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The photographs below are of Amphitheatres --- mostly in Europe and the Middle East --- around the Mediterranean.

These are mostly remnants of Greek (and Roman) theatres that were presumably used to present dramatic and comedic plays --- and probably used for various public meetings.

I was struck by the setting of an amphitheatre in Sicily. I saw a photo of the amphitheatre in a picture book of Italy.

The theatre overlooks a valley, with the Mediterranean sea in the distance. I would like to see that amphitheatre some day, and sit there with some fruit, bread, cheese, black olives, and/or wine (Mediterranean fare) and enjoy the view.

In case I never make it to that amphitheatre, at least I will have these photos to enjoy.

Some maps may be shown with the photos, to help show the location of the amphitheatres.

I start this collection out with photos of the theatre at Segesta, Sicily, which caused me to dream of visiting it on a balmy day.

I may add photos (and location maps) of other amphitheatres, over time.

In the meantime, you can try WEB SEARCH links near the bottom of this page.

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The map below shows the location of the Segesta amphitheatre, in northwest Sicily.










For more photos:

It may be a long time (years or never) before I get back to this page to add more photos, so here are some links to WEB SEARCHES for more photos of amphitheatres.

WEB SEARCH on keywords
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(The spelling 'amphitheatre' is used here instead of 'amphitheater' because it tends to yield more pictures of amphitheatres in Europe rather than amphitheaters in the USA.)

Also, try the Wikipedia - Amphitheatre page, and follow links from that page.

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