, certified, and insured ; C-10 electrical contractor")

  • Radiant Solar Technology (Ukiah, CA) - at
    ("designs and builds solar systems")

  • Solar Electrical Systems - at (Southern CA)
    ("Southern CA's largest solar electrical integrator of custom residential and commercial photovoltaic systems ; provides support staff for architect, general contractor, remodeling contractor, or homeowner ; fast email response of a solar electrical system with a CAD layer including quote and current tax benefits")

  • Solar Wind Works - at (Truckee, CA)
    ("Proven" wind turbines ; "reliable, quiet, rugged, elegant" ; NABCEP certified PV installer ; sales of PV, wind, and microhydro ; design of off-grid or on-grid systems ; installation and service)

  • Verengo Solar - Wikipedia description - at wiki/ Verengo_Solar
    (residential solar installations ; more than 10,000 in CA)

  • California Solar Market Statistics - at state-solar-policy/ california
    (includes a map showing cities/locations of businesses)

COLORADO contractors :

  • Burnham-Beck & Sun - at (Fort Collins, CO)
    ("solar & wind energy systems ; site evaluations, system designs, and installs in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming ; drop-ship equipment anywhere in the US ; retail products include PV modules, wind turbines, inverters, batteries, efficient appliances")

  • Namaste Solar Electric Inc. - at
    ("designs, sells, installs, and services residential and commercial solar electric systems ; over 10 years experience ; grid-tied and stand-alone systems in Colorado and neighboring states ; we live with the technologies we sell and we stock our home-tested products ; our guiding principles: people, planet, properity")

  • Solar City in Colorado - at residential/ states/ colorado-solar
    (operations centers in Denver and Parker)

  • Colorado Solar Market Statistics - at state-solar-policy/ colorado
    (includes a map showing cities/locations of businesses)

CONNECTICUT contractors :

  • Sunlight Solar Energy Inc. (OR, MA, CT) - at
    ("the state's largest grid-tied residential design and installation company ; take care of the Connecticut Clean Energy FUnd, utility, and local building paperwork ; specialized installers are nationally certified ; call for a reference from your neighbor. Everything to get your meter spinning backwards.")

  • Connecticut Solar Market Statistics - at state-solar-policy/ connecticut
    (includes a map showing cities/locations of businesses)

FLORIDA contractors :

HAWAII contractors :

IDAHO contractors :

  • Creative Energies - at (ID, WY)
    ("Eastern Idaho's premiere full-service RE company ; solar and wind power for remote cabins, homes, and ranches ; grid-tied solar and wind power, solar hot water and heating, solar water pumping and passive solar home design. We custom design a system that fits your needs and budget.")

KANSAS contractors :

  • Power Tomorrow - at (KS, MO)
    ("designs and installs the power of tomorrow today ; specializing in the design and installation of solar hot water and home heat, photovoltaic, and wind power solutions for your residential and commercial needs ; as seen on ABC's 'Extreme Home Makeover' ; since 1982 ; fully insured")

MISSOURI contractors :

NEVADA contractors :

NEW JERSEY contractors :

NEW MEXICO contractors :

  • Direct Power - at
    ("major manufacturer of PV Solar mounting solutions since 1993")

  • Paradise Power Company - at (Taos, NM)
    ("a small company in Taos, the solar capital of the world ; not restricted to any locality though most work is in New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas ; offer a complete electrical service specializing in solar and alternative electrical system design, sales, installation, maintenance, and lifestyle")

  • Positive Energy Inc. - at (Santa Fe, NM)
    ("high quality renewable power systems ; licensed, bonded, and insured electrical contractor serving Santa Fe and northern NM ; owner Allan Sindelar is NABCEP certified and is a certified dealer-installer for Xantrex, OutBack, and SunnyBoy")

  • New Mexico Solar Market Statistics - at state-solar-policy/ new-mexico
    (includes a map showing cities/locations of businesses)

NEW YORK contractors :

  • Solar and Wind FX Inc. - at (western NY)
    ("NY's only off-grid design and training center, where a client can see the latest RE and green building technologies ; a family owned, full service company, focusing on Western NY, that provides site evaluation, design, installation, and the all important service after the sale ; member of NESEA and NYSEIA, SEI alumni and a NYSERDA installer")

  • New York Solar Market Statistics - at state-solar-policy/ new-york
    (includes a map showing cities/locations of businesses)

NORTH CAROLINA contractors :

  • Sundance Power - at (western NC)
    ("the largest provider of Renewable Energy in Western North Carolina ; since 1995 has been providing high quality residential and commercial design and installation of PV, wind, hydro, solar thermal, and hydronic heating systems throughout the southeast")

