Trump Nicknames

(Trump set the example.)

(Turnabout is fair play.)

(2019 Nov blog post)

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This page on Nicknames for Trump
(inspired by the nicknames he assigns to others)

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Got land?
Thank an Indian.


Donald Trump loves to retaliate against those who do not worship the 'stable genius'.

He retaliates by applying adjectives to their name and by assigning nicknames to them.

A couple of his favorite adjectives to apply to people are 'lying' and 'nasty'.

This is quite ironic, because Trump is 'the King' of 'lying' and 'nastiness'.

You can find more of his adjectives and nicknames by doing a WEB SEARCH on keywords such as

'trump name calling'


'trump lying nasty adjectives'.


I am surprised that I do not see more journalists, TV hosts, TV 'contributors', and targeted politicians respond 'in kind'.

They may be taking the 'high road'.

I hereby take the 'low road'.

I think Donald squeezes out so many 'word turds' per day (often while he is Twittering on the toilet) that he deserves a collection of adjectives and nicknames applied to him.

    You can see the names that some other 'low road' people have assigned to 'the Donald' by using the keyword web searches above.

This web page is a place for me to collect such Trump-descriptive words --- mine and some created by others.

So let us begin.

We begin with some of the adjectives that he applies to others --- adjectives which describe him 'to-a-tee'.

  • Lying Donald

  • Nasty Donald

  • Crooked Donald

  • Crazy Donald

This gets a flow of adjectives started:

  • Trainwreck Trump

  • Treacherous Trump

  • Treasonous Trump

  • 'Art of the Steal' Trump

  • Made-in-China Trump

  • Fake Brains Donald
    (a play on his repetitive use of 'fake news')

  • Fake Riches Donald

  • Thousandaire Donald

  • Bouffant Donald

  • Thinning Hairball Donald

  • Con Don

  • Dumber-than-a-third-grader Donald

And here are some nicknames that describe some aspect of Trump.

  • Captain Chaos

  • Captain Outrageous

  • Donald Trumpski

  • Donald Trumpovich

  • Donald Putinski

  • Moscow Trump
    (patron saint of Moscow Mitch McConnell)
    (Take your rubles and go home to Moscow. Both of you.)

  • Leningrad Trump
    (patron saint of Leningrad Lindsey Graham)

  • Kurd Killer Trump

  • Ukrainian Killer Trump

  • Istanbul Trump

  • Genocide Trump

  • Traitor Trump

  • The Hate Meister

  • Benedict Donald

  • Bonespurs-in-Chief

  • Golfer-in-Chief

  • Liar-in-Chief

  • Money-Launderer-in-Chief

  • Ruble-Launderer-in-Chief

  • Coal-Jobs-Scammer-in-Chief

  • Catastrophe-in-Chief

  • Self-lover-in-Chief

  • Dumpster-in-Chief

  • Knuckle-dragger-in-Chief

  • Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief

  • Raper-in-Chief
    (Let's not mince words.)

  • Commander-in-Grief

  • Witch-in-Chief
    (a play on his repetitive use of 'witch hunt')

  • Fascist-in-Chief

  • Adolf Twitler
    (a contraction of Twitter-and-Hitler,
    in case you did not 'get it')

  • Orange Hitler

  • Lying Sack of Trump

  • Sorry Sack of Trump

  • Steaming Pile of Trump

  • Creep Throat
    (a play on the name Deep Throat)

  • 'Admirer of Dictators'
    (probably because it is easier to deal with
    a single dictator than a multi-representative government)

  • 'Friend of Dictators'

  • Don the Daft

  • Don the Deranged

  • Stable Genie-Ass

  • King Love Me

  • Little Donny Dodo

  • Trumpzilla

  • Donald White Eyes
    (His makeup person overdoes it.)

  • Dumbo the Flying President

  • Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
    (big pants ... makes a big fire)

  • Filth-Mouth Trump
    (in the spirit of Trump calling John Legend's wife,
    Crissy Teigen, a 'filthy mouthed wife' and her response
    calling Trump a 'p*ssy assed b*tch'. She nailed it!!)

  • F*ckface von Clownstick
    (Let's step it up to level eleven. Credit goes to Jon Stewart.)

    (I am taking it into the gutter, where Trump lives
    --- surrounded by gold-leaf and not a single
    trustworthy friend.)

