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Hey, Scientists.

Stop Trying To
Contact Aliens.

(If you want to pick their
brains, YOU go there.

Don't guide them here.

I don't want them picking
on MY brain, nor
my children's.)

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(2014 Nov blog post)

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This page appealing to scientists to

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Around 2012, I ran across the fact that Stephen Hawking (the physicist) had pointed out that it is not a good idea for Earthlings to be trying to contact living beings on other planets.

    Here is a BBC article on the subject --- titled "Stephen Hawking warns over making contact with aliens".

    Hawking quotes from the article:

    "If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans."


    "We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn't want to meet."

In other words, Hawking is saying that projects like the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) projects are not a good idea, if these projects are letting 'them' --- these things from another world --- know where we are.

It hit me how right Hawking was.

After all, look at the nature of 'intelligent' human beings.

We are constantly at war.

Through the ages, humans have imposed upon each other wars and inquisitions, involving much killing and torture --- for the sake of things real (property, gold, spices, slaves, etc. etc.) --- and for things ethereal (pride, domination, revenge, differences in belief systems, etc.).

How likely is it that aliens would act differently from the Europeans who came to the Americas and killed indiscriminately --- killed 'Indians' and buffalo --- as well as many other forms of life?

To aliens, Earth-humans may be no more than beavers or mink were to the invading Europeans.

Aliens may be far more intelligent and advanced than measly Earthling-maggots.

They may find no value in humans other than their pelts (or organs).

Also, note that there may be planets on which an individual like Hitler or an extreme-terrorist group like ISIS (with some violence-based religion, worshiping the god 'Ork') takes over the culture of their planet.

If they visit our planet, they are unlikely to want to be our friends.

    (They will insist that we worship 'Ork' --- or 'off with their heads'.)

It is quite likely that aliens from another planet would want our resources --- like water or minerals --- and they may have no use for us, except possibly as slaves or as food (protein).

Perhaps aliens would take Earthlings to serve as slaves on other planets --- 'inter-planetary slavery', reminiscent of the 'inter-continental slavery' of planet Earth.

Furthermore, aliens may carry microbes or viruses to which they have immunity but Earthlings do not.

Aliens may be 'carriers'.


This blog page is an open letter to the (naive, unthinking) scientists who are trying to contact aliens on other planets in the universe --- either electro-magnetically or with space probes --- apparently under the assumption that such aliens do not want Earth's resources (or our human protein).

This is an assumption that would almost surely be proved false.

An obvious Earthly case to consider: the European invasion of the Americas and the subjugation and killings of the American Indians --- for the resources of the Americas.

Granting that other 'intelligent' beings almost surely exist somewhere in the universe, can these alien-hugging scientists really believe that those 'beings' will visit this planet without coveting its resources (water, oxygen, minerals, whatever)?

Perhaps they will look like this chap.
He looks like someone we could reason with ... NOT.

Or perhaps they will look more humanoid ... like this

... or like this.
(If they look humanoid, then watch out.
They will probably be prone to the same impulses
as humans ... greed, pride ... and, worst of all,
hunger, for protein.)

Or perhaps they will look less humanoid, like this or ...

like this.

If they look like this, I doubt if they
are friendly and merciful beings
with whom/which we can negotiate.

I think they would say/think:
We don't need no stinking negotiation!

Or maybe they will look like
some of the marine worms
of the seas of Earth, like this ... or

like this.

And maybe they will come equipped
with war-like vehicles, ...

with which to explore and conquer our planet.

And when they step out of their vehicles,
maybe they will be armored and armed,
like this ... or

like this.

Or maybe they will be giants, with size and
armor that makes earthlings look puny.

On the other hand, we may first be visited
by insect-like creatures ---
'Spiders from Mars' --- reminiscent of
rock band (and 1954 Italian stadium UFO's) fame.

They may be many-eyed ---
like this tiger beetle ---
with an appetite to go with each eye.


For further info on attempts to contact alien beings --- in other galaxies or in our own --- here are some links to WEB SEARCHES on keywords related to this topic.

After the search window appears with an intial page of 'hits', you may have to change or add keywords to hone the search to what you are looking for.


If there are intelligent 'beings' out there, they will probably find us eventually.

Let us not help them find us.

If we help them find us, there may be 'unintended consequences'.

Perhaps the aliens that we eventually contact
will be Predator-like.

And perhaps they are noble savages
who would say
"Alas, poor humans,
they tasted so good while they lasted."

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