Richard Schulze's
20 "steps" to

(more, and better, advice
than most M.D. doctors
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The following sound files present the 20 steps of a "Get Well" program that was formulated by a "natural health practitioner" (my terminology, not necessarily his) --- Richard Schulze --- who is based in Marina del Rey, California.

Schulze makes some very aggressive claims for his 20-step method --- in fact, sometimes overly aggressive.

BUT there is little doubt (and you can judge this by your own common sense) that almost anyone in danger of heart attack or stroke, due to poor physical condition, would prolong and improve their life by following a majority of those steps.

(His sometimes overly aggressive claims are in line with his sometimes calling himself a "natural healing evangelist".)


Some limits to the Schultze method :
(that I observe)

Schulze seldom puts limiting qualifications on his claims for success of the method --- probably in his eagerness to promote a method that has worked in so many cases, starting with his own case.

I must say that I think it is doubtful that his steps would help the majority of cancer patients, such as victims of AIDS.

And I doubt if his methods would have cured Lance Armstrong's testicle, lung, and brain cancers. Yet he makes claims of many cancer cures.

Furthermore, I do not see how he would be able to claim that these "steps" would properly heal physical damage, like a hernia, a compound leg fracture, or major trauma from a car accident or war.

And there is little chance that his method would work to reverse genetically-generated or birth-defect conditions --- such as baldness, or cystic fibrosis, or cerebral palsy, or hydroencephalitis, or siamese twins.

And then there is malaria and other parisitic infections.

    (If he had his clinic in Africa, he might be more inclined to admit that there are some conditions for which his method would need some powerful help.)

But, even in those "tough" cases, I think common sense tells you that by following at least 70% of these steps, one would give one's body a much stronger chance to fight ANY disease --- and a better chance to properly heal physical damage --- and heal surgical repairs.

Is this what humans will look like
to space visitors in the year 2075?
Slugs crawling the streets of the cities?

I think it can be said that 100s of thousands of American patients would benefit if "twenty-first century American doctors" would aggressively combine a majority of Schulze's "steps" with their "drugs-and-surgery-only" approach to patient treatment.

In particular, in many cases, some techniques of his method --- such as diet-change and hot-cold-hydrotherapy --- should be prescribed by a doctor, before immediately writing prescriptions for drugs.

For example, before prescribing drugs for obesity and early-stage cardiovascular problems, doctors should insist on the patient making a serious diet-change --- else, like Schulze's approach to smokers, the doctors should drop him/her as a patient.

Schulze was his own first patient :

Schulze himself has overcome several bad health conditions

  • a deformed heart valves problem

  • a severely burned hand

  • a severely damaged knee

So, as he says, he is not a "virgin sex counselor".

That is (just in case you mis-interpret this phrase), he means that he speaks from his own first-hand, self-treatment experience, as well as from the experiences of 1000s of his clients.

He has walked the walk (as well as talked the talk), as they say.

Introducing the sound files :
(with comments on some of Schulze's "steps")

Below are links to sound files --- from a CD that came with one of Schulze's catalogs.

These files introduce and explain his 20 "steps", in his own voice.

    (The following links are to mp3 audio files.

    If you do not have an mp3 player on your computer that will automatically play these files when you click on the link, you could 'right-click' on the link and, in the popup menu that appears, use an option like 'Save Link Target As ...' to save the mp3 file to your computing device.

    The MS-Windows-Media-Player --- available on a majority of PC's [because a majority of PC's use a Microsoft operating system] --- will probably play the downloaded files.

    And Linux and Apple-Mac machines will almost certainly have an mp3 player.)

I hope you enjoy the humor and passion in these audios.

I think they will cause many smiling moments --- and many surprising, new perspectives.

I think that you will find that you could benefit from applying at least 70% of the steps that he proposes to your own life.

Admittedly, I would have a hard time giving up my TV set (step 12) --- and perhaps you would too.

And, I do not think that I would gain a lot in using a juicer (step 2).

I think that I get more from vegetables and fruits with the fibrous portions intact.

    (In an interview with him, on an audio file on a web site, I heard him mention that he typically does a "juice fast" about one day a week.

    If one were to follow that example, then perhaps a juicer would be almost as indispensible as he claims it is.)

Further, many among us would question totally giving up meat, dairy products, and eggs ("animals and their fluids and byproducts", also referred to as "dead food" --- in step 3).

