Lock Him Up,

Lock Him Up,

Lock Him Up

(evidence of Donald Trump's
serial, habitual criminality)

(at least 8 different
types of criminality)

After more than 50 years
in New York City, Trump
found that repeated
'IMplausible deniability'
works. Then he found it
works in Washington D.C.
--- with a Republican majority
in the Congress.

(2019 Nov blog post)

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This page on 'Lock Him Up, Lock Him Up, Lock Him Up'
(evidence of Trump's serial, habitual criminality)

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In October 2019, I was made aware of a video that compares

Obama's announcement of Bin Laden's death


Trump's announcement of al-Baghdadi's death.

Here is a link to the video comparing 'Obama-speak' vs. 'Trump-speak' at the Jimmy Kimmel Twitter account.

In a long string of responses under that video, there were many animated GIFs and videos posted.

Many people commented that Trump makes you want to cry and laugh at the same time --- that Trump is absolutely horrifying.

In looking through the reader comments, I found the following video/tweet by Michael Rapaport (an actor-comedian).

The Rapaport video expresses (vigorous) support for the people who chanted 'Lock Him Up' to Trump at an October 2019 World Series baseball game.

Here is a link to the video of support for the 'Lock Him Up' chant (at another Twitter account).

Soon after that 'Lock Him Up chant' incident, I saw a 'talking head' (a so-called 'contributor') on the CNN news channel saying he thought it was probably a bad thing for the Democrats that these people were chanting 'Lock Him Up' at the Donald.

This is a disgustingly cowardly position to take.

If no one says anything to Trump (after all his horrifying behaviors), Trump will think that he is convincing everyone that he is normal and truthful --- when, in fact, he is a serial, habitual criminal.

The paragraphs below point out at least eight (8) types of criminality that Trump has engaged in --- in more than 50 years in New York City --- and then when he got to the Oval office.

Trump has been able to get away with his criminal behavior, while President, with the aid of Senators like

and about 50 other Republican Senators --- and more than 100 Republicans in the House of Representatives --- who do not seem to be concerned about Trump actions that are creating a weaker NATO alliance and a stronger presence of Russia in multiple countries --- including the Ukraine, Syria, Turkey, and even Venezuela.

President George W. Bush used to talk of his concern with an axis of evil threatening the safety and security of the U.S.A. --- an axis which included Iran, Iraq and North Korea.

Now (in 2016-2019), President Trump is effectively forging an ever stronger 'axis of evil' and a more extensive axis --- as he is drawing even more countries into that 'axis' --- resulting in an axis that includes ever-stronger Iran, Syria, Turkey, Russia, North Korea, and China (North Korea's longtime ally and supporter).

This amounts to a stronger 'axis' than the 'axis' of Germany, Italy, and Japan that constituted an extremely strong threat to the U.S.A. during World War II.

It is amazing that Republicans go to great lengths (including amazing amounts of obfuscation and diversionary tactics) to protect President Trump --- while he is creating the 'greatest threat of all time' (GTOAT) to the safety and security of the U.S.A.

    I am not completely surprised by this essentially 'treasonous' Republican behavior --- which must have 'classical' Republicans like Ronald Reagan and Ike Eisenhower spinning in their graves.

    That is because I saw a 'debate' on CNN (around 2018) in which a controversial subject was being discussed and one of the 'contributors' to the discussion was former Republican Congressman (and former Republican Presidential primary candidate) Rick Santorum.

    When Santorum was essentially 'backed into a corner' in the topic being discussed, he came right out and said the Republican position was that whatever it takes to win an election is just fine --- nothing wrong with that.

    That makes it quite understandable to me when 'Moscow Mitch' and 'Leningrad Lindsey' continue to make the jaw-dropping statements that they make.

One thing that is extremely galling about Trump is that he hugs the U.S.flag in public appearances --- while he is creating, on a daily basis, the 'greatest threat of all time' to the safety and security of the U.S.A.

List of Trump Crimes :

Here is a quick summary of some of the types of Trump's criminal behavior --- including links to sections below that offer more detail on each of these 'categories' of criminal behavior.

  • Treason
    (Trump-Putin-Helsinki, betrayal of Kurds, and more)

  • Money-Laundering (Rubles-Laundering)
    (for the New York City Russian Mafia and Russian oligarchs)
    (They provided him with money when the banks would no longer.)
    (Where is Arnold Schwarzenegger when we need him to
    take on the Russian Mafia like he did in the movie Red Heat?)

