Liberal Media Everywhere ?

On TV, where ?

(2009 Aug blog post)

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I find it pretty outlandish when neo-con pundits like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Larry Kudlow, Lou Dobbs, and others refer to the liberal media as if they were dominating 'their' airwaves.

On TV, there is certainly no such domination.

I regularly receive ads from a local cable TV provider listing the channels they offer. In the 'News' category, here is the list --- and their political leaning and their typical spokesperson(s).

  • CNN (conservative ; Lou Dobbs and Wolf Blitzer)

  • CNN Headline News (conservative ; Lou Dobbs)

  • CNBC (neo-con ; Larry Kudlow and cronies --- Santelli, Moore, and dozens more)

  • CNBC World (neo-con ; more Kudlow)

  • Bloomberg TV (nowhere near liberal)

  • Fox News (24/7 conservative --- Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, and about a dozen blonde bimbo shills)

  • Fox Business Network (more super-cons)

  • MSNBC (behold, some liberals --- with conservatives creeping in --- namely, 'morning Joe' and Alex Witt)

  • BBC World News (not U.S.A. --- a mix of British neo-cons and liberals?)

With the sole exception of MSNBC (which is counter-balanced by the extremely conservative 'sister' station, CNBC), I see no other liberal TV stations.

The 'broadcast' network news organizations (ABC, CBS, NBC) are neutral, if not leaning toward conservative on many subjects.

Rupert Murdoch (see Wikipedia info) and his fellow media magnates are doing a good job of flooding the TV channels with their mean-spirited manufactured news. The name 'FixNews' certainly fits.

More on this subject, later.

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