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Note that the Eastern United States, Europe,
and Japan are quite bright at night ---
in these photos circa 1998.

China is probably a lot brighter circa 2018.


These pictures help indicate the rapid expansion (and concentrations) of humans on the Earth in the past few centuries (circa 1700 to 2000) --- as exhibited by the electric lights that have been distributed over the earth --- especially in population centers like large cities.

    (Places like the New York City area and Chicago would have been almost dark at night in 1700 in these photos, even if they had had electric lights.)

Most of these images are from around the 1995 to 2005 time frame.

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More Images and Info:

There is a section of 'WEB SEARCH' links links near the bottom of this page --- to find 'earth lights' images --- including images related to keywords such as 'north america' or 'korea'.

    Most of the images below are low-resolution images that were collected around 2006. The WEB SEARCH links below can be used to find better, high-resolution images.

For convenience, there are also Wikipedia links below the 'WEB SEARCH' links --- to find information on the geographic areas and the methods used to collect satellite images of Earth. You can follow links in Wikipedia pages to find extensive information on various topics.

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