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  • NATURE Videos
    (esp. animal videos)

  • POLITICS Videos
    (esp. non-hateful, non-violent, 'progressive' vid-casts)

  • RELIGION videos
    (esp. non-hateful, non-violent, non-dogmatic vid-casts)

  • Some other categories may be added here in the future --- such as SCIENCE, or more specific science-categories such as ASTRONOMY, MATH, PHYSICS, WEATHER, BIOLOGY.

These are mostly web searches for videos (esp. YouTube videos) that are produced by a 'vid-cast' producing organization or person --- by doing searches on organization-name or person-name.

The quality or appeal of the videos may vary with the choice of subject matter of each video.

You can use an option like 'Find in This Page ...' of your web browser to find keywords on this page, such as

    'animal'   OR   'wild'   OR   'beast'   OR   'redneck'   OR   'liberal'   OR   'rational'   OR   'theist'   OR   'theism'   OR   'religion'.

Some of the YouTube (or other) video pages may be programmed with Javascript from 3rd-party, CDN (= Content Delivery Network) sites that issue popups, ads, and other detritus that interferes with your web browsing experience.

I use host blocking techniques to reduce the number of CDN sites that are accessed from my desktop and laptop computers. Hence I may not be aware of how bad some of the YouTube pages presented below may be in that regard.

If the popups and ads are too much to tolerate, exit the page quickly.

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(YouTube) Video searches

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In this age when anyone with a cell phone can take movies of amazing animal and nature actions (for example, anyone on an African safari), there are a fast-growing number of videos that document amazing animal behaviors --- and amazing natural phenomena.

To facilitate a view of the wonders of nature, the following animal-and-nature YouTube-channel searches are provided.

(YouTube) Video searches

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The cable channels and internet channels (such as YouTube channels) are chock full of 'talking heads' backed by right-wing, big-billionaire money.

To give an alternate (less self-interested) view, the following political YouTube channel searches are provided.

(YouTube) Video searches

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There are many dogmatic religions and self-appointed preachers who are preaching hate and violence.

These religions and 'pastors' cannot 'live-and-let-live'. They are trying to force their religious beliefs on everyone --- and I mean EVERYONE --- else.

The following (YouTube) video 'channel' searches are provided to help make people aware of the dangers that these people and organizations pose --- dangers ironically coming from 'men-and-women of peace' who are actually 'preachers of hatred and violence'.

Around 2020, about 25% of United States adults are/were agnostic, atheist, or do not identify with any organized (or dis-organized) religion.

    (In most European countries, that percentage is much higher.)

Hence there is a large body of U.S. citizens who would not take kindly to cult-zealots trying to force their cult-beliefs on them.

These 'channels' provide alerts that warn of concrete efforts to merge church-and-state.

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