  • North Carolina Solar Market Statistics - at state-solar-policy/ north-carolina
    (includes a map showing cities/locations of businesses)

OREGON contractors :

  • Mr Sun Solar, a Neil Kelly company - at services/ solar-services/

  • Solar City in Oregon - at residential/ states/ oregon-solar
    (has an operation center in Portland)

  • Sunlight Solar (OR, MA, CT) - at
    ("specializes in full-service, turn-key, grid-tied residential and commercial PV systems ; fully licensed, providing consultations, efficient system design professional installations, and competitive pricing ; over 20 years of experience with two licensed LRTs, one NABCEP certified PV installer, and one seasoned alumnus of SEI ; call for referrals")

  • Oregon Solar Market Statistics - at state-solar-policy/ oregon
    (includes a map showing cities/locations of businesses)

  • OSEIA Directory - at
    (OSEIA = Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association)

TEXAS contractors :

  • Meridian Energy Systems - at
    ("specializes in the design and installation of high quality solar and wind energy systems throughout the state of Texas ... and beyond ; factory trained technicians and NABCEP certificant on staff")

  • Texas Solar Power Company - at (Austin, TX)
    ("since 1995, participated in design-build renewable energy projects for both commercial and residential clients ; located in Austin, will travel where services are needed")

  • Texas Solar Market Statistics - at state-solar-policy/ texas
    (includes a map showing cities/locations of businesses)

VIRGINIA contractors :

WASHINGTON contractors :

Solar Energy CONTRACTORS - non-U.S.

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Solar Energy Equipment GENERAL SUPPLIERS

(offering many types of supplies)

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  • Lists of Solar Systems Suppliers - at References/ Suppliers/ Electric.htm

  • ENF Directory of Solar Companies (worldwide) - at

  • PVPower Solar Supplies (Illinois) - at

  • ABS Alaskan (Fairbanks, Alaska) - at
    (solar panels, wind turbines, DC lighting, microhydro, complete systems)

  • Alternative Energy Store (Massachusetts) - at
    (rollable solar panels ; solar air heaters ; power panels ; inverters ; electronic device solar chargers ; solar attic fans ; solar pool heaters ; etc. etc.)

  • Backwoods Solar Electric Systems (Sandpoint, Idaho) - at
    (solar, wind, hydro ; "specializing in independent electric power for the remote home where utility power is not available" ; catalog, planning guide ; design service)

  • Forcefield (Fort Collins, CO) - at
    ("needful things for the homebrew renewable energy enthusiast")

  • Northern Arizona Wind & Sun (Flagstaff, AZ) - at
    ("specializing in solar electric utility tie, remote homes, water pumping, RV's, and telecommunication systems")

  • Solar Solutions Ltd. (Colorado) - at
    ("provides photovoltaic, wind, and hybrid power systems and components for stand alone systems, grid-tied, RV's, and remote water pumping ; member of Colorado SEIA and a lifetime member of the Colorado RE Society and ASES ; Xantrex certified dealer")

Solar Energy PANEL Suppliers/Manufacturers

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Solar Energy ELECTRONICS Suppliers/Manufacturers

(inverters, meters, etc.)

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  • Solar Facts list of Inverter Manufacturers (worldwide) - at inverters/ inverter-manufacturers.php

  • AEE Solar Supersource (Redway, CA) - at
    (inverters ; solar-powered deep-well pumps ; wind generators ; catalog)

  • Apollo Solar (Bethel, CT) - at
    (charge controller)

  • Blue Sky Energy Inc. (Vista, CA) - at
    (solar power controllers)

  • Brand Electronics (Whitefield, ME) - at
    (AC and DC power meters ; special meters for refrigerator replacement analysis - detects defrost cycle ; "can build a digital power meter to meet your needs")

  • Exeltech (Fort Worth, TX) - at
    (inverters ; power levels from 1kw to 60 kw ; output voltages of 100, 120, 230)

  • Fronius USA (Santa Barbara, CA) -
    (lightweight inverters ; replacement if problem within 7-years from purchase)

  • Inverter Service Company (Albuquerque, NM) - at
    (authorized service center for Xantrex inverters)

  • Kaco Solar (San Francisco, CA) - at
    (Kaco "Blue Planet" Grid-tie Inverters ; certified by the US Space Foundation ; made in Germany)

  • Magnum Dimensions (Sensata Technologies)- at
    (pure sine wave inverters)

  • Midnite Solar - at
    (panels, that is cabinets, for inverters ; charge controllers ; distributors)

  • Morningstar Corp - at
    (solar inverters and controllers)

  • Outback Power Systems (Arlington, WA) - at
    (inverters - OutBack Power System - "true sinewave technology" - "takes the rough edges off power conversion" - "equipment and motors will run cooler, quieter, and start easier with no harmonic distortion" - "will invert power from solar, hydro, wind, or fuel cell source" - "charge your batteries" - "completely stackable")

  • Phocos USA (Tuscon, AZ) - at
    (datalogger - "helps you understand your PV system" - included in charge controller - records battery state of charge, charge-discharge, etc.)