  • Rape
    (of a woman-acquaintance in a department store in NYC)

  • Tax Evasion
    (over-valuing building maintenance expenses for tax purposes,
    while under-valuing those expenses for other purposes,
    such as claiming high profits to aid in bank loans)

  • Fraud
    (Trump University)

  • More Fraud
    (Trump's 'charitable' foundation)

  • Federal Taxes Waste (for personal gain --- and ego)
    (one example:
      wasteful military parade, that military leaders did not need or want
    2nd example:
      govmt travel accomodations directed to Trump hotels
      --- for military and Secret Service --- and other
      government employees and contractors
    3rd example:
      taxpayers paying Ivanka's 'consulting' fees

  • Nepotism (with security breaches)
    (putting son-in-law and daughter in top-level positions,
    even though they did not pass security clearances)

  • Bank Fraud (another type of fraud; see several above)
    (possible complicity in Manafort's bank fraud, and
    inflation of net-worth and profitability in order to try to
    secure bank loans from New York and European banks)

  • (Witness) Intimidation
    (bullying and threats to people's well-being, before being President and while President)

Each of the sections below include 'keyword WEB SEARCH' links to facilitate getting current information on these topics.

In coming months, some of the 'high-lights' with respect to each of these crimes may be added to these sections. In the meantime, you can use 'WEB SEARCH' links in these sections and near the bottom of this page.

He is disposable, folks.

Most Republicans are willing to 'turn their cheek' and ignore the Trump crimes above. They say

  • "He is good for the economy."


  • "Look how my stocks are doing."

I maintain that the economy would have continued on the path it was taking during 8 years of recovery under Obama from the Great Recession that transpired at the end of Bush's second term.

It would have continued if Obama had a 3rd term or if Hillary had been elected --- because they would not have done anything drastic to change the economic environment --- AND because the U.S. economy is WAY, WAY bigger and more powerful than the President.

The economy is more than 100 million working, enterprising Americans.

Trump thinks the country will collapse if he is not around.

Well, he is going to die someday, so that had better not be the case.

And indeed it is not.

The U.S.A. has had more than 40 Presidents and is still going. There is no reason to expect that to change when there is no longer a Donald Trump to 'stir the pot'.

In short, Donald Trump is 'not essential'.

Trump is as 'disposable' as one of those 'disposable wipes'.

Trump may clog the pipes. But a plumber will come along to remove Trump's clog.


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Trump stood with Putin in Helsinki and clearly indicated that he had more trust in the intelligence agencies of Russia than in the intelligence agencies of the USA.

Further, he said that he thought Putin's idea of turning over several past U.S. State Department employees to Russia for interrogation by the Russian intelligence agencies was a good idea --- even if it was done on Russian soil.

Trump also went into 'closed door' discussions with Putin, and later would not allow anyone to debrief the U.S. translator that was in the meeting.

For more information on this Trump-Putin love-fest, you can try WEB SEARCHES on keywords such as

'trump putin helsinki intelligence state department'


Then there is the case of Trump having a telephone conversation with Erdogan of Turkey --- a man who thinks genocide of Armenians and Kurds is OK.

Trump suddenly (overnight) decided to expose the Kurdish fighters to being killed by Turkish troops --- which indeed happened. These are the Kurdish fighters who saved untold numbers of U.S. soldiers lives, as the Kurds took on essentially all the fighting against ISIS.

'trump erdogan kurds isis betrayal'

After this betrayal, Trump says the Kurdish leaders thanked him for sending a message (hastily and weirdly drafted) to Erdogan to urge him to let the Kurds withdraw from the Turkey-Syria border.

Turkey had already started shelling Kurdish areas --- killing civilians as well as Kurdish soldiers.

I dare Trump to show his face in front of any Kurdish soldiers, if he really thinks they are so thankful to him. I guarantee that they will shoot him down like the Turks did to many of their fellow Kurds.

None of our allies --- via NATO agreements or non-NATO agreements --- is going to trust the U.S. to adhere to any agreements.

The 'trust' genie is out of the bottle. It will be nearly impossible to restore it --- especially while Trump is President.

