Letters from Trump Support Organization

'Heritage Action for America'

funding 18,000-plus 'Sentinels'
around the United States

("highly-trained activists")

Are these the 'brown shirts' that some
old-school Republicans have been expecting
--- based on what they saw at Trump rallies?

(2017 Apr blog post)

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Trump 'Community Outreach Vehicle'


I am receiving forwarded-mail for a relative who passed away. This relative was giving money to many charitable (and scam) organizations that were sending him repeated requests for money. Hence he ended up on many mailing lists.

Recently (20 Apr 2017), I received a 'creepy' large envelope --- from a 'Heritage Action for America' organization, that seems to want to put political pressure on (and eventually get in bed with) Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, et al.

In the cover letter in the envelope, this guy Michael Needham (CEO of 'Heritage Action for America') talks of "our 18,000 Sentinels (our highly-trained team of volunteer activists)" ... "key influencers we train to advocate for conservative principles both nationally and locally".

Sounds like Nazi 'brown-shirts' to me. The 'Kristal Nacht' is coming. The KKK and 'skinheads' (neo-Nazis) must be chomping on the bit.

I remember seeing a 'traditional Republican' being interviewed last year (2016) at a Trump rally, when Trump was still running against Cruz for the nomination, I believe. This 'old school' Republican pointed out that he was surrounded by 'brown shirts' at that Trump rally.

Trump and his 'brown shirts'

Even 'level-headed' Republicans can recognize the 'brown shirt' possibilities on the horizon.

I sense there is bad stuff coming down the pike. I hope I am wrong... BUT ...

The neo-Nazis and KKK have the 'man of their dreams' in the highest office in the land --- and in the world. Scary. More SCARY than SAD.

I have keyed in the letter that was sent to 'Xyz Abcde'.
(The name has been changed to protect the dead.)

You be the judge of how scary this is.

    As I keyed in this letter, I could not help but add notes --- my thoughts as I read Needham's sentences. The notes are in square brackets --- most of them indented.

    I have tried to render Needham's letter faithfully in regard to use of bold, italic, and underscored words and sentences.

Start of Needham's letter to 'Xyz':

Heritage Action for America
214 Massachusetts Avenue NE
Suite 400
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 548-5280 | heritageaction.com

Dear Xyz,

You'll see I've enclosed a file folder for you.

It contains three letters written on your behalf --- One is for President Donald Trump. The others are for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker-of-the-House, Rep. Paul Ryan.

This is your best opportunity to directly address them at this defining moment -- the first months of the Trump presidency. This is when the new president and congress have their greatest chance to reshape the nation via a truly conservative agenda.

All you need to do is read and sign each letter and then mail them back to me using the postage-paid return envelope I've provided.

When you do, you'll put these men on notice -- They have NO EXCUSES anymore, and so ...

You demand that they get government out of our lives ... slash taxes and the debt ... shut our borders now ... eliminate radical Islam ... nominate and confirm Supreme Court justices who defer to the Constitution ... repeal Obamacare ...

    [By 'defer to the Constitution', it seems Mike means 'defer to my interpretation of the Constitution'. Just what might that be, Mike?]

You fully expect that they will serve "we-the-people" fearlessly ...

You ask them to courageously and completely stand for what is good and true and right ... for the American dream, for our children and grandchildren.

    [I wonder if this Michael Needham has children --- and grandchildren. Is he just trying to pull heart strings? Does he have 'skin' in the game? Can he appreciate what it is like to have children?

    More importantly, is his idea of 'what is good and true and right' going to be good for my children? Are his 18,000 'Sentinels' going to be good for my children?]

So please sign and rush these letters back to me.

Why do I want you to do this, Xyz?

    [That's clever, Michael. You are personalizing the content of this letter to use the first name of the recipient ... in this case, 'Xyz'.]

After 8 years of an unchecked radical liberal agenda, the political establishment put us on a path to ruin.

    [Are you really 'in ruin', Michael? Are you living in a cardboard box, Michael? Or do you have a 3,500-plus square foot house with granite countertops and 3-plus bathrooms, all with double sinks?]

These people are everywhere: in the media, on both sides of the aisle in Congress, in the courts, and in multi-billion-dollar special interest lobbyists.

    [Yes, and they are under your bed, Michael Needham. They are there while you are trying to sleep at night --- you ultra-paranoid looney. And they are behind the clothes in your closet too.]

There's only one way to save this nation -- we must take it back.

    [The only kind of people I am afraid of taking this nation is people like you, Michael Needham.]

And the first step is to make sure the people we've elected act on behalf of conservatism in the first months of the Trump presidency.

