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(2008 Nov 02 blog post)

! Preliminary ! More images may be added.

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The zazzle.com web site is an Internet site where you can interactively design your own t-shirts (and other wares: bumper-stickers, hats, buttons, mousepads, shoes, aprons, posters, etc.) --- and where 1000s of such items are on display.

Here is a link to a start page of about 68,000 political tshirts-etc. (If this link does not work, you can put a keyword like 'politics' in the search field of the zazzle.com web pages.)

As the November 4 voting date for the 2008 U.S. presidential election approached, I took the time to go through a lot of the zazzle.com political items and collect JPEG image files of the ones that 'struck' me (mostly humorous sayings or images).

For your convenience (and mine), I have collected the images --- more than 60 --- and displayed them below, in this web page.

These image files add up to more than 1.0 Meg of files. I have made sure most of the files are suitably small for email attachments. But, even so, some people's mail server does not allow for emails of a large size, like more than one Meg. So this web page gives me a way to email people the selected pictures. I simply email them the link to this web page.

Some of my favorites :

Other 'striking' items :

Unfortunately, the Obama presidency has been a big disappointment to me as documented on this web page. Such hopes ... dashed.

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