Republicans are Reaping
What They've Sown

Deplorable-ness and

( MAGA = Making America Grotesque Again )

The big-brained 'stable genius'
does not realize that HE is making
the United States a laughing stock.

(2018 Nov blog post)

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In case it needs some explaining, here is an explanation of what I mean by 'The Republicans are reaping what they have sown.'

The brief version:

The 'one-percenter' Republicans (the multi-multi-millionaires and billionaires of the dis-United States) realized that there was no way they could win elections when they were out-numbered 99-to-one.

So, over the years (especially about 1946 to 2016), the 'one percenters' built up the following coalition:

  1. black haters (Afro-American haters)

  2. brown haters (haters of Latin-Americans --- excepting Cuban immigrants)

  3. Cuban immigrants (one-percenters want their votes --- especially in Florida)

  4. yellow haters (Asian-American haters)

  5. Jew haters ('Jews will not replace us')

  6. Catholic haters (example: fear/hate of the Kennedy's and the Vatican)

  7. born-again Christ-lovers (those who think it is OK for a president to cheat on multiple wives and brag about grabbing women's kitty parts --- and those who fall into some of these other categories, such as Afro-Latin-Asian-Jew-Catholic-American haters)

  8. 'pro-lifers' (baby-lover-mother-haters --- more on this in another blog post, someday)

  9. taxes haters (even hating their 'fair share' --- more on this in another blog post, someday)

  10. pay-day lenders and a wide variety of scam 'artists' and tax-dodgers, like Peter Popoff

  11. American worker haters (hating those who might join a union --- and hence glad to export American jobs to China)

  12. environment protection haters (pollution lovers)

  13. win-at-any-moral-cost lovers (The Republican must win --- even if he/she is a moral reprobate.)

  14. conspiracy-theory lovers

  15. 'entitlement' haters (excepting CORPORATE entitlements)

  16. and the cherry on top --- gun lovers and secret militia lovers ('preppers', survivalists, etc.)


The fearsome part: That is a heck of a big coalition to try to overcome at the ballot box.

Hillary Clinton was villified when she referred to Trump's supporters as a 'basket of deplorables' --- and she apologized.

SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE APOLOGIZED. That is exactly what we have here.

The longer version:

The Republicans were earnestly sowing these 'seeds of destruction' in the 1946-2016 time frame, for about 70 years --- since the McCarthy era (1940s and 1950s) and the John Birch Society (founded 1958) and Lyndon Johnson (President 1963-1969) and his Great Society legislative program and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The 'one-percenter' Republicans, in the 1940's, played on the fears of Russia and China and their communist movements to convince large numbers of United States citizens that we may soon be over-run by Russians.

    Ironic --- isn't it? --- that in the 2016-2020 Trump era, we are being told, by Trump, that we should cozy-up to Putin's Russian government.

    In the 1940's, Trump would have been hauled before McCarthy's Congressional 'witch-hunts' and accused of being treasonous.

Then, in the 1960's, ...

The 'one-percenter' Republicans 'flipped' the Southern states from being long-time 'conservative' (n*gger-hating) Democrats to 'conservative' (n*gger-hating) Republicans.

The sit-ins, voter-registration drives, school desegregation encounters, etc. were inflaming the 'base' back in the 1960's.

The hatred and 'conspiracy theory' stories have been festering for a long time --- waiting to come into full bloom.

Trump came along circa 2016 and had no reservations about appealing to those simmering hatreds and fears.

Simultaneously with the 'Southern strategy' and the 'Russia-China fears', Republicans carried on a war against those American workers who might be candidates for labor union membership --- by appealing to the vast numbers of

  • business owners and executives (small and large businesses --- and farmers --- and 'professionals', such as doctors, lawyers, engineers) --- many college-educated

  • contractors (electricians, plumbers, carpenters, roofers, landscapers, auto mechanics, etc. etc.) --- many NOT college-educated

across the 50 states of the United States --- in other words, appealing to those who might need to hire workers to maintain or expand their businesses.

The Democrats --- in their constant emphasis on blacks, women (a near-majority of whom are staunch Republicans), and labor unions --- are ignoring this huge population of 'free enterprise' voters.

The Democrats do nothing to try to appeal to them.

In fact, they turn them away from the Democrat party by their 'tax-and-spend' attitude, with no apparent regard for making sure the taxes are well-spent --- and that the country can afford their programs.

If the Democrats gave as much lip-service to the crafting of legislation that motivates good behavior (including efficient spending of taxes) as they do to ideas for more spending, they might have a chance of 'peeling' a few of those 'conservative' Republicans away from their 'coalition of deplorables'.