  • RightHand Engineering (Washington state) - at
    (PC software for sine inverters -- such as Xantrex and OutBack)

  • SMA America Inc. (CA, CO) - at
    (inverters - "work with a wide variety of solar modules" - Sunny Boy 3300U - "has surge voltage protection, an active cooling system, and is suitable for outdoor installation" - 10 year warranty)

  • Solar Converters (Guelph, Ontario, Canada) - at
    ("we design and manufacture power control solutions for renewable energy systems" - "linear current boosters, DC auto-transformers, battery de-sulphaters, linear voltage boosters, generator starters, charge controllers, cathodic protection controllers, voltage controlled switches, solar lighting controllers")

  • Solectria Renewables (HQ in Massachusetts) - at
    ("grid-tied inverters - 1.8, 2.5, 13, 60, 75, 90 kW" ; how-to-buy)

  • Sun Earth Inc (Fontana, CA) - at
    (solar water heating products, including mounting products ; solar thermal differential control - "easy-to-read lighted LCD display, displays system temperatures at up to 3 locations, 1 fused 120 volt AC output, high voltage spike protection")

  • Test Equipment Depot - at
    (digital multi-meters, electricity usage monitors, non-contact infrared thermometers, battery testers, power analyzers, oscilloscopes, dataloggers)

  • Xantrex - at
    (inverters for mobile, i.e. vehicle and marine, applications ; - "proven reliability - outstanding performance - easy to install - designed for multi-unit installations - 3.8 kW available)

  • Wikipedia - Solar Inverter (and charge controllers) - at wiki/ Solar_inverter

  • Wikipedia - MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) - at wiki/ Maximum_power_point_tracking
    (description of MPPT in solar charge controllers)

Solar Energy BATTERY Suppliers/Manufacturers

(and battery-related items)

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  • Battery Manufacturers for solar applications - at batteries/ battery-manufacturers.php

  • Bogart Engineering (Boulder Creek, CA) - at
    (battery system monitors)

  • JWP Battery Fill Systems - at
    (JWP = Jan Watercraft Products ; single-point battery watering system)

  • MK Battery - at or
    (solar energy batteries - sealed Gel/AGM or flooded - for difficult off-grid applications)

  • Northwest Energy Storage - at
    (Solar-One batteries with "industrial quality positive plates, 0.31 in. thick" ; batteries with "HuP technology" ; 10 year warranty --- 7 year free replacement and 3 years pro-rated)

  • Concorde Battery (West Covina, CA) - at
    (Sun-Xtender batteries are: "designed for alternate energy systems, PV or wind ; maintenance free, never add water ; absorbent glass mat technology, superior cycle life ; sealed, non-spillable ; operates upright or on its side or end ; low impedance design with excellent charge acceptance ; stand alone and grid-tied systems ; robust military aircraft construction for shock and vibration ; environmentally friendly and recyclable")

  • Rolls Battery - at
    ("Rolls has been producing premium batteries specifically designed for the renewable energy market since 1984." - "Caution: One mean battery" - "superior cycling, dual-container construction, wide range of specs, large liquid reserves, easy to install, long life span, warranties")

  • Sun Xtender Solar Batteries - at

  • Trojan Battery - at
    ("For over 80 years, Trojan Battery has been engineering and producing the industry's best deep cycle batteries." - "Few have stood the test of time.")

  • U.S. Battery - at
    ("U.S. Battery offers the perfect solution for all of your alternative energy storage requirements." - "maximum capacity - maximum life - minimum service")

  • Zephyr Industries Inc. (Salida, CO) - at
    ("battery box ventilator and back draft damper ; positive hydrogen venting ; stops back drafts ; mimimal power consumption")

  • AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Battery - at

Solar Energy APPLIANCE Suppliers/Manufacturers

('solar-friendly' appliances ; efficient)

(DC or AC ; air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, etc.)