These 'Trump-knee-jerk actions' have horrible implications for the safety and security of the USA.


It would not be surprising to wake up someday and find that Trump has 'unilaterally' withdrawn the USA from the NATO alliance --- just as he has withdrawn the USA from the Iran-nuclear agreement and the Paris climate accords and the TransPacificTrade agreement.

Putin would really love that. In fact, Putin might call him up someday and suggest that he do that. He would quite likely do it.

Would the Republicans in Congress finally 'wake up' if Trump withdrew the US from the NATO alliance???

Or would the Republicans keep putting their re-election prospects ahead of the security of the USA and Europe.


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After Trump was on the verge of bankruptcy after failed investments in Atlantic City casinos, the New York City bankers could no longer lend him money and expect it to be paid back.

When Trump found he was on the verge of homelessness, he found his savior in rich Russians (some of whom are probably allied with Putin and Russian intelligence agencies).

He is essentially laundering Russian money by converting that money into real estate.

The Russians are probably over-paying for the real estate in some cases, with the expectation of favors in the future.

It may look like 'just business', but, at the very least, it makes him beholden to Russian money sources --- not a good thing to have 'hanging over the head' of a President of the USA.

'trump bankruptcy russian oligarch money laundering'

We can hope that Trump 'fails' the Russians someday, and they decide to 'show their displeasure'. (A plutonium Big Mac perhaps?)


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In 2019, a woman had a book (that she authored) published. In one section of that book, she reported that she had been raped by Donald Trump in a New York City high-end department store.

She and her husband had seen Donald Trump and his wife at events in New York City in the past.

She ran into Trump near the entrance of the store. He accompanied her to a ladies department on an upper floor. When he realized that there was no one on the floor, he shoved her into a dressing room and raped her.

Why am I not surprised?

'trump rape new york city department store book'

You can, no doubt, find similar cases by doing a WEB SEARCH on keywords:

'trump sexual assault'

Furthermore, while the wife of a friend or acquaintance was in his office, Trump was known to get great pleasure in getting on the speakerphone with the husband and have an 'interesting' conversation --- without the husband knowing his wife was there, listening to the conversation.

You can find some further info on this by doing a WEB SEARCH on keywords such as:

'trump on speakerphone in office with wife of friend'


'trump cuckold wife of friends'

Given that most Republicans --- including 'born again' Christian fundamentalists --- choose to 'give Trump a pass' on behavior like this, Republicans will be showing an astounding level of hypocrisy if they continue to claim that they are the party of 'family values'.


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At least one book has been published in which the author investigated Trump's business practices with respect to the real estate investments that Trump and his father had in New York City.

Documentation was found that indicated that the Trumps had reported inflated building expenses (for example, for boilers for building heating) in order to take inflated 'write-offs' on their taxes.

Meanwhile, when going to banks for loans, they UNDER-reported their expenses to inflate their net worth and profitability.

'trump new york city tax evasion building expenses'

FRAUD (Trump University)

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Trump was complicit in the founding of 'Trump University' with assurances to students that he would be participating in the real estate education classes.

It turned out this was just another one of the 'fake universities' that over-promise and under-deliver. Student lawsuits were a result.

When Trump was going to take the office of the President of the U.S., his lawyers apparently advised him that it was best to pay the fines (millions of dollars) and put this crime behind him.

'trump university lawsuit settlement fine millions'

Perhaps this experience with the establishment of a 'fake university' was where he found that the word 'fake' would be an excellent word to add to his vocabulary --- to use against others, such as by declaring 'fake news' and 'fake investigations'.

MORE FRAUD (Trump's 'charitable' foundation)

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Here is another situation in which Trump was looking for another way to add to his income --- by misusing funds in a Trump 'charitable' foundation.

He used the foundation for 'charitable-to-himself' transactions, such as paying for portrait paintings of himself to be hung in his hotels.

Again, Trump's lawyers apparently advised him that it was best to pay the fines (millions of dollars) and put this crime behind him.

'trump charitable foundation fine millions'

(directed to Trump company operations)

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After seeing an impressive military parade in France, Trump wanted a military parade --- in spite of the fact that the U.S. military services have not indulged, in the past, in the wasteful expenses of such displays, which seem to have more to do with ego than with military preparedness and national security.

U.S. military leaders were not calling for this parade. Trump dragged them into it.

