Images of designs for
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for the 2008
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Bumper sticker for 2008

(2008 Nov 02 blog post)

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This page of T-shirt, button, etc. designs
on government/citizen (political) issues

of the 2008 Presidential McCain-vs-Obama campaign


There are various sites on the web --- such as --- where you can interactively design your own t-shirts (and other wares: bumper-stickers, hats, buttons, mousepads, shoes, aprons, posters, etc.) --- and where 1000s of such items are on display.

As the November 4 voting date for the 2008 U.S. presidential election approached --- McCain versus Obama --- after 8 years of Bush --- I took the time to go through a lot of the political items and collect JPEG image files of the ones that 'struck' me (mostly humorous sayings or images).

For your convenience (and mine), I have collected the images --- more than 60 --- and displayed them below, in this web page.

These image files add up to more than 1.0 Meg of files. I have made sure most of the files are suitably small for email attachments. But, even so, some people's mail server does not allow for emails of a large size, like more than one Meg.

This web page provides a way to email people the selected pictures. One can simply email them the link to this web page.

Since the writing in some of the images may be hard to read, the text of each image appears below each image --- in a form that can be scaled up.

One of my favorites :


A pun on Mussolini ---
and the fact that
Sarah Palin was from Alaska and
she had made various statements about
moose and moose hunting.

"I can see the moon from Alaska
Let me run NASA !"

Palin famously said she could
see Russia from her house ---
triggering comments like the ones
above and below.

"I can see Russia from my house
with my great designer glasses.

"Unqualified? You betcha"

"You betcha" was a favorite phrase of
Sarah Palin

Strength through
uncontrolled anger"

Senator John McCain often showed anger
when people did not want to send U.S. troops
into some country and 'finish the job'.

(He seemed to have some image that all U.S.
conflicts would end nobly with a surrender like
Japan surrendering a ceremonial sword
on the USS Missouri battleship

at the end of World War II.)

"No banker left behind" is a reference to the
bailout and huge economic meltdown
('Great Recession') at the end of the
2nd term of George Bush --- and a reference
to the "No child left behind" program
during his presidency.

"No really, I'm telling the truth this time"
is a reference to fact that the 2003 invasion
of Iraq was predicated on a made-up
weapons of mass destruction threat.

Let them eat cake"

"Only McCain can save the Homeland"

"The more Republicans I meet,
the more I like my dog !"

"I voted twice and all I got
was this lousy president"
is a reference to G.W. Bush
running for 2000 and 2004 presidencies.

(NOTE to right-wing literalists:
This person did not vote twice in one election.
They voted once in two different elections.)

"Sarah Palin --- Master Debater"

"Trickle down economics is just a
euphemism for Republicans pissing
on everyone else."

"Your finances aren't MY crisis !"
is a expression of outrage about the 'bailout'
of the big banks that brought ruin upon themselves.

"700 BILLION dollars
The New Minimum Wage
for Wall Street CEO's"

"I just spent $700,000,000
on bailouts, and all I got
was this lousy shirt"

"A 'Free Market' does NOT
support corporate welfare"

"Home of the brave
politicians who
are willing to sacrifice
someone elses life just
to make themselves richer"

(a reference to sending young men
to fight an Iraq war for control
of Iraq's oil by U.S. oil oligarchs)

"Like a rock ---
only dumber."

"STOP Mad Cowboy Disease"

" 'YEEHAW!' is not a foreign policy "

with a picture of
Condoleeza Rice,
Secretary of State under G. W. Bush

is probably a reference to the fact that
it is getting harder and harder to tell a
corrupt Republican from a corrupt Democrat

is a refence to Republicans continually
distorting the part of the Constitution
having to do with 'freedom of religion' ---
the part meant to guarantee
freedom from other people's religions.

"McCain 2008 - Bush's third term"

is a reference to the expectation that
a McCain presidency would be indistintuishable
from a G. W. Bush presidency.

"McCain 1928"
is a reference to the likelihood of a McCain presidency
reverting the U.S. government back to a form that
existed around the time of the Great Depression

Other 'interesting' items :

"A moose in every pot.
McCain/Palin 2008"

"Iraq War: 3 Trillion
National Debt: 9 Trillion
Wall St. Bailout: 700 Billion
Buying your vote for a $1200 tax cut,

"Another Accountant
Sick of G. W. Bush"

" Hank Paulson for King"

(Paulson was one of the 'engineers' of the bailout
--- a banker who bailed out the bankers
who created their own predicament.)

