Trump Creates Jobs

in the Sign-Supplies Industry.

Some signs used more supplies than others.

(2017 Apr blog post)

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Introduction :

In 2017, the following information appeared in a article:

    Sales of poster boards, markers, and other sign-making supplies jumped more than 30 percent in the week before Donald Trump's inauguration and the Jan 21 Women's March. That week, Americans spent an estimated $6 million on such supplies, not insignificant considering that many of the items cost $1 or less.

That is on the order of 6 million sign-age items sold within a couple of months. Who knew pussy-grabbing would be good for the economy?

It is a good thing that Trump is creating jobs in the sign-supplies industry, because his attempts at increasing jobs in the coal industry are bound to fail.

Following are some images that show the creativity put into the signage.

It does not look like these signs were made in China --- unlike Trump's hats, ties, steel, etc.

That is, it looks like these signs were proudly made in America by Americans.

(Some expressed the sentiment
a little more aggressively.)

(Prediction of a Trump-pocalypse?)

More signs may be added at a future date.
Until then, you could try some web searches for more
'signs of Trump times'.

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Trump's Creation of Jobs in the Sign-Supplies Industry.

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