Sandusky and the Pennsylvania schools

a 'lending-library'
of little boys

--- 'lending' boys to Sandusky

Don't bend over to pick up the soap
when this guy is around.

(2012 Jun blog post)

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Even if Sandusky's lawyers can get their client off (of 50-plus counts of sexually abusing 10 boys over a span of 15 years), too many people and news organizations are overlooking an outrage that was reported early on, soon after Sandusky was arrested and charged.


Sandusky was using the elementary and high schools as 'little-boys libraries' --- checking out boys without letting their parents know about it.

And there were people in those schools acting as 'flesh librarians' --- checking out the boys and ALSO (like Sandusky) not notifying the parents of the boys.

Sandusky is, at the very least, guilty of returning damaged goods to the 'library'. (If Sandusky gets off on the child abuse charges, hopefully there is some other law by which he can be prosecuted.)

There are other culprits in this disgusting, multi-year scenario of molestation --- specifically, the 'librarians' of these 'flesh libraries' should be 'up' on charges, along with Sandusky.

At the very least, the people in the elementary and high schools who were handing out the boys to Sandusky (REPEATEDLY!) should be relieved of their duties. They have shown that they cannot be trusted with our kids.

I'm amazed that the parents of these kids haven't brought charges against these school officials and staff who were 'handing out' the kids.

This may be explained by the fact that Sandusky tended to prey on boys from 'dis-advantaged' families. In fact, Sandusky seemed to target father-less children. Perhaps they cannot afford lawyers for a civil trial.

If they start up a 'legal-prosecution' fund, I will contribute. I think the elementary and high schools and Penn State are accomplices in these outrages.

The number and extent of the outrages would have been far fewer and far lesser without their complicity.

Those people who were handing-out and taking-back the boys deserve what Sandusky deserves --- the absolute upper limit of punishments allowed by law. (Hopefully Pennsylvania has laws sufficient to these horrible actions.)

Personally, I feel that this is a case that argues for the return of public stonings and drawing-and-quartering --- or, at least, tar and feathering.

I understand that it would be easy for a person with a grudge against Sandusky to trump up sex abuse charges against him.

But the fact that he was 'checking-out' boys from their schools without getting the parents' permission --- and clearly trying to avoid the parents if at all possible, including choosing father-less boys --- indicates there was something horribly, horribly wrong here.

Still in denial

It is amazing to me that Sandusky, in his public 'outreach' to the press, is still in total denial. He still thinks there is nothing wrong with taking young boys into a shower at a state-owned, public university.

He still thinks there is nothing wrong with 'checking-out' young boys from elementary schools and not telling their parents.

Jerry Sandusky is sick, sick, sick, sick, .... and he will be in denial to his dying day. His brain is scrambled.

Web searches for more info

For an overview of the case, here are some Wikipedia links on the case.

For further info on this case, here are some links to Google web searches on keywords related to this case.

Feel free to try other combinations of keywords.

It is not easy to find all the elementary or high schools involved --- and administrators and/or staff involved in the 'check outs', so here is the start of a list.

  • 'Victim 1' was at Central Mountain High School (Wikipedia link) in Clinton County, Pennsylvania. Administrators were Principal Karen Probst (web search link), the Vice Principal Steve Turchetta (web search link), and other assistant principals Robert Kreger (web search link) and Nick Verelli (web search link).

    If not directly involved in 'checking-out' Victim-1, repeatedly, to Sandusky, then at least one of them no doubt knows who was actually doing the 'checking-out'. And they no doubt know now who was in the chain of people allowing it to go on.

  • And then there is Penn State University. Administrators Tim Curley (Wikipedia link) and Gary Schultz (web search link) were allegedly derelict in their duties in this case.

    University President Graham Spanier (web search link) and head football coach Joe Paterno (Wikipedia link) were fired.

On TV, I saw Graham Spanier (Wikipedia link) speaking to TV reporters after he had been relieved of the Presidency of Penn State. He seemed to be defending Sandusky and showed no sign of believing it was a bad thing for an ex-coach at Penn State to be taking young boys into showers at Penn State facilities.

This creep Graham Spanier seems to have all the makings of a child predator himself. He is another person deserving of stoning --- or at least tar and feathering.

The Wikipedia page on Graham Spanier says:

    "As of July 2012, Spanier was still a tenured faculty member at Penn State. He was on sabbatical and had a national security job for the federal government, though the specific position and agency are unknown."

I do not want my federal taxes going to pay this man to be in 'a national security job for the federal government'.

This man should be relieved of that position --- and he should be fired from Penn State in ALL positions there. He should not even be a janitor at Penn State --- certainly not a janitor near the showers at Penn State.


It is sad that coach Joe Paterno apparently never had the good sense to insist that Sandusky stop taking young boys into the showers at Penn State. Paterno did more than just look the other way. He allowed Sandusky to continue to use Penn State facilities for Sandusky's 'horse play'.

    The Freeh report (locally stored PDF) indicates that Sandusky was warned not to bring 'guests' into Penn State shower facilities after a shower incident in 1998.

    Sandusky agreed. But janitors witnessed another shower incident ('assault') in 2000 November.

    The janitors were afraid of reporting it at the time for fear of being fired by Paterno.

    McQueary reports another Lasch Building shower 'assault' in 2001 February.

    After warnings to Sandusky (again), there is ANOTHER assault in the Lasch Building showers in 2001 August.

    *AT LEAST* 4 INCIDENTS in Penn State showers between 1998 and 2001.

    See the 'Timeline of Significant Events' that starts on page 19 of the Freeh Report.

    (There's a big 9-year gap between 2001 Sep and 2010 Jan in that timeline. I do not like to think what happened during that time --- many 'check outs' of young boys from Pennsylvania elementary, middle, and high schools.)

Here are some sites that may go dead --- but they have responses from the public that mirror many of my own feelings on this case.

It's people like this who
make me hope there is a hell.

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