"EVIL Conservative '08"

"Want more pain?
Vote McCain"

George W. Bush
for crimes against
humanity and the planet

"Liberals love people.

Conservatives love money.

Neoconservatives love power."

"Lobbyist ... The McCain Puppet Show"
(This is a reference to McCain's 2008 campaign team being
made up of about 177 lobbyists for monied interests such as
drugs, insurance, oil/gas/coal, utilities, pay-day-lenders,
mail/email/phone-scammers, etc.)

"Dick Cheney's black cousin for president"

(This may be a reference to
Obama's love of use of drones
not being much different from
Cheney's love of use of water-boarding.)

"NO COUNTRY for really old men!"

(This may be a reference to Republicans
year-after-year stonewalling on any kind of
a decent medical system for retirees.)

"Just a Couple of Boobs"
with pictures of Obama and McCain
over each boob.

(This is a T-shirt for women who found
it difficult for vote for either 2008 candidate.)

The NO-symbol on "McBush"

(This contraction of McCain-and-Bush is
a reference to the expectation that McCain
would follow the same policies as G. W. Bush.)

Image of McCain's head with a thought-bubble
containing an image of a plane dropping bombs.

(This is a reference to McCain's eagerness
to go to war on almost any excuse.)

"Bush Lite"
under an image of McCain.

(This is a pun related to Busch beer coupled with
the expectation that McCain would just be a
watered-down version of George W. Bush.)

under an image of McCain.

(This is a reference to the expectation that
McCain would just be more of George W. Bush.)

"Joe the Plumber is my BFF"

(This is a reference to the fact that the Republicans
were using a man referred to as 'Joe the Plumber'
--- a conservative commentator, not a plumber ---
to try to convey that Republicans are the party of
the working [white] man. This subterfuge probably
did appeal to many working white men.)

"John McCain

(This is a reference to McCain's tendency
to favor a leap into almost any war.)

"John McCain
Scares Me to Death"

(This is probably another reference to McCain's
tendency to favor a leap into almost any war.)

"Nothing flies with only a

(What party could this be referring to?)

Image of Palin over the word 'JOKE'

This is a play on the poster image of Obama
over the word 'HOPE'.

"Sarah Palin

"Who ever heard of a
nice piece of elephant"


(A reference to Republicans supporting guns
everywhere for everyone --- in schools, parks,
theaters, shopping malls --- but not in Congress
or court buildings.)

"Prisoner of a

(A 'red state' refers to a state whose government
is controlled by Republicans.)

"Better dead than RED"

(This is a play on an old, 1950s-era saying from the
McCarthy 'witch-hunt' days --- "Better red than dead.")

(Translation: Better dead than live in a Republican state.)

"Draft Republicans"

(This is probably a suggestion that Republicans
should be drafted to fight in Bush's Iraq war
that G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney wanted so much.)

"Guns don't kill people.
Dick Cheney does."

(This refers to the NRA and Cheney ---
both of whom are rather cavalier about
the killing of people with guns. Also
Cheney accidentally shot a friend of his.)

"READY ... FIRE ... AIM"

(This refers to Cheney shooting a friend of his
--- in the face, by the way.)

"Shoot first" by an image of Cheney, and
"Ask questions later" by an image of G.W. Bush.

"Save the Planet
Transplant Bush"

(This is a reference to the Bush administration's
horrible record on environmental issues.)

"Moose for Obama"

(This is a reference to the fact that any
self-respecting Alaskan moose would not like
to see Sarah Palin in the White House.)

"The Wasilla Hillbillies"

(This is a reference to the Sarah Palin 'clan'
--- from Wasilla, Alaska ---
--- and the old TV show 'Beverly Hillbillies'.)

"Aks me how many moose I shot"

(This is a reference to Sarah Palin and
her comments on shooting moose.)

"Wall Street Bailout
I Want All Your Money"

under an Uncle-Sam-wants-you image

"Bush Retirement Party
January 17, 2009 ::
The party the whole world has been waiting for
Austin, TX"

Unfortunately, the Obama presidency has been a
big disappointment to me as documented on
this web page. High hopes were dashed.


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