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! Preliminary !
More photos may be added, someday.


I was motivated to collect photos of castles after seeing some stunning castles during television broadcasts of the 2006 Tour de France. It reminded me of some of the interesting castles that I saw in France during a couple of trips to Europe in the 1960's and 1970's.

This is a preliminary collection. I am still looking for images of some of the castles that I have seen --- on the Tour de France TV shows or personally.

Castles and fortresses are an endangered species. There is no requirement for them anymore. So I would like to preserve images of them here --- just in case wars and natural disasters wipe out more of them.

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Bavaria, Hohen Schwangau

Bavaria, SchlossLinderhof

Bavaria, SchlossLinderhof

Bavaria, Neuschwanstein

Bavaria, Neuschwanstein

Bavaria, Neuschwanstein

Belgium, VevesNamur
Ireland, Dublin

England, Crichton

England, Leeds

England, Warwick

England, Warwick

England, Warwick

France, Angers

France, Brest

France, Brest

France, Loire, Chateau de Chaumont

Germany, Eltz

Germany, Ettal Monastery

Ireland, Cullahill

Ireland, Florence Court

Ireland, Ross

Italy, Cepolina

Korea, Seoul

Oman, al Khandaq

Oman, Bahla

Oman, Mirani

Poland, Kliczkow

Poland, Mierzecin

Poland, Pieskowaskala

Poland, Pieskowaskala

Poland, Pieskowaskala

Poland, Pieskowaskala

Poland, Pieskowaskala

Scotland, Cawdor

Scotland, Inverness

Scotland, Iverlocky

Scotland, Tantallon

Scotland, Urguart

Italy, Tuscany

Italy, Tuscany, Monteriggioni

Wales, Beaumaris

Wales, Beaumaris

Wales, Caernarfon

Wales, Chepstow

Wales, Chepstow

Wales, Criccieth

Wales, Denbigh

Wales, Dolwyddelan

Wales, Ewloe


Wales, Pembroke

Wales, Raglan

Wales, Rhuddland


Cuba, San Pedro del Morro





Italy, Palamidi, Nauplion

France, Marseilles


Spain, Ciudad Rodrigo

Ukraine, Crimea, Sudak
Venetian, Heraklion

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