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Run information for cities may be added
--- for runs near Amtrak routes ---
if/when I re-visit this page.

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It's a daydream of mine to set out around the country on Amtrak (Wikipedia link) with a ticket good for traveling for at least a couple of months and with the ticket allowing for getting on and off the train an unlimited number of times (or at least once a week for the several months of train travel --- so about 12 re-boardings).

I believe Amtrak allows for this.

It can be checked if that is currently true, at

At each place I got off, I would enter a local run --- a 5K, a 10K, a half-marathon --- and, if I felt up to it, a marathon.

I looked over an Amtrak map of the routes in the U.S.A. (like a map dsiplayed below this introduction section) and consulted lists of runs, like in "Runner's World" magazine and on my runs-by-month web links page.

Since the 'nicer' runs in the southern part of the country (like Florida, Texas, and southern California) are generally in the cooler months, like January through April --- and the 'nicer' runs in the northern part of the country (like New York, Illinois, and Washington) are generally in the warmer months, like June through October, I thought that I would have an easy time mapping out a sequence of major runs that followed the northern and southern Amtrak routes.

But no such luck.

It looks like, to get a good sequence of runs mapped out, I will have to search for not-so-well-known runs in the various towns along the Amtrak routes --- based on a given starting location (say Virginia) and a given start time (like late-April).

Click on this map image to see a larger version
of this map (with readable city names)
in a separate window or tab.


Purpose of this page

This page is to provide lists of sequences of cities along the Amtrak routes.

I plan to use this web page to provide a place to keep track of 'Amtrak-run' information, for each of those cities.

I plan to put candidate runs and their dates near each city name below.

    Although the cities may be listed in a particular geographical order such as east-to-west or west-to-east or south-to-north, the runs could skip around (time-wise) on any route.

    In fact, a time-sequence of runs could start in the middle of an Amtrak route and leap back-and-forth over the length of the route.

In case I never get around to mapping out specific sequences of runs along the Amrak routes, I make each city name a link to a WEB SEARCH for runs in that city --- irrespective of dates of the runs.

This is meant to facilitate mapping out a sequence of runs --- using current run information.

I may eventually add some specific runs (dates and distances and links to more run info) below each city name.

Cities-and-Runs (on Amtrak Routes) Lists :

Below are lists of cities --- along northern, southern, and other Amtrak routes.

I intend to list cities that are pretty close together, realizing that I could skip over several cities, to get to a run on a week-end in another city.

Listing runs in most of these cities --- even those cities that are close together --- will provide alternatives to consider, in case of scheduling difficulties.

To use up the time between runs (which are usually on week-ends), I would spend some time in the 'to-be-run-city' or 'just-run-city' --- getting acquainted with the local attractions --- and doing conditioning runs --- and doing web page development and computer programming.

A 'far north' Amtrak Route, with cities listed from
mideast-to-northwest, VA-to-WA :

North-East Amtrak Route #1, cities listed from
MidAtlantic-to-NewEngland, VA-to-ME :
(more cities to be added)

North-East Amtrak Route #2, cities listed from
MidAtlantic-to-NorthernVermont, VA-to-VT :
(more cities to be added)

North-East Amtrak Route #3, cities listed from
MidAtlantic-to-Montreal, VA-to-Montreal :
(more cities to be added)

A 'mid-north' Amtrak Route,
cities listed from east-to-west, DC-to-CA :
(more cities to be added)

West Coast Amtrak Route,
cities listed from north-to-south, WA-to-CA :

A 'Southwest-to-East' Amtrak Route,
with cities listed west-to-east, CA-to-VA :
(see an alternative more-southern route below)

A 'SouthWest-to-SouthEast' Amtrak Route
with cities listed eastward from California
... toward-Texas-and-Florida,
west-to-east, CA-to-FL :
(a southern-most Amtrak route)

EastCoast Amtrak Route
... cities listed Northward-from-Florida,
south-to-north, FL-to-VA :
(more cities to be added)

Alternatively, consider cities north of Richmond --- to New York and beyond.

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