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Initially, most of these sites were assembled in 2006 from a chapter of the book "Living the Low Carb Lifestyle" by J. Bowden --- a personal trainer and certified nutrition specialist. I assembled the links here because, unfortunately, he did not put links to those many sites at his web site, Hence I could not simply use a link to his web site.

It turns out that many of the web sites, listed in his book, have vanished ... and, no doubt, many of the links below will go dead over time.

The two 1963 AMA papers on which the Atkins diet was based are available via the 'Atkins Misrepresented' blog page on this site.

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  • Angela Stark's Story -
    (This site shows the transformation of Stark, who went from 196 to 106 pounds with a low-carb lifestyle in just one year. The site has interesting links and great before-and-after pics.)

  • David and his wife, a low carb family -
    (See before and after pics. She lost 87 pounds.)

  • Deon van der Merwe Story -
    (See before and after photos. 170 pounds of weight loss.)

  • Don Elliott's Story -
    (Elliott lost 165 pounds on a low-carb diet. His story is inspiring, and the pictures are unforgettable. Show his before-and-after pics to the next person who tells you that all you lose on a low-carb diet is "water-weight".)

  • Jane Britton's Story -
    (See before and after photos.)

  • Jeff David's Story -
    (Jeff went from 317 to 188 pounds, which he maintained for over 3 and a half years. His insights, especially "My Story", "Recollections after a Year of Maintaining", and "Helpful Hints for Anyone Eating Low-Carb", are worth reading.)

  • Jimmy Moore's Story -
    (See before and after photos. 100-plus pounds of weight loss.)

  • Joyce's Story -
    (See the before-and-after photos.)

  • the Julie (JuJu) Story - (or
    (Julie Ridly is a 43-year-old writer who lost more than 100 pounds and maintained her weight loss by following a low-carb diet. She began writing to support other obese people who are working hard to lose weight and maintain their losses. The site is composed of daily essays on changing behavior, exercising, rewards, and reviews. Her friend Jane also posts here. She lost 275 pounds.)

  • Karen's Story -
    (Karen went from a size 24 to a size 14 in one year of low-carb eating and was featured on Atkins as a success story. She also said good-bye to constant fatigue, poor skin tone, heartburn, headaches, a twenty-five-year smoking addiction, and dangerously elevated cholesterol. Her husband also lost a lot of weight. Her site features, besides her personal story, advice, message boards, and more.)

  • Marcie's Story -
    (Marcie Rathbun started low-carbing in June 2001, dropped four sizes, and became a vocal proponent of the low-carb way of eating. Her website has a nice collection of recipes and a particularly good tip section.)

  • Peter Arnell's story -
    (NYC marketing guru Peter Arnell went from 400 pounds to 150 pounds on a low-sugar, low-starch diet. He ate oranges for snacks and exercised about 45 minutes 3 times per week.)

  • Sandi Russell's Story -
    (80 pound weight loss - maintained for 10 years)

  • the "SugarBane" Story -
    ("SugarBane" is the alias of a young woman who is a low-carb success story. The motto of the site is "Nothing tastes as good as slim feels." The site has a real good collection of low-carb links on the Internet. The links include personal low-carb pages, official sites of all the diets, dozens of recipe sites, newbie guides, and FAQ pages. She also sells her own two-week meal plan with 100 low-carb recipes in Word-document form for a $10 donation to her site. Warning: The site hits you with some cheesy music.)

  • Tina Kaye's Story -
  • (too many ads)
    (3fatchicks is not technically a low-carb-exclusive site. It is really a very information-dense support site for people who need to lose weight -- but it has a lot of low-carb info. The 3 women who started it do not seem to have any agenda and are not pushing any particular program. They seem to beat the bushes for any responsible information on anything that works for weight loss. Since they get most of their information from mainstream sources, like the "Physicians Desk Reference" and, you will not find cutting-edge stuff here, but it is generally reliable and honest. The site features decent summaries of many low-carb diets, as well as low-fat diets. The site also provides latest health news, news archives, a low-fat recipe section and a low-carb recipe section, a plus-size shop, online journals, and a good web links section, with especially good links in the area of obesity. There are also diet tools, such as a BMI [= Body Mass Index] calculator, and a calculator for calories burned by walking various distances at various intensities. It also has forums where readers can post questions, comments, and tips.)

  • LowCarb Diet Success Stories -
    (About TWENTY stories of weight loss on low-carb diets.)

  • Before and After Photos -
    (See about NINE before and after photos, with web page sources.)

  • More Before and After Photos -
    (About SEVEN before and after photos.)

  • Even more Before and After Photos -
    (About SEVENTEEN before and after photos --- at a low-carb nurse's site.)

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Diet BLOG sites

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Diet SUPPORT sites (forums, etc.)

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  • Low Carb Friends forum -

  • Low Carber Forums -

  • Low Carb Site Forums -

  • 3 Fat Chicks Diet and Weight Loss Forum -

  • Diabetes Daily Low Carb Diet Forum -

  • The Livin La Vida Low-Carb Show -
    (interviews, etc.)

    (Comprehensive info on the Paleolithic diet. "What the hunter-gatherers ate." Many, many links to supporting materials. Also links to forums.)

