Noland Trail Photos

Newport News, VA
around Lake Maury
near Mariners Museum
26 Dec 2006

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The photographs below are of the Noland Trail --- taken on 26 Dec 2006.

The Noland Trail is a walking-running trail in Newport News, Virginia --- by the north bank of the James River.

The trail goes around Lake Maury, which spills into the James River. (See map at the bottom of this page.)

The Noland Trail is like an oasis of trees, water, birds, and turtles in the middle of urban sprawl. It makes a great way to get in touch with nature and take a break from life's cares.

This park is reportedly the largest urban park in the U.S. east of the Mississippi River.

These photographs were taken during a walk around the trail on 26 Dec 2006.

The trail covers a little over 5 miles around Lake Maury. It takes about one to two hours to walk the trail.

More about the trail :

The Mariners Museum sits on the banks of Lake Maury. The trail passes by that museum. Here (at is a link to some info on the museum and the trail.

The trail also crosses the Lions bridge, under which Lake Maury spills into the James River. The Lions bridge is so-named because of stone statues of Lions at each end of the bridge.

People who "do" the Noland Trail ordinarily park in parking spaces either near the Lions bridge or near the Mariners Museum.

The trail includes about 10 wooden bridges which span various fingers of Lake Maury.

The funds for building the trail and the bridges came from the Noland family --- a family that established a plumbing supply business in Newport News. Thus the name of the trail.

Newport News and the Noland Trail are near the mouth of the James River.

At its mouth, the river empties into the area where the Monitor-Merrimac battle was fought in the Civil War.

Just beyond that battle area is the Chesapeake Bay, then the Atlantic Ocean.

Down river about two miles from the Noland Trail is the James River lift bridge and the Newport News shipyard.

The shipyard is where aircraft carriers are designed and built.

The lift bridge typically opens a couple of times a day, to allow tall ships and barges to travel up/down-river, toward/from Richmond.

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This map shows the area in which these trail photos were taken.
The area is circled by a small black ellipse --- just above the
label "Noland Trail" on the map.

The battle of the Monitor and the Merrimac was fought
in the area just south of the "Newport News" and "Hampton" labels.

To the right of the "Hampton" label is the Chesapeake Bay.
And to the right of that (out of the picture) is the Atlantic Ocean.

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