  • Gutterball Trump

  • Back-stabbing Trump

  • Paranoid Trump
    (and with good reason after all the
    back-stabbing that he has done)

  • The Snake Oil President

  • Lyin' King
    (a play on Lion King, in case you did not 'get it')

  • The Lying Liar who Lies
    (kudos to Al Franken and his book with a similar title)

  • King of Tax Evasion

  • King of Debt

  • The Sniffler

  • Trumple-thin-skin
    (a play on Rumplestiltskin)

  • Trumpenstein
    (a play on Frankenstein)

  • The One Horseman of the Apocalypse
    (a play on The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse)

  • The Trumpocalypse

  • Stuporman

  • One-man-crime-wave

  • The Hate-inator

  • The Toxinator

  • The Helsinkinator
    (a reference to Trump's shameful and treasonous
    behavior with Putin in Helsinki, Finland)

  • Putin's Pet

  • Putin's Pawn

  • The Whining Loser

  • The Losing Whiner

  • The Human Disaster

  • Where the Truth Goes to Die
    (similar to the book 'Everything Trump Touches Dies'
    by former Republican strategist, Rick Wilson)

Some Alliterative Trump names:
(of the form
D* Donald and T* Trump)

I went through the 'D' and 'T' sections of a dictionary to find adjectives and nouns for the following nicknames.

Perhaps you can find a few that I missed.

D... Donald names:

