"Alternative" "Integrative" "Complementary" Medicine LINKS
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(Ways of thinking that may help you salvage your body
after 10, 20, 30, 40+ years of abuse.)

(No crystals or aromatherapy or other mumbo-jumbo allowed.)

Some say prayer is
the answer. Not me.
Hence these links.


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Motivations for creating this page :

After several years of looking to find things to add to my diet to overcome some medical problems I was having ( described here), I found that ADDING vitamins, minerals, or herbs to my diet was NOT the answer. The answer was SUBTRACTING refined-sugar, which I was imbibing to excess, from my diet.

Furthermore, I finally realized (especially after reading about all the contaminated products the U.S. was importing from China, like vitamins) that the best way to get the vitamins and minerals I need is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

In the process, the fiber that I was getting via the fruits and vegetables cured chronic constipation problems that I had suffered with for over 40 years. The best Ex-Lax is Mother Nature's Ex-Lax --- namely, carrots and the like.

Hence, I am not a proponent of loading up on manufactured or extracted vitamins and minerals. And I find that fruits and veggies are as good as, or better than, most herbs, in my book.

Furthermore, at the age of 70, I found that I was awakening in mornings with so much pain in my lower back that I felt like I had been on a torture rack all night. I finally found the answer was NOT surgery or drugs (as traditional U.S. doctors will tell you), but in doing stretches --- specifically 'lunge' stretches, to stretch the Psoas muscle --- which is very hard to get to --- as described here.

It is sad that so many people go to their U.S. doctors, and find their doctor dismissing their chronic pain as 'in your mind' --- especially if their surgery and drugs do not provide a cure. It is really disgusting how many illogical, uncaring doctors there are in the U.S. health system. There are literally thousands of U.S. doctors, trained in medical school, to think that you really want to be in extreme, never-ending pain.

Hence, it is no wonder that so many people are led to seek out practitioners of alternative medicine --- because of the poor 'beside manner' of the U.S. doctors --- who 'put down' practitioners of alternative medicine (in many cases, quite rightly).

Of course, there is a lot of fraud in the alternative medicine area. But, ironically, it is the poor 'beside manner' of the U.S. doctors that provide many disillusioned patients who seek out help wherever they can find a sympathetic ear --- even when the ears are connected to a head that is really 'just in it for the money'.

In spite of the potential of wasting money on false 'cures', because the "Alternative Medicine" field offers some good ideas on how to treat your body like the precious commodity that it is, I offer some links that I ran across in my 2004-2006 search for optimized, powerful health.


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