My name is Mike Needham. And I am the CEO of Heritage Action for America.

We are this country's most powerful, most respected, most relied-upon force for conservative change.

    [Most respected??? By whom? The deplorables? Yes, they exist. You are one of them, Mike.]

We ARE the groundswell movement that will, with your help, make sure that government, and those in it, serve we-the-people.

    [We the neo-Nazis?]

And in doing so we will restore freedom and opportunity and prosperity for our children and grandchildren.

    [I have felt pretty free --- until I read this letter. Now I think my freedoms are in peril --- by Needham and his 'Sentinels'.]

The Washington Post calls Heritage action "one of the most pugilistic forces on the right".

    [In 1930's Germany, they probably said that about the 'brown shirts'.]

"They've been hugely influential," said David Wasserman, who tracks Congressional races for the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

The Washington Examiner wrote: "Heritage Action is THE scorecard for conservatives."

    [Yeah. 'Nancy' conservatives --- who are running scared --- and willing to kiss Trump's @$$ and support this massive money-launderer for the Russians --- in the Republican program to 'win at any cost' in the legislative and presidential elections.]

And when House Republicans recently proposed restoring congressional earmarks (designating money for pet projects back home), Speaker Paul Ryan put a stop to it. Why?

As Politico reports, "conservative groups ... like Heritage Action for America, have been working the phones to ensure it (the proposal) fails, including by reaching out to constituents in its sponsors' districts."

    [Score one decency-point for them .... IF this is really the reason restoration of earmarks failed. But more effective, comprehensive measures need to be taken --- such as eliminating you-scratch-my-back-and-I'll-scratch-yours amendments being added to bills that deal with a completely different subject.]

We've worked hard to wield that kind of influence.

But our influence, our strength, our power comes from the men and women who stand together for the cause of freedom. Americans like you.

    [Again ... I felt pretty free until I read this letter. I am glad I am not a woman, because I am pretty sure these people's ideas about freedom include a generous helping of vaginal probes.]

When you stand with us, you stand with the 500,000 citizens that form America's most aggressive grass roots army.

    ['Aggressive grass roots army'. Here is where we need that clause 'a well-regulated militia' in the 2nd Amendment. I am sure the Founding Fathers had just this kind of situation in mind when they authored that clause.]

You need only look to the elections to see the impact we make when we have the funding to arm our staff and volunteers with the tools, the technology, the data-targeting, the messaging they need to take-on the Washington establishment.

    [And it helps if the people in states like Wyoming have 3-times the electoral voting power as citizens of states like New York.]

The result: A stunning rebuke of everything Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Washington elite stand for. America's message was simple: we are tired of corrupt insider dealing and the self-serving nature of the establishment political class.

    [I feel sure that Mike will make lucrative exceptions for his favorite 'Heritage Action for America' people --- 'elites' and 'insiders' and 'self-servers' who like making other people pay the taxes to support the defense agencies that protect their assets.]

Those results didn't come-about by chance. They happened because our staff and volunteers canvassed the country, making countless phone calls, knocking on door-after-door, listening to their neighbors talk about what matters to them.

    [I'm pretty sure that Donald Trump --- and his simplistic messaging --- and the desire of a large part of the electorate for simple answers to difficult issues --- had a lot to do with the outcome.]

And then our 18,000 Sentinels (our highly-trained team of volunteer activists) shared with 2.4 million Americans the conservative ideas that create a strong economy, a civil society, and a safe country.

    [Are these 'Sentinels' the same people who think they own the National Parks and can take over parts of parks whenever and wherever they like?]

Now is our chance to make our mark on the critical first months of this new Congress and new administration. I am absolutely counting on your help.

    [You are not going to get much help from dead 'Xyz'.]

Our work is inspired by people like you -- extraordinary Americans who have worked hard, have raised families, who -- without fanfare -- have made this country better ... Americans of conservative mind and heart.

    [Michael, it sounds like you are implying that those Americans of liberal (or quasi-liberal) mind and heart who worked hard and gave their efforts ... and many their lives ... to help win out in World War II and other conflicts ... did not help make this country better.]

I can only hope the idea of partnering with us is inspiring to you.

    [Do you mean partnering with your 'aggressive grassroots army'? Partner in what ways? As an 'unregulated militia'?]

You will have Donald Trump's and the GOP leadership's attention.

    [If I join your army? And if the Sentinels carry their grassroots Heritage Action weapons around the White House and the halls of Congress?]

I know this because they have come to Heritage for advice on conservative solutions.

    [Yeah. They haven't had a good idea on health care for more than 8 years now. They are getting desparate. They will listen to anyone.]

