Renaming the Republican Party

Proposed alternate or new names

(Tell it like they are.)

(2009 July blog post)

! Preliminary ! More (re)names may be added occasionally.

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Introduction :

Around April 2009, Republican party 'pundits' were proposing to rename the Democratic Party the Democrat-Socialist Party.

This seemed to be prompted mainly by their fears (and, no doubt, the fears of their lobbyist-benefactors) that the Democrats would devise a national health plan that might interfere with the obscene profits being 'earned' by the pharmaco-'health' industry.

    What were they afraid of? That the 'health' industry would be required to recommend that cardio and obese patients try a diet change --- BEFORE ordering those patients to slug down the same pill(s) day-after-day for the rest of their lives? The pharma industry would not want that, for sure.

    Were they afraid that the 'donut hole' in drug coverage would be converted to a 'deductible' as it should have been in the first place?

    Now, with the new health care program passed in the 2008-2012 time frame, the 'donut hole' is filled, just like the pharma industry wanted. Now seniors' drugs are TOTALLY paid for. No wonder Medicare is going to be unsustainable.

    (Note that Republicans voted for that health care act --- no doubt to please the pharma and health-insurance lobbyists that sustain their re-elections. Note that they voted that 30 million Americans will be forced to buy health insurance, whether they can afford it or not. The Republicans call it 'Obama Care', but it never would have passed if Republicans had not voted for it. Republicans could have blocked it just like they have blocked most other legislation that they did not like in the 2008-2012 time frame. A more proper name for that health care plan would be 'Republi-Demos-on-the-Dole Care' or, briefly, 'Lobbyist Care'.)

The Democrat-renaming by Republican pundits --- to the contraction 'Democrat-Socialist' --- prompted me to start thinking of the many names that could be attached to the Republican party name, to capture the ESSENCE of that party.

Below is an on-going list of names. I will try to keep thinking of more, in the months and years ahead. There must be a million of them. No doubt you could add some to this list.

Proposed Republican Party (re)names

Some hit-the-nail-on-the-head favorites :

  • the Republican-Fraud-is-Free-Enterprise,-Thus-OK Party

  • the Republican-Free-Ponzi-Enterprise Party

  • the Republican-Free-Greed Party

      (Motto: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Money ---
      scads and scads of it --- un-regulated and un-taxed.)

  • the Republican-Lobbyists-R-Us Party

  • the Republican-Still-More-Taxbreaks-for-the-Rich Party

            or, what the heck, let's tell it like it is,

    the Republican-ABSOLUTELY-NO-Taxes-on-the-Rich Party


    the Republican-MORE-of-YOUR-Taxes-TO-the-Rich Party

  • the Republican-Bend-Over-And-Hold-Your-Ankles,-Middle-and-Lower-Classes Party

  • the Republican-Contaminating-Water-Air-Food-is-OK Party,
        or simply
    the Republican-Pollution Party

  • the Republican-Pollution-is-OK-as-long-as-it's-not-near-me Party

  • the Republican-Why-Didn't-We-Think-of-Melamine Party

      (This is a reference to certain Chinese companies, circa 2000-2008 putting poisonous melamine in food products --- including dog food, resulting in the death of pets in the USA --- in order to make it look like there was more protein in these products. This is just free-enterprise and innovation which the Republicans would not want to regulate if it were occurring in the USA.)

  • the Republican-It's-OK-to-Screw-Your-Neighbor-Out-Of-Their-Retirement Party

  • the Republican-Unlimited-Loan-Interest Party

  • the Republican-No-Limits-on-Payday-Lending Party

  • the Republican-Pardon-Rich-Crooks Party

  • the Republican-All-Entrepreneurs-are-ethical-so-we-don't-need-regulations Party

  • the Republican-Give-Taxpayer-Money-to-Bank-Executives Party

  • the Republican-still-Higher-Interest-on-Credit-Cards Party

  • the Republican-Loopholes-are-OK Party

Economy-related (more) :

  • the Republican-Facilitate-Robbery-by-the-Insatiable-Rich Party

  • the Republican-Give-Taxpayer-Money-to-the-Insatiable-Rich Party

  • the Republican-It's-OK-to-Decieve-and-Steal-from-the-Poor Party

    (It's free enterprise, so it's OK.)

  • the Republican-Rob-the-Poor-to-give-to-the-Rich Party

    (The reverse-Robin-Hoods.)

  • the Republican-Subsidize-the-Rich Party

  • the Republican-Depression-Causing Party

  • the Republican-Sink-the-Economy Party

  • the Republican-Save-the-Poor-Abused-Rich-People Party

Energy-related :

  • the Republican-Drill-Drill-Drill Party

  • the Republican-Tar-on-the-Beaches-is-OK Party

  • the Republican-Unclean-Energy Party

  • the Republican-CO2-is-Good-for-You Party

  • the Republican-Nuclear-Radiation-is-Good-for-You Party

    (That's Representative Bachmann's next tirade --- after
    her 'CO2 is good for you' tirade in the House, circa 2009.)