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  • Advantage Solar - at
    (solar powered air conditioning units ; inverters)

  • FridgeFreeze - at
    ("the most efficient portable 12/24 & 110 volt refrigerator-freezer made")

  • Southwest Solar (Tuscon, AZ) - at
    (solar cooling, "ultra low energy, only 25 to 130 watts" - "the most efficient coolers on the planet" - 12, 24, and 48 volt DC evaporative coolers - also available in 120 and 240 volt AC - made from stainless steel, long life)

  • Sun Frost (Arcata, CA) - at
    ("energy efficient refrigerators and freezers - available in DC or AC - over 10 models - choose from 1000s of colors, finishes, and woods - we also manufacture composting toilets")

  • SunDanzer - at
    ("12 and 24 volt DC energy-efficient refrigeration" - "automatic operation, thick polyurethane insulation, interior light, lockable lid, corrosion-resistant coated steel interior, patented low-frost system, easy-to-clean interior")

Solar Energy LIGHTING Suppliers/Manufacturers

('solar-friendly' lighting ; efficient)

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Solar Energy ENHANCEMENTS Suppliers/Manufacturers

(insulation, etc. ; for efficiency)

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Solar Energy WATER HEATING Suppliers/Manufacturers

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  • Solar Heating Suppliers - at References/ Suppliers/ SolarHeating.htm

  • Butler Sun Solutions - Solar Water Heaters (CA) - at
    (solar assisted hot water systems - closed loop anti-freeze systems)

  • Water Heating Systems (Montgomery, AL) - at
    ("Solahart has been designing and building solar water heaters since 1953. The Solahart brand is backed by Rheem, the largest water heater manufacturer in the world." - "simple and reliable thermosiphon systems" - "open and closed loop systems" - "5 and 10 year warranty options")

  • Sol-Reliant (Portland, OR) - at
    (solar water heater ; solar-powered pump ; "design life of over 25 years" ; designed for re-installation after re-roofing ; "no freezing, no overheating, no parasitic losses, no visible plumbing" ; "taxes and rebates in some states pay half the cost or more")

  • TCT Solar (Jacksonville, FL) - at
    ("ProgressivTube solar thermal systems" ; residential-commercial-industrial ; also sensors, flow meters, calculator - convert BTUs to KWH ; "products for automatic meter reading of solar water heating systems, central boiler, and district heating/cooling systems")

  • The LeverEdge - at
    (solar hot water heating systems - "Guardian solar heating kits come complete with prefabricated components to ease installation." - "distributor and dealers wanted")

  • Thermo Technologies - Thermomax (Columbia, MD) - at
    (solar water heating source - "Thermomax evacuated heat-pipe solar collectors, Thermo Technologies temperature differential controllers, Stieble Eltron solar tanks")

  • Solar Water Heating Systems - at
    (solar water heating - solar radiant floor - "It's all in the vacuum" - commercial and residential - "ask about dealerships")

  • Therma-coil (Browns Valley, CA) - at
    (for wood stove hot water - "Therma-coil is made of the highest quality stainless steel")

Solar Energy WATER PUMPING Suppliers/Manufacturers

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Solar Energy and ELECTRIC VEHICLE Suppliers/Manufacturers

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Solar Energy ORGANIZATIONS/Societies

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Solar Energy CONFERENCES/Expos/Fests/Fairs

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Solar Energy NEWS sites

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Solar Energy MAGAZINES

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Recommended magazine links:

Other magazine links:

(roughly in alphabetical order)

  • AltEnergyMag - at

  • Back Home Magazine - at
    (STOPPED PUBLISHING IN 2014 ; an archive remains) ("your guide to self-reliant living" ; articles on alternative home-building techniques ; organic gardening ; slelecting a home business ; living mortgage free ; etc.)

  •'s list of solar magazines - at solar_energy/ Magazines.html

  • pv magazine [pv = photovoltaic] - at

Still Other Links:

(not really magazines or not thoroughly solar)

Solar Energy INFO-EDUCATION sites

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Solar Energy at BLOGS

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Solar Energy at FORUMS

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'WEB DIRECTORY' pages on Solar Energy

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It seems that 'web directories' are dying out. Google and Yahoo closed theirs down around 2014. Then around 2017, the directory from which the Google and Yahoo web-directories were spawned --- the DMOZ "Open Directory Project" closed down.

It seems that it is just not feasible for a team of people to keep up with all the sites that are going dead and the new sites that appear.

About a year after the site closed down, it appears that a new web-directory site --- --- arose from the ashes of ''. It remains to be seen how long that web-directory lasts.

Following are a few links related to 'web directory' sites.

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