Is it Satan or Obama ?
in 'The Bible' TV show

2013 April

(2013 Apr blog post)

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In early 2013, ads started appearing for 'The Bible' mini-series that was to appear on TV. The following image of satan appeared in the ads, and it was immediately pointed out that they seem to have chosen an actor who resembles President Obama.

I think they could have chosen much better 'character' actors to represent the devil. For example:

Dick Cheney

Ann Coulter

Eric Cantor

Bill O'Reilly

Rush Limbaugh

John Boehner

Glenn Beck (in one of his rare moments when
he is not calling someone a Nazi-Socialist-Commie)

Mitch McConnell

Actually, Mitch may be better cast as a turtle
in a remake of Noah's Ark.

If the producers wanted to make a 'fair and balanced' movie, they should cast the Obama look-alike in a double role --- as the devil and as Jesus :

I think most would agree that the following photo indicates that Eric Cantor would make a better Satan than Obama.

On a somewhat related note, it is amazing what those Hollywood makeup people can do to improve the looks of a person.

Bill O'Reilly never looked better

Nor Michele Bachmann

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