This Republican coalition is nothing like the 'elite' Republican party that was envisioned and promoted by Yale graduate, conservative author, and 'public intellectual' William F. Buckley Jr..

Most of these 'deplorables' are certainly not the kind of Republicans Buckley would want to have over for dinner for some scintillating conversation.

And honored, old-time Republicans like Dwight 'Ike' Eisenhower and Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. must be spinning in their graves if they know what their 'Grand Old Party' has become.

Even post-Lyndon-Johnson, win-at-almost-any-cost Republicans like Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan must be tossing and turning a little in their graves.

The situation has become so distasteful that some died-in-the-wool Republican pundits and strategists like George Will and Steve Schmidt are leaving the Republican party.

Since disheartened 'classic' Republicans, like George Will, cannot bring themselves to vote for a Democrat, those 'classic' Republicans will no doubt be casting about for a 3rd party --- a party with a few shreds of human decency, to go along with fiscal conservatism.

And disheartened Democrats --- who could not bring themselves to vote for Hillary Clinton (who showed, via the Benghazi disaster and email mis-management, that she could not properly manage a State Department) --- must be casting about for a 3rd party also --- a party with a social conscience, but also with some sense of fiscal responsibility, in order to form a viable party of sufficient numbers to win some elections.

It seems that one thing that Trump has shown us is that the current Republican and Democrat parties are not a good governing combination.

There needs to be a new, viable 3rd party rising out of the current ash-and-trash heap.


It is quite puzzling to me --- after Trump has repeatedly done things that have brought Neo-Nazis out of the U.S. closet --- that Jews, like Sheldon Adelson (Shellie?) and Mark Zuckerberg, have continued to do things that have fostered the rise of Neo-Nazism in the United States.

Adelson is helping the rise of Neo-Nazism by giving hundreds of millions of dollars to Trump-ican political candidates.

    (Apparently Adelson is doing this to gain advantages for his casino businesses?? And because Trump moved the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem??)

Zuckerberg is helping the rise of Neo-Nazism by collecting personal data on a majority of the U.S. population --- more than 150 million citizens --- and then providing API's ( Application Programming Interface utilities) that give 3rd-parties the ability to easily scan huge databases of personal information, for any purpose those 3rd-parties want.

Zuckerberg has been under tremendous pressure to make Facebook profitable so that he can get even more money from investors --- and increase the value of his stock.

Those Facebook investors want to see more Facebook members and more advertising revenue.

So Zuckerberg is highly motivated to NEVER really reduce the number Facebook users --- no matter how 'deplorable' they are.

    (Judging by the fact that about 40% of the country is Trump-crazy, that translates into about 40% of U.S. Facebook users.

    Zuckerberg is not going to want to lose about 70 million conspiracy-theory-loving Facebook users.)

AND ... Zuckerberg is not likely to do away with those programming utilities that allow 3rd-parties to 'mine the data'.

Those 3rd-parties provide Zuckerberg with a lucrative cash in-flow.

Bottom line:
Zuckerberg has fostered (and is financially motivated to continue to foster) 'haters' of two kinds:

  • hater Facebook members, and

  • hater Facebook-data 'miners'.

Furthermore, one of Trump's chief political advisers, Stephen Miller --- like Adelson and Zuckerberg above --- is Jewish --- which makes for a strange combination with Trump's neo-Nazi supporters.

Miller is one of those people that Trump is referring to when he says 'People are saying ....'.

Others are Alex Jones and Sean Hannity and others at Fox News.

Miller has been a chief-stoker of conspiracy theories.

Miller has been touted as the Josef Goebbels to Trump's Hitler --- partly because Miller looks like Goebbels --- and partly because Miller has extreme right-wing views like Goebbels --- and partly because Miller is as full of hate as Goebbels was --- and partly because Miller wants to be a chief-right-wing-hate-propagandist like Goebbels was.

So, ironically, it seems that some money-hungry (and power-hungry) Jews (Adelson, Zuckerberg, Miller) have helped, in major ways, to create an environment that has led to the deaths of 11 Jews in a synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, October 27, 2018.

And, further evidence:

Before that Pittsburgh shooting, anti-Jewish incidents were on the rise in 2017 and 2018 --- about 57% higher than in previous years.

It seems that these anti-Semitic incidents just underscore the main Republican guiding ideas:

    Money Trumps All


    Win at Any Cost


I guess a satirical cynic would congratulate people like

(a 'basket of deplorables') for building a politically winning coalition out of a 'basket of other deplorables'.

Much more could be said on the subject of 'Republicans Reaping What They Have Sown'.

But for now, here are a few WEB SEARCHES to find some current information on this subject.

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