We matter to them because we reflect and champion the ideals you stand for -- family, faith, individual initiative, a solid education, private enterprise, and security.

    [Me and my family are not going to feel very secure with that 'aggressive grassroots army' running around doing as they please.]

We must reclaim those ideals if we are to reclaim freedom, prosperity, and greatness for our children and our grandchildren.

    [I still wonder if Mike Needham has children and grandchildren. Will they be drafted into the 'pugilistic' and 'aggressive grassroots army' when they turn 18? To impose their 'faith' on people of good will, but of other beliefs?]

And I believe you are ready to stand with me and fight with your $25, $50 or $100 investment in all that is right and good and true.

    [Is this to buy weapons for the 'fight' of your 'aggressive grassroots army'? Is their 'right and good and 'true' the same as my 'right and good and true'? I highly doubt it.]

I'm reaching out to you because I believe you have a deep commitment to conservative values, a deep frustration with Washington, and a deep willingness to contribute all you can to save us from the ruin we're suffering now.

    [Gee, Mike. If you have been suffering from ruin, you should have told someone. I'm sure a Kickstarter campaign would provide the relief you need.]

You understand that true conservative ideals --- family, faith, individual initiative, hard work, a solid education, private enterprise -- have made the United States the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

    [You keep on saying that, Mike --- and maybe you will believe it --- even as our 'formerly great' railroads and bridges and roads and lead pipes and gas pipes and oil pipelines crumble --- and as Japan and China and France and Germany show us how to fund and build a better railroad.

    I must admit --- the United States has the best strip-malls in the world --- until China builds bigger and better ones, with our money --- which went to China as Republicans sought to break U.S. unions by doing whatever they could to ship U.S. jobs to China, Mexico, and other foreign countries.]

You've seen that when our leaders betray us -- as they have for years -- they become partners of the left. And we suffer mightily.

    [Mike, like I said before, if you are suffering, you should reach out for help. I am sure your fellow church-members --- people of faith --- will help you out.]

Here is the question that our leaders must answer for you, including Trump.

    [You leave Trump --- and Britney --- alone.]

Will you honor the Constitution, will you make government a servant of the people, will you make life freer, safer, and more prosperous for all Americans ...

    [I am sure Mike is thinking of blacks, Native Americans, naturalized Asians, Swiss-SouthAfricans, Mexican-Armenians, Swedish-Macedonians, and Bulgarian-Phillipinos when he says this. He is a man for ALL Americans.]

Or will you bow to billionaire leftist George Soros and radical super-funded groups that practice the politics of class warfare, gender warfare, religious warfare?

    [I see your George Soros and raise you TWO Koch brothers. This 'gender warfare' that you speak of --- does that involve 'vaginal probes'? Does this religious warfare that you speak of involve discriminating against 'I believe in Good' atheists --- which would include at least three-quarters of all the nuclear and astro physicists in the country --- since they have had a lot of time to think deeply about the book of Genesis and motive forces, in light of scientific discoveries of the past 300 years?]

The men and women we put into office have no more excuses. No more excuses for Obamacare, IRS scandals, $19 trillion in debt, illegal amnesty, ISIS terrorizing the world, record numbers of people not working, traditional values becoming obsolete, the Constitution being shredded ...

    [The only people I am concerned about shredding the Constitution are people like you, Mike. I am concerned about being trapped between ISIS and an 'aggressive grassroots army'.

    Speaking of 'IRS scandals', would you please tell Trump to reveal his personal and business tax returns --- so we can see why he was so 'treasonously-friendly' with Putin at Helsinki in 2018?

    Speaking of '$19 trillion in debt', did not Trump reward his 'elites' in 2017 with a huge tax break on their personal tax returns that will just about double that debt in a few years?]

On November 8th, Americans like you demanded a change to the status quo ... and we woke up to a new America.

    [Yeah. What a nightmare ... only it's not a dream ... it's real.]

This is the duty of our lifetime: to restore the greatness that was given to us by those who came before us.

    [Mike, I am concerned that you and your 'Sentinels' are going to destroy the greatness that was given to us.]

Yes, you belive it, don't you ... That our great blessings come with great responsibility --- a duty to our children and grandchildren?

    [There you go again, Mike --- with the children and grandchildren. Do some of those 'Sentinels' baby-sit your children, Mike? Do you feel comforable with that?]

And together we can provide them with the America our founders entrusted to us.

So please do three things right now:

    [OK, Mike. Whatever you say.]

