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The pictures below show the magnificence of the 'heavenly bodies' --- both within our solar system and beyond it.

The power-output and energy and mass in the 'macro-elements' of the universe are beyond comprehension.

Take a moment once in a while to see photos like these --- to give some perspective to man's place in the universe --- and to give some perspective on what we are doing to our tiny domicile, Earth, that we are on the road to making an unrecognizable parking lot and stink hole ... compared to its former, lush, species-nurturing green and blue self.

More Images and Info

In case I never get back to this page to add more (or better) photos, there are 'WEB SEARCH' links below --- to find images related to keywords such as 'solar flare' or 'asteroid'.

For convenience, there are also Wikipedia links below the 'WEB SEARCH' links --- to find information on the image objects.

You can follow links in Wikipedia pages --- such as the Astronomy page --- to find extensive information on various astronomical objects.

How to Navigate the images :

You can simply scroll down this page to view the images.

OR ... you can use the 'Find Text' option of your web browser to look for 'keywords' on this page --- such as the name of an astonomical object.

For example, you can use the string 'galax' to find photos of galaxies.

OR . . . you can use the Table of Contents section (below) to go to astonomical images of various categories.

Ways to View the images :

Each photo is shown scaled to a width proportional to the width of your browser window.

As a consequence, you can control the size of the images by changing the width of the browser window.

Each photo is a link to a new window (or tab) that shows the image at its natural size. Click on any photo to see it in a separate window.

Close (or minimize) the separate window(s) to access this window again.

Most of the images are medium- to high-resolution --- more than 500 pixels wide.

Table of Contents:

(links to sections of this page, below)

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You can use an option like 'Find in This Page ...' of your web browser to find keywords on this page, such as 'moon' or 'planet' or 'comet'.

For more images, you can use an Image search engine, and use keywords like 'galaxy' or 'planet' or 'moon' or 'asteroid'.

WEB SEARCH on keywords
'image solar flare'

Wikipedia - Solar Flare

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WEB SEARCH on keywords
'image earth moon'

Wikipedia - Earth's Moon

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WEB SEARCH on keywords
'image earth'

Wikipedia - Planet Earth

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Jupiter - closeup

Jupiter moon - Zebu (volcanic)

WEB SEARCH on keywords
'image planet'

WEB SEARCH on keywords
'image jupiter'

Wikipedia - Mercury

Wikipedia - Venus

Wikipedia - Mars

Wikipedia - Saturn

Wikipedia - Jupiter

Wikipedia - Uranus

Wikipedia - Neptune

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Asteroid - 'Psyche'

Asteroid - 'Bennu'

WEB SEARCH on keywords
'image asteroid'

Wikipedia - Asteroid

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Comet - Halley's

Comet - 'Catalina'

WEB SEARCH on keywords
'image comet'

Wikipedia - Comet

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multiple galaxies

galaxy - 'The Mice'

galaxy - Messier 64

galaxy - Messier 83

Bok globule (star formation)
in 'Milky Way' galaxy

galaxy - 'Sombrero'

galaxy - 'Tadpole'

galaxy - 'Tadpole'

galaxy - Warped

galaxy - 'Whirlpool'

galaxy - 'Whirlpool'

WEB SEARCH on keywords
'image galaxy'

Wikipedia - Galaxy

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nebulae - Mice Interacting

nebula - 'Ant'

nebula - "Cat's Eye"

nebula - 'Cone'

nebula - 'Cone'

nebula - 'Crab'

nebula - 'Eagle'

nebula - 'Eagle' pillars

nebula - 'Eagle' pillar

nebula - 'Eskimo'

nebula - 'Ghosthead'

nebula - 'Helix'

nebula - 'Horsehead'

nebula - 'Horsehead'

nebula - 'Orion'

nebula - 'Southern Ring'

nebula - 'Swan'

nebula - 'Veil'

WEB SEARCH on keywords
'image nebula'

Wikipedia - Nebula

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supernova remnant

WEB SEARCH on keywords
'image supernova remnant'

Wikipedia - Supernova

Some LINKS to find more ASTRONOMY IMAGES on the web
--- and description of astronomical objects:

You can try a WEB SEARCH on keywords such as:

And you can try the

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