On the other hand, the vision that he presents --- of the average American eating 12 (twelve) 3,000-pound cows in his/her lifetime (imagine all that "goop" going through the body) --- certainly gives one pause to consider the consequences.

You may be motivated to drastically reduce consumption of "things with a face".

Also, many would question doing quarterly intestinal cleansings (steps 5 & 6) --- and question living the high-fiber, vegan lifestyle.

But the picture he presents of the average American being about 70,000 bowel movements short, in his/her lifetime, certainly brings a never-before-heard perspective to these "elimination" considerations.

In spite of reservations like these, that you might have, I think you will sense Schulze's heart-felt desire to share his successful methods --- methods that drastically improved his own health, and the health of many others.

And who cannot respond to the selflessness in steps like number 16, "Help Others".

Getting the message out :

I trust that Schulze will not mind my putting his CD (included with his catalog) in this form (audio file links) --- to help "broadcast" his "20-steps-to-getting-well message".

He seems to want to get his 20-step message out, world-wide --- but especially in the United States, where heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and intestinal problems are becoming more wide spread, and are now "epidemic".

These conditions, unfortunately, threaten to cripple the American health system and the American economy, in addition to crippling the health of millions of people, leading to suffering of catastophic proportions --- much of that suffering being avoidable, or at least delayable and mitigatable.

Enjoy the humor, the mixture of compassion and toughness, and the passion of these audio tracks.

    (When you click on a link below to play an audio file, a player may be started in a separate window.

    You can minimize that window and continue reading this page while the audio file is playing.

    Or close the player window, to return to this window.

    If the sound skips as the file starts playing, while your computer is still downloading the remainder of the file, simply start the playing again, to hear the sound without skips.

    To re-start playing, you can probably drag a slider, on your player, back to the beginning of the scale.

    You may have to adjust your speaker volume in order to hear these audio files.)


Some noteworthy quotes from Schulze :

    "Let's take a look at the average American's lifestyle.

    They eat a low-nutrition, high-fat, and high-sugar food program --- a diet high in over-processed, nutritionally-depleted food.

    They consume

    • 300 soft drinks a year,

    • 170 pounds of white refined sugar,

    • 400 candy bars,

    • 500 doughnuts,

      and [in their lifetime] will eat

    • over 12 entire 3,000 pound cows,

    • 6 whole pigs,

    • 3,000 chickens and other birds, and another

    • 3,000 assorted fish and sea creatures, and over

    • 30,000 quarts of milk

    --- and pass all of this through their digestive system and bloodstream.

    They will have an average of 2-4 bowel movements a week coming up 70,000 bowel movements short in their life time, definitely having diverticulosis and digestive/elimination problems.

    They will get very little exercise if any, be 25 pounds or more overweight, have hypercholesterolemia with a average level of 200 and have high blood pressure."

    "In the many years I spent interviewing patients, not only in America but all over the world, I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with many elderly people.

    I also had the illuminating experience of being with many people just a few days, even a few hours before their death.

    For a few I was the last person they saw. I must share with you that most of these visits were filled with regrets.

    The reason I am telling this to you is so we all don't make the same mistakes.

    What I heard was like a condensed version of their life.

    People have a tendency near death to look back at their life and examine it.

    What I heard were the many regrets for not living life to its fullest.

    I don't remember ever hearing any regrets for believing too much, trusting too much, laughing too much or loving too much.

    All the regrets were based on holding back, not going far enough, not giving enough, not loving enough, not taking the chance, not saying what they wanted to say, not taking the risk, not living life totally.

    Let's not wait until it is too late, lets not have a list of unfulfilled wishes and unlived dreams as the final hour approaches.

    Take the chance, take the leap, dare to make this life rich, and love and live it to your fullest potential."

A simple, 8-discipline approach
to a healthy diet :

Let's eat wisely to avoid the high triglycerides that lead to (and are a symptom of) the following two pictured examples --- extreme examples.

Get those triglycerides below 100 mg/dl !

(dl = deci-liter = one-tenth of a liter)

It's easily done.

  1. REPLACE soda pop and other sugary drinks with pure water and (real, no-sugar-added) juices, or a mix thereof.

    Add a squeeze of lemon to make water more palatable --- and enjoy the benefits of citric juice.

