WAY Too Many Ads
On Cable TV

2013 April

He is reading a 'TV Ad Guide', since
'content' is slowly disappearing, until
all TV will look like 'infomercial' TV.

(2013 Apr blog post)

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Following is an open letter to Cox Communications, my cable TV provider.

Since other cable TV providers around the country are no doubt increasing the number and length of ads per half-hour, exactly like Cox (and its programming providers) are doing, this letter no doubt will strike a few resonating notes with cable TV subscribers all around the country.


TOO MANY ADS ON CABLE TV to make it worth subscribing

DATE:   2013 Apr 22

The commercials on Cox Cable have increased to the point that there is a 50-50 chance that an ad is on any channel that I turn to.

And it is even worse in the early morning hours when many channels are running ads for hours at a time.

It seems that the percentage of ads per hour has significantly worsened in the past several months --- early 2013.

I am sending this notice that I am on the edge of cancelling my cable TV subscription. The promise of pay TV was that there would be few commercials.

Now I am paying ridiculous monthly fees to have my time wasted with ads I have no use for --- AND I keep seeing the same ads over and over, thus wasting my time over and over.

This is just too much advertising heaped on top of all the ads we see on the internet and all around us every day. Enough already.

I want some educational TV. All I see are ads and totally worthless shows like the Kardashians, the Housewives shows, Jerry Springer-like shows, and much more total crap ... including ...

'news' shows that have turned into 'opinion' shows with their teams of 'contributors' bull-shitting away the time between the ads.

The only place I can go to for a little relief is public TV. There are fewer ads there and much more educational TV.

I will be considering buying education DVDs in the future to be used in place of cable TV. And I will seek out educational videos and relatively unbiased news via the internet.

You are ruining cable TV with all the ads. There is not enough good programming to make it worth watching all the ads.

Up To My Ears and Eyes In Cable TV Ads

More info

To get some more info on this subject, you can try a WEB SEARCH on keywords such as:

When I encounter a web site that is annoying me with popups and too many ads, I immediately leave that site.

And when I switch through several TV channels and encounter nothing but ads, I turn off the TV and go do something more constructive.

web sites,
web developers,
TV channels,
TV producers,
drug companies,
insurance companies,
car companies,
ad agencies,
and marketing people --- despicable people all :

You are ruining cable TV and the internet.
You are horrible, horrible people.

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