It became evident that Trump was going to use this display (televised from Washington D.C.) as an event to promote his re-election for the year 2020.

'trump military parade wasteful expenditure'

The parade was seemingly more for Trump's ego --- and his re-election --- than for direct deposit into his pocketbook --- although it amounted to all taxpayers paying for his Republican re-election campaigning.

On the other hand, there is the directing of the military and Secret Service (and other government employees and sevice members and contractors and foreign visitors) to stay in accomodations at Trump hotels --- which IS quite beneficial to his pocketbook.

'trump hotels military accomodations secret service'

This is definitely a reason for not electing as President the owner of hotels --- especially an owner who tries to use his influence and power to direct people (including him/her-self) to spend overnights in the hotels.


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Concerns about nepotism have been raised about Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and his daughter Ivanka.

'trump nepotism kushner ivanka'

BANK FRAUD (yet another type of fraud)

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When Trump was reeling from his impending bankruptcy caused by his failed investments in casinos, Trump was no doubt applying for bank loans.

He and his father were known to inflate their financial position in the past when going to banks for loans.

So it is not outlandish to expect that he was applying for bank loans under false pretenses (using 'faked' documentation), as he had done in the past.

'trump bank fraud'

There are, no doubt, employees (esp. executives) of New York banks who know of some of the shenanigans he has tried to 'pull off'.

And Deutsche Bank employees, no doubt, know of even more information that Trump would want suppressed.

The U.S. Congress should be aggressively seeking information from employees of New York banks and Deutsche Bank.

(including threats to family members)

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It is well-known that, before Trump became President, he used intimidation --- of witnesses and various other targets of his criminality --- repeatedly.

The most well-known cases were cases where women were accusing him of sexual assault.

He usually tries to avoid doing the threatening personally. He usually has a lawyer (or a goon --- sometimes politely referred to as a 'surrogate') do it for him.

One of the more prominent examples is the case of Trump having one of his lawyers, Michael Cohen --- and, in addition, an unidentified goon --- threaten Stormy Daniels --- over a 'non-disclosure agreement'.

You can find more examples by doing WEB SEARCHES on keywords such as:

'trump witness intimidation'


'trump lawyer intimidates'


'trump threatens family members'

The pattern of trying to get others to do his 'dirty work' for him continued into the White House.

For example, he tried to get others to fire --- or 'provide cover' for firing --- James Comey (FBI Director) --- then Jeff Sessions (his Attorney General) --- among others.

Note that Trump seems to have repeated problems with law enforcement officers (and other government officials) who do not want to do his 'dirty work' for him.

Trump wants other federal officers to take the risk of being the target of adverse public opinion --- or, worse, legal prosecution --- thus allowing him to continue as 'Teflon Trump'.

In other words, Trump wants to continue doing in Washington D.C. what he did for decades in New York City --- to avoid indictments and prosecutions.

You can find more examples by doing WEB SEARCHES on keywords such as:

'trump asks white house counsel about Comey'


'trump intimidates his attorney general Sessions'


'trump asks others to do his dirty work'

In November 2019, Trump took his intimidation to 'level eleven', by threatening witnesses, via Twitter, while they were testifying before a House committee that was doing its Constitutional 'oversight' duties.

Mafia figures, personified by Don Corleone, did not have the ability to do that --- 'real time' intimidation via Twitter.

Trump recognizes no limits to his criminal behavior --- and uses the Internet to take his criminality to new heights --- never seen before, and never imagined before --- not by the Founding Fathers and not by 20th Century Congress-people and Justice Department personnel.

'trump twitter intimidates State Department witnesses'


In this November 2019 'episode', Trump --- and his Republican 'defensive line' --- keep conflating

  • an investigation into possibly indictable offenses
    (like police and a grand jury do in situations across the country --- partially out of the public eye as an investigation proceeds and as witnesses may come into harms way)


  • a trial
    (done if the grand jury finds 'cause' for a trial).

According to the U.S. Constitution,

  • the House of Representatives acts as the 'grand jury'
    --- doing an investigation --- portions of which are typically 'out of the public eye' --- possibly resulting in an indictment --- if sufficient evidence exists to proceed to a trial


  • the Senate performs the trial
    --- if the 'grand jury' (the House) deems the offense(s) sufficient to deserve a trial.

