Hey, Japan !

How is the whale 'research' going ?

(wink, wink)

When will it end?
When all the whales are dead?

(2014 Oct blog post)

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For decades (at least 1950 to 2014), Japan has been ignoring international efforts and agreements to curb whale killing. Japan continues to conduct whale kills all over the world under the guise of 'whale research'.

Japan has killed hundreds --- if not thousands --- of whales in the last decade. Surely they have enough 'tissue samples' now. You can stop now, Japan.

What is it you need to know about them? More about their livers? More about their kidneys? About their DNA? Surely, you have collected enough dead tissue by now.

Japan, is there anything that you want to know about LIVE whales? Thier social habits? Their methods of communication? Their feeding habits? Their child rearing habits? Or is it only DEAD whales that you are interested in?

Some questions for Japan to answer :

It is time for international organizations, such as the U.N., to ask Japan some questions. If the answers do not make sense, then Japan should be sanctioned by the international community.

Some sample questions:

  • Does Japan really have to KILL the whales to do their 'research'?

  • Exactly what else about whales does Japan feel they need to research?
    (Isn't more than 200 years of 'research' enough?)

  • If they have an answer to the question above, then what is their estimate of how many more whales they need to kill to provide answers on that/those 'issues'?

      (Also what is/are the precise reason/s for that further 'research'? If any plausible reasons are provided, do those reasons justify the number of whales they say they need to kill? By the way, if they cannot put an upper bound on the number of whales they think they need to kill, that answer is unacceptable and should trigger sanctions.)

  • What specific body parts of the dead whales are the Japanese interested in?
    (Anything besides the meaty and oily parts?)

  • What is Japan doing with the body parts that they keep, rather than throwing overboard?
    (Do they go to universities --- or to grocery stores?)

  • What are the alternatives to using those body parts? Are there plant-based alternatives?

  • (More questions may be added here in the future.)

If Japan cannot give reasonable answers to these questions (and it is pretty obvious that they cannot), let the sanctions begin.

    My preference is for the Japanese 'executives' --- who are hiring people to harpoon and kill these whales --- to be punished severely. If there were real justice in the world, they would be skewered on harpoons --- or have a horrible, life-threatening spear-gun accident --- or be fed, live and whole, to sharks or crabs or other sea creatures. Unfortunately, that only happens in movies --- with happy endings.

For further information :

In case I do not return to update this page, here are a few Google searches you can use to provide updates.


Here is an answer that the Japan Whaling Association provides in justifying Japan's whaling:

"Asking Japan to abandon this part of its culture would compare to Australians being asked to stop eating meat pies, Americans being asked to stop eating hamburgers and the English being asked to go without fish and chips."

That just proves what they are really after in whaling --- and it has nothing to do with research.

You can take those 'Research' signs off your whaling vessels now, Japan. The truth is out.

Maybe Fukushima, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcano eruptions are Mother Nature's way of saying:

'Stop all the whale and dolphin killing'

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Japan and their 'whale research'.

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See some whaling images below.

Japan is not the only country to
ignore whaling-ban agreements,
but they are certainly the most
openly hypocritical.

Hey. Don't give them any ideas.

Apparently, to Japan,
size does NOT matter.

Hey, Japan.
Just because you put a big 'Research' label
on the side of your ship
doesn't make it research.