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You can use an option like 'Find in This Page ...' of your web browser to find key-strings on this page, such as 'cost' or 'depot' or 'refurb'.

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For more emphasis on specialties (such as 'computers-and-electronics' or 'sports clothing') see the 'COMPUTERS' and 'SPORTS' LINKS-pages on this site.

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    Favorites :

  • -
    (general electronics and many other products ; many more product reviews than most sites --- and most of the reviews appear to be believable, often including details or technical information that a phony reviewer would not think to include ; check the one-star reviews first ; usually relatively low prices ; usually multiple product sources)

    Other :

  • eBay - at
    (many products ; seems to require use of a PayPal account for payment ; some annoying ads from CDN = Content/Crap Delivery Network 'partners' such as ''.)

    (slow to come up in 2015 May)

  • eDeals - at
    (WARNING : the home page was VERRRRYYY SLOWWWW to appear in 2015 May ; shows the online merchant with the best price on the item you seek)

  • Google Shopping - at
    (formerly 'Froogle' ; nice pun ; why did they ditch it? ; seems to have a slanted emphasis on products that incorporate Google products such as Android or Chrome operating software)

  • PriceGrabber - at

  • PriceWatch - at

  • SalesCircular - at


  • Shopwiki - at

  • Shopzilla - at (fails to connect in 2015 May ; redirects to '' to which connection fails ; defunct?)


DISCOUNT STORE (brick-and-mortar) sites

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DEPARTMENT STORE (brick-and-mortar) sites

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It seems that 'web directories' are dying out. Google and Yahoo closed theirs down around 2014. Then around 2017, the directory from which the Google and Yahoo web-directories were spawned --- the DMOZ 'Open Directory Project' closed down.

It seems that it is just not feasible for a team of people to keep up with all the sites that are going dead and the new sites that appear.

About a year after the site closed down, it appears that a new web-directory site --- --- arose from the ashes of ''. It remains to be seen how long that web-directory lasts.

Following are a few links related to 'web directory' sites.

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