  • =
    (success stories, tips, good carb counter, good support forum, low-carb news; full text of first low-carb book, William Banting's "Letter on Corpulence", 1864)

    (interactive cookbooks: you can rate recipes and add some; site has a recipe word search engine, nutrition calculators, and summaries of about 8 different low-carb diets --- Atkins, Protein Power, the Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, Somersizing, the Zone, Sugar Busters, the Schwarzbein Principle, and Body for Life)

    (site of Laura Ruffner, a graphic arts professional who has written two low-carb books and many articles for magazines; site has tips and ideas, discussion forums, product spotlights, beginner's guide, a free online magazine called "Low-Carb Luxury")

    (Good intro to a low-carb diet and links to articles you will not find easily elsewhere. Has a support section, and a good collection of links to stores selling low-carb products, organized by country. You can purchase, for about $25, a unique interactive low-carb cookbook that allows you to reset the ingredients or brands, after which the cookbook recalculates the carb and nutrient data for you instantly.)

    (The site of Dana Carpenter, author of 2 books: "How I Gave Up My Low-Fat Diet" and "500 Low-Carb Recipes". The motto of the site is "fighting the low-fat lie". Carpenter also publishes a free newsletter called Low-carbezine. Good FAQ section.)

    (Tiffany Anthony, the site operator, had fibromyalgia and her doctor suggested lowering her carb intake. It worked; she has remained pain-free since she went low-carb. The site started for fibromyalgia sufferers but expanded into a resource for many different types of insulin and high-triglyceride related disorders. The site has an article index and links, news articles, recipes, grocery list, exercise logs, food diary. Tiffany publishes the magazine "CarbHealth".) of about 8 different low-carb diets --- Atkins, Protein Power, the Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, Somersizing, the Zone, Sugar Busters, the Schwarzbein Principle, and Body for Life)

    (An information-dense, thought-provoking site dedicated to arguments for and against vegetarian, Paleolithic, and vegan diets, raw foods, and other dietary "orthodoxies". Many reasonable and well-argued articles and papers both supproting and questioning the wisdom of vegetarian diets. A section of postings from the files of the Paleo researcher Dr. Loren Cordain, author of "The Paleo Diet". See two interesting articles: (1) "Comparing High-Protein/Low-Carbohydrate Diets to High-Carbohydrate/Low-Fat Diets" by Dr. Cordain, (2) "Paleolithic Diet vs. Vegetarianism: What was Humanity's Original Natural Diet" by "ex-vegan" Ward Nicholson.)

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    (sites of nutrition-conscious doctors and professional nutrition advisers)

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  • Jonny Bowden - at
    (Jonny Bowden is the certified nutrition specialist and former physical trainer who wrote the book "Living the Low-Carb Life". That book gives an overview and comparison of about 14 different low-carb diets. But it is hard to find any low carb info on this site. It appears that Jonny Bowden has forgotten all he knew about low carb diets.)

  • Dr. Barry Groves - at
    (Barry Groves, an Englishman with a Ph.D. in nutritional science, runs this site. The site was called, by the London "Sunday Times Magazine", Oct 2002, one of only five reliable and informative websites for dietary information. Groves devotes his site to "exposing dietary and medical misinformation" about such things as low-calorie diets, cholesterol, heart disease, and other "dietary and medical bits and bobs." The long article titled "The Cholesterol Myth", copiously referenced, is a highlight of this site.)

  • Dr. Joseph Mercola -
    (The Mercola site is a large archive of health information, run by Dr. Joseph Mercola, the author of "The No-Grain Diet". It is a place to hear a thoughtful second opinion on a lot of health information reported by the media. It definitely has an anti-establishment tone, in the best sense of the term. Mercola is not a strict believer in low-carbing, but he is a strict believer in no grains and no sugar --- which eliminates a lot of carbs from the diet. He is an advocate of metabolic typing, a system of classifying people as "protein", "veg/carb", or "mixed" types and then designing healing diets for them accordingly. You can order a subscription to his free newsletter.)

  • Dr. Uffe Ravnskov - at
    and at
    (These are the sites of researcher Uffe Ravnskov, M.D.,Ph.D. --- author of "The Cholesterol Myths". His sites are dedicated to disproving the idea that too much animal fat and high cholesterol are dangerous to your heart and vessels. While the establishment dismisses Ravnskov, he is very much worth a listen for low-carb dieters [and other interested people] who want another view of the cholesterol daemon. His site is copiously researched and referenced. THINCS is the International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics. He has support coming from research of other M.D.s. One has demonstrated that high-triglycerides --- and the ratio of high-triglycerides to HD-cholesterol --- is a better indicator of cardiovascular problems than is cholesterol levels.

  • A List of Low Carb Doctors by state -

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Diet ARTICLES sites   (relatively jargon-free, compared to research papers)

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Diet RESEARCH paper sites

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Diet RECIPE sites

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Diet EXERCISE sites

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Diet STORES sites

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Diet MAGAZINES sites

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Some "WEB DIRECTORIES" of DIET and NUTRITION Sites   (such as DMOZ)

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