1. Sign and return to me the letters for President Donald Trump, Senator Mithc McConnell, and Speaker Paul Ryan.

2. Invest in our fight with your contribution of $100 or $50 or even $25.

3. Stay strong, stay true, and have faith, Xyz.

    ['Sign and return' --- nope. 'Invest' --- nope. I have to say, Mike, I simply have no faith in you. I think you are blowing smoke out your @$$.]

Yes, have faith in the difference you make when you join us.

    [Join your army? Is there a band in that 'aggressive grassroots army', Mike? There is nothing like a band to 'drum up' support. Does some of that money go for band instruments? Are you for supporting the arts, Mike?]

Because when you contribute today, you're growing our grassroots program. You're funding more of our Sentinels -- the 18,000 key influencers we train to advocate for conservative principles both nationally and locally. And you're ensuring that our leaders stand for truly conservative policies.

    [Mike, how exactly do these Sentinels rank in relation to local police, local sheriffs, state police, the National Guard, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Air Force?

    Do the Sentinels out-rank them all? Do the Sentinels have their own jails? Do the Sentinels have badges?

    Or do the Sentinels not need no steenking badges? Are they sworn to loyalty? Loyalty to whom, Mike? To you?]

History tells us that we will thrive again when government gets out of our way and when we commit ourselves to education, faith, family, entrepreneurship, charity, initiative, and hard work.

    [Nice change up, Mike. You threw in 'charity' this time. Is that because you are asking for money?

    By the way, what history are you referring to, Mike --- Third Reich history? These 'Sentinels' sound like 'brown shirts'.

    And, Mike, how is it exactly that the government is getting in your way? I go weeks and months at a time without the government getting in my way.

    In fact, it even builds roads for me and maintains them. And it picks up my garbage. And it delivers my mail. And it provides fire trucks. I could go on.

    But do you get the picture, Mike? You are seeing the glass half-empty --- not even that --- completely empty.]

Because when one is empowered, invested, and in active pursuit of his dream ... then he is fulfilled. That is what conservatism is all about, Xyz ...

    [Sounds like you want to be a god, Mike --- or a Fuehrer. Bad luck with that.]

Our President and elected leaders must reflect those ideals.

    [YOUR ideals ... and only YOUR ideals ... right, Mike? No diversity allowed.]

When you put your signature on these letters, and you contribute your $100, $50, $25, (or whatever your heart tells you to do), you will answer the call to preserve the promise, prosperity, and freedom our Founding Fathers left to us.

    [And you know exactly what the Founding Fathers wanted ... right, Mike? Well, you'll probably overlook that 'well-regulated militia' stuff, right? That probably doesn't fit in with your 'strict interpretation of the Constitution', right?]

And you will have assured your legacy for those who come after us.

    [Mike, I think you are talking about YOUR legacy here.]

Thank you and God bless you,

Michael A. Needham
Chief Executive Officer

[Is this where I am supposed to say 'Sieg Heil',
Mike ... like a good little 'Sentinel'.]

P.S. We've seen what happens when we don't demand that our leaders stand for our conservative principles: Every American suffers. So please take just a few minutes to do something truly powerful, Xyz. Please sign the letters in the file folder addressed to President Donald Trump, Sen. Mitch McConnell, and Speaker Paul Ryan, and return them to me using the postage-paid envelope I've enclosed. When you do, you will be telling them to defend the ideals of freedom that are the soil from which liberty, opportunity, and prosperity grow.

    [Mike, as representatives in our representative form of government, they are already supposed to know that. They took an oath.]

Your $100, $50, or even $25 investment will fund our media messaging, our outreach programs, and the advanced technology we need for our 18,000 Sentinels and 500,000+ citizen-activists to ensure that our elected leaders don't betray their campaign promises (and us) simply because the votes have been counted.

    [What is this 'advanced technology' for 518,000+ 'citizen-activists' that you speak of, Mike?

    Is that automatic weapons? Grenade launchers? Tanks?

    And are these 'Sentinels' and 'citizen-activists' anything like 'rogue militias'?

    When you talk of 'outreach programs', did you mean 'overreach programs'?

    Do you really have my children and grandchildren in mind, Mike? I don't think so.]

End of cover letter.

Does it sound like something out of Nazi Germany in the 1930's to you? It sure does to me.

I think THAT is the flag he really loves.

This guy, Michael Needham (and Trump), must read 'Mein Kampf' over and over again.

Mike/Trump must love watching those TV documentaries about the rise of the Nazi party in the 1920's and 1930's --- and now tries to emulate that.


Following is the text of one of the letters to be signed and sent to Mike --- the one for Donald Trump. The ones for Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are essentially the same.

    I continue to add comments --- in brackets and indented.

