Ideas for T-shirts
with Environment Messages

An On-going List

(2009 Jan blog post)

!Preliminary! I plan to update this list of ideas continually.

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I had a serious set of health problems around 2003 to 2006. I have documented those problems in my 'I was a Sugar Guinea Pig' blog post.

In looking for a solution, I kept looking for things to add to my diet (minerals, vitamins, herbs, supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin). But I finally found that the problem was something that I had to remove from my diet.

That problem was sugarS, with a capital S on the end --- sugarS like table sugar (sucrose) AND high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is in everything nowadays, from cokes to candy bars to sweet rolls.

In any event, in trying to figure out a way that I could get the warning out to other people --- better than these blog posts --- I finally realized that I should put my message on T-shirts --- and wear those T-shirts frequently.

From thinking of designs for NO-SUGARS t-shirts, I naturally expanded to getting ideas on other topics --- such as energy and the environment.

    [An image, representative of both the front and the back of an environment-message T-shirt, is shown at the bottom of this web page.]


I will have ideas for more than one environment message/design, so I am going to record them here, so that I do not forget them. And I will have the ideas for reference --- for touch-up and for seeding more ideas.

So here are my Environment-oriented T-shirt designs in plain-text form --- with occasional graphic images included. (I have another blog page for T-shirts on health issues. And I have blog pages on T-shirt designs on energy issues and on economic issues.)


Front1 :

Back1 :

    • why oil & gasoline costs are skyrocketing
    • why whales, polar bears, tigers, etc. are endangered
    • why Greenland and Arctic ice is disappearing
    • why coral is dying
    • why oceans are turning to trash soup
    • why Brazilian forests are being burned
    • why you should be concerned for your children

(see other side --- the enemy is us)


Front2 :

It's OK if whales, polar bears,

tigers, gorillas, etc. disappear.


We have them on YouTube.

Back2 :

It's OK if whales, polar bears,

tigers, gorillas, etc. disappear.


We will always have ants,
cockroaches, bacteria, and viruses.

Below is a representation of my first T-shirt design on environment issues
--- namely, on human population growth and its consequences on our Earth.

The front and back of the t-shirt is shown.

I have posted some of my designs for T-shirts --- and
for hats and buttons --- at my page.
(These are mostly preliminary. For example,
images need to be higher resolution.)

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