  2. REPLACE potatoes (fries, chips, mashed, baked), i.e. high-starch vegetables --- with healthy vegetables, say salads.

  3. REPLACE 'junk food' (cookies, candies, pies, cakes, donuts, other such sugar-and-highly-processed-flour foods) with nuts (peanut, pecan, cashew, walnut, almond) and seeds (sunflower, pumpkin) and soybeans (such as lightly roasted edamame).

    Or replace the junk with veggie and/or fruit snacks --- real vegetables and fruits, like carrots and raisins --- not reconstituted, manufactured 'foods'.

  4. REPLACE 50%-sugar breakfast cereals with less-than-25%-sugar breakfast cereals.

    (One technique: Mix very-low sugar cereals with higher sugar cereals.)

  5. Reduce intake of ice cream.

    Try berries and skim milk as a replacement, for example.

  6. Reduce intake of bread, rice, and pasta.

    For example, get hamburgers with lettuce wrap, instead of a bun. Tastes great!

    Also, eat pizza no more than once a week.

  7. Avoid and replace unhealthy, thick-or-solid hydrogenated oils.

    Use healthy oils, like olive oil.

  8. Read labels!
    The "Nutrition Facts" and "Ingredients List".


    • Avoid products where sugar(s) or corn syrup are among the first 3 ingredients.

    • Avoid "hydrogenated" anything.

    • Reduce intake of high-starch products, products in which "net carb" grams [ = "total carbs" minus "dietary fiber" ] is a relatively high percent of the serving weight --- say, more than 10% of hydrated foods, and more than 45% of de-hydrated foods.

If this sounds like your eating habits already, then I would bet that your weight is well within the recommended range for your height.

If a giraffe ate and drank like the typical American, the following image indicates what he/she would look like.

Please note that you may have a much better outward-physical-appearance than the people in the photos above, and yet you may be a candidate for aneurisms, strokes, heart attacks, knee problems, hip problems, diabetes symptoms (such as poor circulation, indicated by itchy feet and/or cracked heels), onset of eye cataracts (studies indicate high triglycerides are a cause), etc.

So even if you are just 15% over-weight for your height --- or if you are a smoker --- take care. Note that ...

You should implement the suggested steps-tips-disciplines above --- especially if you have high triglycerides.

More than 150 mg/dL is definitely a wake-up call.

(mg = milli-grams ; dL = deci-liter)

Have a blood test to check that your triglycerides are below 150 mg/dL --- or, better yet, below 100 mg/dL.

Optimize your food intake to aim for "powerful health" throughout your lifetime.

Reducing the sugarS and starches (like refined flour products) in your diet is the way to get your triglycerides below 100 mg/dl.

Interviews with Schulze :

Schulze, circa 2005.

Below are links to some more sound files --- interviews with Dr. Schulze conducted by herbalist Bob Mantz.

These sound files (MP3 files) are backed up here, from the Mantz website, (dead in 2012), to help preserve them.

On implementing the 20 steps :

You can accomplish most of the proper-nourishment steps and the healthy-elimination steps via eating healthy foods --- so you do not necessarily need the herbal-combinations that Schulze manufactures and sells.

As a matter of fact, circa 2006 he published and offered the recipes for his products, and he did not try to keep people from using the recipes to make their own "home brews".

If you have listened to all of the audios above, you may have heard the major part of what you need to know to improve your health, naturally.

But, in case you want to consider his other presentations or products (whether patient testimonials or newsletters or more audio recordings or videos or books --- like "Common Sense Health and Healing" --- or herbal products), here are some pertinent web sites.

Schulze Web-Pages/Websites :

Following are some links that will probably go dead in the years after 2006 as the Schulze web pages are reorganized.

    (The following Schulze-pages changed quite a bit after 2006.

    A government warning was removed and it seems Schulze's web site became largely oriented to marketing his herbal products.

    Some of these links may go dead and need to be replaced.)

If most of these links are dead, you can try a WEB SEARCH on keywords like

richard schulze natural healing

to find pages like these --- especially if they have been moved to a new web site other than '' or ''.

If the pages above 'go dead', you can try WEB SEARCHES on keywords such as

richard schulze biography

Some of the '20 steps' would surely
prevent this condition.

Book cover of Schulze book on
Common Sense Health.

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"20 'steps' to Get Well,
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