President Donald Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

I implore you to be an authentic, impassioned, fearless conservative around whom freedom-loving Americans can rally.

    [Mike, you seem to imply that there are Americans who do not love freedom. I have never met one. I doubt if even one percent of Americans are in that category. But there are a lot of Americans who want to take other citizens' freedom away --- and you are one of those freedom-taker-wannabes.]

The Washington Establishment has not served the people, and so we have suffered at the hands of those awash in power, those who have turned their backs on their constituents, and those who forsake the principles for political expediency.

    ['Political expediency' is essentially the main plank in the Republican platform, Mike. You need to tend your own garden.]

If you want my support you must keep your campaign promises and:

Eliminate today's federal tax code, and replace it with a new, fair, flat tax;

    [Exceptions for the rich and influential will creep (flood?) back in --- even with a flat tax --- considering the need to allow for 'expenses' (deductions) --- and considering who will be designing the new tax code (lots of Republicans).]

Free our children and grandchildren from the crushing national debt;

    [Nice thought ; but only Democrat Bill Clinton came close to that.]

Replace Obamacare with a market-driven, patient-centric reform;

    [Those two things will be incompatible in a Republican plan. To Republicans, market-driven = corporate-centric --- not patient-centric.]

Balance the federal budget by slashing the size of government;

    [My idea of what to slash is different from yours. For example: Slash the corporate subsidies and legal immunities for corporate malfeasance. Are you for that, Mike?]

End pork barrel spending and the buying of votes in Congress;

    [Except the votes bought with the money from Heritage Action --- Eh, Mike?]

Unleash the full potential of private enterprise by cutting regulations;

    [Yeah, give corporate robbers free reign. Under Republican rule, only non-corporate robbers go to jail.

    Examples: Goldman Sachs selling and then shorting bad ('toxic') mortgage packages ; Wells Fargo subscribing customers into costly 'products' without their permission.

    Not one executive went to jail in those cases.]

Stop illegal immigration by securing our borders and enforcing the laws;

    [But do it without big government. You want Trump to 'get government out of our lives' ... right, Mike?]

Take care of our military and our veterans;

    [But do it without big government. You want Trump to 'get government out of our lives' ... right, Mike?]

Defend our nation against the scourge of radical Islamic terrorism;

    [But do it without big government. You want Trump to 'get government out of our lives' ... right, Mike?]

Honor traditional marriage as the cornerstone of society;

    [and 'vaginal probes' are a 'traditional' cornerstone of society ; Eh, Mike? --- like government-paid Viagra for men, but denial of government-paid birth-control for women --- that's 'traditional' ; right, Mike?

    Do you get what I am saying, Mike? It is not a 'traditional' world we are living in, Mike --- and your Republicans have done a lot to change your 'traditional' world --- with their 'vaginal probes', 'male Viagra rights', etc.]

Uphold the Constitution;

    [Uphold the Constitution the way Mike Needham interprets it.
    Just ask him when in doubt.]

Believe in the power of "we, the people"

    [ ... where 'we' is 18,000+ Sentinels ?? ]

Our forefathers founded America based on the timeless idea that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed with God-given, unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    [For some reason, I don't think Mike really means 'ALL men'.]

Moreover, they believed that government existed solely to secure those rights and that its power derived from the consent of the governed. From these principles flow the freedoms that have made the American Dream possible.

Our children and grandchildren depend on us as stewards of these principles. I implore you to act in their defense.

    [Mike, there you go again using the 'children and grandchildren' card. Yes, they depend on us as stewards ... but, Mike, you and your Republican friends are not being very good stewards as far as promoting clean water, clean air, clean energy, national parks, and other assets to be passed on to our children. Do you think you could do better in the future, Mike?]

Most respectfully,

Xyz Abcde

    [Mike personalizes the letter by printing the recipient's first-name, say 'Xyz', and full name, say 'Xyz Abcde', in these letters.]

End of letter to the Donald.

On the outside of the big envelope that contained the cover letter and the 3 letters to be sent to Donald, Mitch, and Paul, there was the statment:

Private Documents Enclosed

Maybe Mike did not want 'Xyz' to show the contents to anyone. But that can't be. Mike is a very principled man. He wants the best for my children and grandchildren. I am sure anything he has to say can be said in the open.

(Or could this '18,000 Sentinels thing' be an issue?)

Heil Trumpler !

For more info :

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Until then, you could try some WEB SEARCHES for more information on the 'Heritage Action for America' organization, the 'Sentinels', and 'Michael Needham' --- and electoral votes.

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Heritage Action, and Sentinels:

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