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More midis may be added,
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This page provides some instrumental audio files (no vocals) --- in MIDI format.

MIDI = Musical Instument Digital Interface.

Most web browers ( Mozilla-Seamonkey, Mozilla-Firefox, Safari, MS Internet Explorer, etc. ) include a plug-in player for 'midi' files --- such as gecko-mediaplayer or Quicktime.

    On Linux, if 'gecko-mediaplayer' does not work for you, you can try setting up a media player such as 'Totem' (renamed 'Gnome Videos') as a 'helper-application' in your web browser Preferences.

Most PC sound cards support the synthesis of musical notes and other music commands within 'midi' (.mid) files. So you should be able to hear these sound files 'rendered' when you click on the links below.

These files are ones that I think are of better than average quality --- but I may replace some with better files as I find them.

The quality of these music files varies. It seems to me that it is rather easy to find classical music which renders quite realistically from midi files --- into sounds that mimic quite accurately live performances.

However, it seems that it is much more difficult to make midi files of rock music that mimic live performances accurately. This is perhaps because of the use of a wide variety of tone changing electronics and a wide variety of playing techniques, such as 'bending' notes on guitar strings, in rock music performances.

To imitate these near-infinite combinations of sound variations in rock music seems to challenge the capabilities of current midi recording parameters --- or it challenges the patience of midi file makers. Probably the challenge is a combination of both factors.

The links below are grouped together roughly by the nature of the midi files. If you want to find a song by words in a title, you can use a 'Find in This Page ...' option of your browser to find keywords in this page.

Example keywords: 'bach' or 'zeppelin' or 'eagles' or 'fugue' or 'concerto' or 'andante' or 'hotel california'

    (Someday I may provide longer/better/more-descriptive filenames --- but probably not. I put a STAR rating in some of the filenames --- on a basis of 1 to 5 stars.)

Simply click on a link to play the file.

To download a file, you can 'right-click' on the link, and in the popup menu offered by your web browser, choose an option such as 'Save Link Target As ...'.

Enjoy. (You could play these on your smartphone while waiting in the airport.)

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