Ideas for T-shirts
with Messages on the Economy

An On-going List

(2009 Jan blog post)

!Preliminary! I plan to update this list of ideas continually.

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I had a serious quality-of-life health problem around 2003 to 2006. I have documented that problem in my 'I was a Sugar Guinea Pig' blog post.

It was actually becoming a life-threatening problem, but I found the cause and solution in time.

In any event, in trying to figure a way that I could get the word out --- better than these blog posts --- I finally realized that I should put my message on T-shirts --- and wear those T-shirts frequently.

From getting out the word on health issues (learned the hard way), it was then a natural transition to think of messages for t-shirts in other areas --- energy, environment, economy, government, media.

Ideas for t-shirts on the economy came rather naturally during the U.S. (and world) financial "meltdown" of 2008 --- in particular, the events like

  • Treasury Secretary Paulson's $750-billion bailout scheme --- to buy mortgages, but then flopping over to give money to banks (his old buddies) with no uses specified,

  • SEC Chairman Cox essentially preventing the employees of the SEC from performing their regulatory duties,

  • Bernie Madoff's Ponzi-scheme that relieved investors of about $50-billion of investments.

Events like these make it easy to think of ideas for t-shirt messages. The trick is to make the messages concise and to the point.

START OF T-SHIRT DESIGNS on economic issues :

I have ideas for multiple designs on economic issues. I am going to record them here, so that I do not forget them. Thus I will have the ideas for reference --- for touch-up and for seeding more ideas.

So here are my economy-oriented T-shirt designs in plain-text form --- perhaps with an image added occasionally.

(I have other blog pages for T-shirts on health issues and energy issues --- and a few more categories to come, such as the environment.)


Front1 :


were a sport, it would be



VERY FEW RULES ... that are


Back1 :

S. E. C. =

Sh*tty Enforcement Commission

My taxes go for that ?


Front2 :

Freemarket Capitalism without

common-sense, well-enforced rules

leads to Financial Chaos.


S.E.C., do the job we are paying you to do !

Back2 :

Freemarket Capitalism without

common-sense, well-enforced rules

is Freedom to Prey.


S.E.C., do the job we are paying you to do !


Front1 :

CNBC and FixNews and CNN financial philosophy :

Freedom to Prey.

Watch your wallet, brother.

Back1 :

Neo-con financial philosophy :

Freedom to Prey.

It's your money they're after, brother.

Here is the cost, in May 2008, of 24 t-shirts in a simple all-text design, like #1 above.

$30.00 for art charges, at $30.00 per hour
$40.00 for screen charges, one time fee ($20.00 per side)
$24.00 ?for the single color? (would have been more for multi-color)
$124.80 for 24 T-shirts, Gildan Adult 6.1 oz 100% ShortSleeve, white, $5.20 each
             (14 large, 5 medium, 5 small)
$10.94 sales tax
$229.74 total ($115.00 was paid in advance ; balance on pick-up)

Average price per shirt was $9.57.

I have posted some of my designs for T-shirts (mostly preliminary ; fonts need improvement, for example) --- and for hats and buttons --- at my page.

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