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This page of links to contacts in the U.S. Senate

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Back in the 1980's and 1990's (in the 'good old days' before internet 'trolls' and 'scammers'), U.S. Senators had email addresses by which their constituents could communicate with them.

That got out of control when sociopaths and 'bots' started flooding the Senators 'in-boxes' with more crud than could be handled by any human being.

So the '' web site started providing the Senators with a web page by which people who wanted send an email could provide information about who they are (and whether they are in the Senator's district), then enter a limited amount of text in a text-box --- and then click 'Submit'.

As an alternative means of communication, the web pages for each Senator also (typically) provides a telephone number and a mailing address --- for those who want to communicate by phone or snail-mail.

Too much turnover

When I first started this web page, I included links to the '' web pages for many specific Senators. But it turns out that there are so many re-tirements and deaths and failed re-elections that, within a few years, those links to web pages of individual Senators would go dead.

    I started this web page because I planned to use it to respond to various 'outrages' --- such as 'the 2008 bailout' of institutions (like 'too-big-to-fail' banks) who were knowingly scamming anyone they thought they could successfully scam --- including fellow financial institutions as well as widows and retirees.

    So I started this web page with links to the '' pages of most of the Senators on the Senate Banking Committee.

It turns out that the '' web address is the only address that you can count on to be around for a while. That web site is reorganized quite frequently and various web-page addresses there go 'dead'.

Even the main page at '' is rewritten quite frequently, so anything you say about links on that main page is probably going to be wrong within a few years.

Main Senate Link

U.S. Senators have web pages at

In 2008, the Senators' email submission web pages could be accessed by clicking on a 'Senators' link on the 'home page' of '' --- and then choosing a Senator from a list and then clicking on the 'Contact' or 'Email' link on the main page of a Senator --- thus making it easy for you to submit your opinions to members of the Senate.

If you want to submit text to many Senators (say, members of a committee) it is best to prepare a document (preferably well-reasoned and well-substantiated) in a separate file on your computer and then paste the text into the email content boxes on the email pages of the several Senators. (Some Senators may limit you to about 100 words or so.)

Unfortunately, you typically get no more than an automated reply, and it is questionable whether the Senators ever read a significant percentage of their emails. Hence ...

You may want to try using their (office) phone numbers or snail-mail addresses --- which are usually available via a main web page for a Senator.

There may even be some toll-free phone numbers. Or use a phone card or cell phone, to give your opinion for a few cents per minute.

Since Congress persons and party affiliations change in each state, yet the states should remain relatively constant (unless we have to sell some states as part of the 2008 bailout), you may want to search for your Congress-people via a list of states on a '' web page.

Party affiliation is shown. D=Democrat, I=Independent, R=Republican. And some committee memberships may be shown.

The origins of this web page

Since this list was prompted by my 'need' to protest the bailout of bad credit-card-debt and auto-loans, as well as the bailout of bad mortgages, in September 2008, the list was started with Senators of the Banking Committee.

    I saw about 20 Senators on the CSPAN TV channel (and recorded their names), when Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke were testifying before the Banking Committee on Paulson's suggested bailout plan.

    In that hearing, Paulson was trying to scare the Senators into giving him sweeping authority to bailout anything and everything related to his financial industry cronies.

    Unfortunately, Paulson succeeded. The Senate oversight is/was too ineffective to contain the collateral damage being generated by Paulson.

In the years since 2008, it seems that there is one outrage after another that appears in the 'news' every day.

To help provide feedback to Senators on these outrages, this page may be of use.

In addition to the '' link above, some WEB SEARCH links and some links to '' Committee pages (which may go dead if the web site is drastically reorganized) are provided below --- near the bottom of this page.

Senate Banking Committee members (2008),
in order by state :

(Provided to preserve a bit of history.
These are the Senators who more-or-less ---
mostly less --- responded to the Great Recession.)

(Many of these links will go dead as the Senators
retire, die, or fail in re-election campaigns ---
or when the web site is revised.)

Links to some COMMITTEE PAGES at

(These may go dead if the site
is revised significantly.)

Some alternative sources of information
on members of the U.S. Senate :

For more info:

To find more information on U.S. Senators and their contact info, you could try some WEB SEARCHES on keywords such as :

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