Lance Armstrong harassed by French newspaper

(2005 Dec blog post)

After Lance Armstrong won the overall championship in the Tour du France (2005) for his 7th consecutive Tour du France overall-championship title, a French newspaper managed, in 2005, to get some old, backup blood samples, from the 1999 Tour de France, analyzed for EPO (blood doping via oxygenation to enhance performance).

The analysis indicates that Armstrong MAY have used EPO blood-doping in 1999. HOWEVER ... Armstrong has been harassed by this newspaper for at least 5 years, resulting in his being subject to surprise blood and urine sampling for at least 5 years (2001 - 2005).

There has been no indication of a use of performance enhancers in any of these later tests. You can bet that French newspaper would have let the world know if there had been the slightest indication.

So ... I say ...

Way to go, Lance! Even if you did use EPO back in 1999:

I challenge ANYONE to use all the EPO and steroids they want -- and try to win seven consecutive Tours de France. It takes MUCH MORE than drugs to achieve that.

What an achievement --- winning SEVEN CONSECUTIVE championships. The harassers at that French newspaper need to wise up and get a life.

2013 UPDATE :

Well, Armstrong has confessed that he was oxygen-doping even during the last several Tour de France wins. I guess that just goes to show ... once an A-hole, always an A-hole.

He had a reputation of being insufferable back in his teens and early twenties. I guess even a near death experience with cancer could not knock his less appealing qualities out of him.

I still think that it is an amazing thing that he could have won so many consecutive Tours of France. As I mentioned above, even with doping, most people could not have done that. Furthermore, he was competing against many riders who were doping.

He was so intent on winning, I guess he felt compelled to do the doping --- and then lie to cover it up.

Since he was so intent on winning, it seems likely that he was urging some of his team-mates to do the same --- so that they would be better able to support his attempts to keep the yellow jersey. It must be a bitter end to careers of some of those riders, such as George Hincapie.

I do not see this mentioned much in the news, but ... his coaches must have known --- the main team coach, Johann Bruyneel ... and even Armstrong's other coaches, such as Chris Carmichael, who helped him in his initial training in Boone, NC, when Armstong started preparing for his first post-cancer attempt at winning the tour (although Carmichael says he never saw Armstong using banned substances).

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