  1. Daffy Don

  2. Dalliance Don

  3. Damaged Don

  4. Dastard Don

  5. Dastardly Don

  6. Daycare Don

  7. Day School Don

  8. Deadbeat Donald

  9. Deadend Donald

  10. Deadlock Donald

  11. Deadly Donald

  12. Deadweight Donald

  13. Deadwood Donald

  14. Deathly Don

  15. Deathtrap Don

  16. Debauchery Donald

  17. Decadent Donald

  18. Deceitful Donald

  19. Deceiving Donald

  20. Deceptive Donald

  21. Decrepitude Donald

  22. Deep State Donald

  23. Defensive Donald

  24. Deficient Donald

  25. Deficit Don

  26. Defiling Donald

  27. Degenerate Donald

  28. Delusional Donald

  29. Demolishing (democracy) Donald

  30. Demolition Donald

  31. Demon Don

  32. Demoralizing Don

  33. Deplorable Don

  34. Deportable Don

  35. Depraved Don

  36. Depressive Don

  37. Derelict Don

  38. Desecration Don

  39. Desensitizing Don

  40. Designing Don

  41. Desolation Don

  42. Desperado Don

  43. Desperation Don

  44. Despicable Don

  45. Despisable Don

  46. Despot Don

  47. Destabilizing Don

  48. Destitute Don
    (after the Russian Mafia quits propping
    him up with their rubles.)

  49. Destroyer Don

  50. Destructive Don

  51. Deterioration Don

  52. Detestable Don

  53. Detonating Don

  54. Detonation Don

  55. Detonator Don

  56. Detrimental Don

  57. Devastation Don

  58. Deviant Don

  59. Devil Don

  60. Devilish Don

  61. Devious Don

  62. Diabolic Don

  63. Diaper Donald

  64. Diarrhea Don

  65. Dictator Don

  66. Diddly Don

  67. Difficult Don

  68. Digression Don

  69. Dildo Don

  70. Diminuitive Don

  71. Dimwit Don

  72. Dingbat Don

  73. Dingleberry Don

  74. Dingo Don

  75. Dingus Don

  76. Dingy Don

  77. Dinky Don

  78. Dioxin Don

  79. Dippy Don

  80. Dipstick Don

  81. Dire Don

  82. Dirty Don

  83. Disabled Don

  84. Disaffected Don

  85. Disaffiliated Don

  86. Disagreeable Don

  87. Disappointing Don

  88. Disarranging Don

  89. Disarraying Don

  90. Disassembling Don

  91. Disaster Don

  92. Disastrous Don

  93. Discomforting Don

  94. Discomposing Don

  95. Disconcerting Don

  96. Discontenting Don

  97. Discordant Don

  98. Discouraging Don

  99. Discourteous Don

  100. Disdained Don

  101. Disenchanting Don

  102. Disgraceful Don

  103. Disgusting Don

  104. Disheartening Don

  105. Disfunctional (Dysfunctional) Don

  106. Disheveled Don

  107. Dishonest Don

  108. Dishonorable Don

  109. Disingenuous Don

  110. Dismal Don

  111. Dismaying Don

  112. Disordering Don

  113. Disorganizing Don

  114. Disorienting Don

  115. Disparaging Don

  116. Dispensible (Dispensable) Don
    (see Disposable)

  117. Dispersive Don

  118. Displacing Don

  119. Displeasing Don

  120. Disposable Don

  121. Disqualified Don

  122. Disregarded Don

  123. Disrelished Don

  124. Disreputable Don

  125. Disrupting Don

  126. Disruptive Don

  127. Dissatisfying Don

  128. Disserving Don

  129. Dissipated Don

  130. Dissolute Don

  131. Dissonant Don

  132. Distasteful Don

  133. Distracting Don

  134. Distressing Don

  135. Disturbing Don

  136. Disturbed Don

  137. Disuniting Don

  138. Ditsy Don

  139. Dividing Don

  140. Divider Don

  141. Dodger Don

  142. Dodgy Don

  143. Domineering Don

  144. Doozy Don

  145. Dopey Don

  146. Dorky Don

  147. Double-cross Don

  148. Double-dealing Don

  149. Double-dipping Don

  150. Double-faced Don

  151. Double-talk Don

  152. Double-think Don

  153. Dour Don

  154. Down-and-dirty Don

  155. Downer Don

  156. Drama Don

  157. Dreadful Don

  158. Dreary Don

  159. Drooling Don

  160. Dubious Don

  161. Dubitable Don

  162. Dumbell Don

  163. Dum-dum Don

  164. Dumkopf Don

  165. Dummy Don

  166. Dumpster Don

  167. Dumpy Don

  168. Dunderhead Don

  169. Dungish Don

  170. Duplicitous Don

  171. Dysfunctional Don

T... Trump names:

  1. Tax-free Trump

  2. Tea Party Trump

  3. Teflon Trump

  4. Temperamental Trump

  5. Terrible Trump

  6. Terrifying Trump

  7. Terrorist Trump

  8. Tetanus Trump

  9. Thieving Trump

  10. Thievish Trump

  11. Thin-skinned Trump

  12. Threatening Trump

  13. Ticky-Tacky Trump

  14. Toady-loving Trump

  15. Tone-deaf Trump

  16. Toxic Trump

  17. Toxoplasmosis Trump

  18. Tragedy Trump

  19. Tragic Trump

  20. Traitor Trump

  21. Traitorous Trump

  22. Transgressing Trump

  23. Trashy Trump

  24. Travesty Trump

  25. Treachery Trump

  26. Treasonous Trump

  27. Tribal Trump

  28. Tricky Trump

  29. Trickery Trump

  30. Trickster Trump

  31. Troglodyte Trump

  32. Trophy Wife Trump

  33. Troublesome Trump

  34. Troublous Trump

  35. Truculent Trump

  36. Trustless Trump

  37. Truthless Trump

  38. Tubby Trump

  39. Tuition-scam Trump

  40. Tumorous Trump
    (a tumor on the Presidency and on
    the democracy of the U.S.A.)

  41. Turbid Trump

  42. Turbo-turd Trump

  43. Turbulent Trump

  44. Turgid Trump

  45. Turmoil Trump

  46. Turncoat Trump

  47. Turpitude Trump

  48. Twaddle Trump

  49. Twilight-zone Trump

  50. Twinge-worthy Trump

  51. Twitter Trump

  52. Two-bit Trump

  53. Two-faced Trump

  54. Two-sided Trump

  55. Two-timing Trump

  56. Two-way Trump

  57. Typhoid Trump

  58. Tyrannical Trump

  59. Tyrannizing Trump

  60. Tyrannous Trump

  61. Tyrant Trump

  62. Tzar Trump

You don't need a weatherman to know
which way the wind blows.
--- Bob Dylan

And you don't need a lie detector
to know when Trump is lying.
--- Me

He frequently punctuates his lies with
'Believe me' or 'Trust me, folks.')

For more Trump names:

More adjectives and names may be added at a future date.

Until then, you could try some WEB SEARCHES for more Trump names.

Trump is a billionaire ---
a billion dollars in debt, that is ---
to Russian oligarchs.

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Trump is the re-incarnation of this guy.
Mussolini died in 1945. Trump was born in 1946.
Do the math.

Both are puckered up.
Hard to tell them apart.