  • the Republican-No-Insurance-Required-of-the-Nuclear-Industry Party

    in other words

    the Republican-Let-the-Taxpayers-totally-cover-Nuclear-Accidents Party

    or, as Bush would say it,

    the Republican-Let-the-Taxpayers-totally-cover-Nucular-Accidents Party

Environment-related (still more, to add to some above) :

  • the Republican-Level-the-Mountain-Tops Party

  • the Republican-Flatlander Party

  • the Republican-Who-Needs-Polar-Bears Party

  • the Republican-Clubbing-Seal-Pups-is-almost-as-Cool-as-shooting-them Party

  • the Republican-Aerial-Moose-Hunting-to-thin-the-aggressive-beasts Party

      (It was self-defense. It was me or him. I had no choice.
      They're over-running our cities.)

  • the Republican-Dead-Moose Party

  • the Republican-The-Only-Good-Buffalo-is-on-a-Sandwich Party

  • the Republican-It's-OK-to-endanger-species-cause-we've-got-them-on-YouTube Party

  • the Republican-Carbon-Dioxide-is-just-as-good-as-Oxygen Party

  • the Republican-Quit-Picking-on-Carbon-Dioxide Party

  • the Republican-Clear-cutting-and-Erosion Party

  • the Republican-Better-Roads-for-Clear-cutters Party

  • the Republican-Yellow-Water Party

  • the Republican-Your-Water-is-OK-as-long-as-there-aren't-floaties-in-it Party

Extremism-related :

  • the Republican-Moderates-Not-Welcome Party

  • the Republican-Kill-All-Moderates Party

  • the Republican-Extremist Party, or simply the Wacko Party

  • the Republican-Evil Party, or simply the E-vile Party

  • the Republican-Fruitcake Party, or simply the Fruitcake Party

Health-related :

  • the Republican-'Fine-Print'-Health-Insurance-is-Free-Enterprise,-thus-OK Party

  • the Republican-Food-and-Drug-Mis-administration Party

  • the Republican-Pharmaceutical-Experiments-on-the-Public-is-OK Party

  • the Republican-Pharmaceutical-Maiming-and-Manslaughter-is-Free-Enterprise,-thus-OK Party

  • the Republican-Smoking-is-OK-in-Public-Enclosed-Spaces Party

  • the Republican-Second-hand-Smoke-is-Good-for-You Party

  • the Republican-Hard-on-Pot,-Soft-on-Pharmaceutical-Drug-Deaths Party

  • the Republican-Hard-on-Pot,-Soft-on-Made-Up-Pharma-Data Party

  • the Republican-Proud-to-be-32nd-Best-Medical-Care-in-the-Western-World Party

Housing-related :

  • the Republican-Mortgage-Fraud-is-Free-Enterprise,-thus-OK Party

  • the Republican-Those-Fraudsters-at-AIG-Have-Empolyment-Contracts,-Leave-Them-Alone Party

  • the Republican-Quit-picking-on-the-Bundlers-of-Bad-Mortgages Party

From Song Titles :

  • the Republican-Crazy-Train Party (thanks to the Ozzy song for the idea)
        or simply
    the Crazies Party

  • the Republican-Where-is-the-Love Party (thanks to the Black-Eyed Peas)

Torturing-and-Hazing-related :

  • the Republican-Torture-is-all-right-on-the-other-guy Party

Truth-and-Facts-related :

  • the Republican-Manufactured-Statistics Party
          or, more down-to-earth,
    the Republican-Make-Shit-Up Party

  • the Republican-You-Can-Fool-Part-of-the-People-All-of-the-time, -works-for-us Party

Weapons-related :

  • the Republican-NO-background-checks-to-see-if-any-of-those-buyers-are-not-law-abiding-citizens Party

  • the Republican-Automatic-Weapons-for-All Party

  • the Republican-Grenade-Launchers-for-All Party

  • the Republican-Anti-Tank-Weapons-for-All Party

  • the Republican-Anti-Aircraft-Weapons-for-All Party

  • the Republican-Nuclear-Weapons-for-the-Rich Party

  • the Republican-Background-Check-Loopholes-are-OK Party

  • the Republican-Selling-Weapons-to-Mexican-Drug-Lords-is-Free-Enterprise,and-Thus-is-OK Party


Money --- the gateway drug of the Republican Party.

Kudos to Warren Buffet who said:
"Charlie and I have absolutely no complaints about these [federal]
taxes. We work in a market-based economy that rewards our efforts
far more bountifully than it does the efforts of others whose output
is of equal or greater benefit to society. Taxation should, and does,
partially redress this inequity. But we remain extraordinarily well treated."
from the book 'Warren Buffet Speaks'

There's a man who sees the glass more than half-full.
Unfortunately, many insatiably greedy Republicans see
only a half-empty glass --- and whine all the way to the bank
--- their off-shore banks as well as on-shore banks.

Sure the rich pay more, in absolute terms, in a 'progressive' tax system.
But that just makes sense. The rich are the ones with the most to lose if we
do not have a strong military. Note that the military (and homeland security
and nuclear weapons development-maintenance) is more than half
the federal budget.

The state of the homeless and the poor will not change much if
our country were invaded. The rich would be the most 'dis-combobulated'
in such an event. Their assets would in most cases be confiscated or
become inaccessible. The rich have a lot to lose if they do not see fit
to pay for the 'homeland security' expenses in proportion to the assets
that they need protected.

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