Some citizens of this country are aware of this procedure and can explain it quite clearly.

Trump --- and his Republican 'obfuscators' and 'mis-directors' --- are trying to subvert the Constitution.

That, to me, looks like treason. It should look that way to any concerned citizen of the United States of America.

More to come?

Some more information may be added to the sections above. And more types of crimes may be added.

For now, you can use the 'WEB SEARCH' links above to find more information --- and some 'WEB SEARCH' links --- and 'book links' below.

For more info on Trump criminality:

More evidence of Trump's criminality may be added at a future date.

Until then, you could try some WEB SEARCHES for more info on Trump criminality.

Trump is a billionaire ---
a billion dollars in debt, that is ---
to Russian oligarchs.

For more info on Trump criminality:
(via books written about him)

The books about Trump's horribleness keep being published --- and being announced as forthcoming. Here are some of them.

Most of these links are to the Amazon web site. You can see readers' reviews of the books there.

If you do not have time to read any of these, you may be able to use the readers' reviews to glean highlights of these books.

  1. House of Trump, House of Putin:
    The Untold Story of Donald Trump and the Russian Mafia,
    by Craig Unger, Hardcover 2018

      For background information:

    • Red Mafiya:
      How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America,
      Robert Friedman, Hardover 2000

    • The Vory:
      Russia's Super Mafia,
      by Mark Galeotti, Hardcover 2018 (Vory = Thieves)

  2. Russian Roulette:
    The Inside Story of Putin's War on America
    and the Election of Donald Trump,
    by Michael Isikoff and David Korn, Hardcover 2018

  3. The Plot to Destroy Democracy:
    Putin and His Spies Are Undermining America,
    and Dismantling the West
    by Malcolm Nance, Hardcover 2018

  4. The Plot to Betray America:
    How Team Trump Embraced Our Enemies
    Compromised Our Security, and
    How We Can Fix It,
    by Malcolm Nance, Hardcover 2019

  5. Crossfire Hurricane:
    Inside Donald Trump's War on the FBI,
    by Josh Campbell, Hardcover 2019

  6. The Threat:
    How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump,
    by Andrew McCabe, Hardcover 2019

  7. Proof of Collusion:
    How Trump Betrayed America,
    by Seth Abramson, Hardcover 2018

  8. Proof of Conspiracy:
    How Trump's International Collusion is
    Threatening American Democracy,
    by Seth Abramson, Hardcover 2019

  9. Trump / Russia:
    A Definitive History,
    by Seth Hettena, Hardcover 2018

  10. It's Even Worse Than You Think:
    What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America,
    by David Cay Johnston, Hardcover 2018

  11. The Making of Donald Trump
    by David Cay Johnston, Paperback 2017

  12. The Apprentice:
    Trump, Russia and the Subversion of American Democracy,
    by Greg Miller, Hardcover 2018

  13. Blowout:
    Corrupted Democracy, Rogue State Russia,
    and the Richest, Most Destructive Industry on Earth,
    by Rachel Maddow, Hardcover 2019

  14. Fire and Fury:
    Inside the Trump White House,
    by Michael Wolff, Hardcover 2018

  15. Siege:
    Trump Under Fire,
    by Michael Wolff, Hardcover 2019

  16. Kushner, Inc.:
    Greed. Ambition. Corruption. The Extraordinary
    Story of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump,
    by Vicky Ward, Hardcover 2019

  17. War with Russia?:
    From Putin and Ukraine to Trump and Russiagate,
    by Stephen Cohen (Princeton)

  18. Plaintiff in Chief:
    A Portrait of Donald Trump in 3,500 Lawsuits,
    by James Zirin, Hardcover 2019

  19. A Warning
    by Anonymous (in the White House), Hardcover 2019

  20. The Death of Truth:
    Notes on Falsehood in the Age of Trump,
    by Michiko Kakutani, Hardover 2018

  21. The Man Who Sold America:
    Trump and the Unraveling of the American Story,
    by Joy-Ann Reid, Hardcover 2019

  22. The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library
    by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Hardcover 2018

  23. Sh*t My President Says:
    The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. Trump,
    by Shannon Wheeler, Hardcover 2017

  24. Goodnight Trump:
    A Parody,
    by Erich Origen and Gan Golan, Hardcover 2018

  25. You Can't Spell America Without Me:
    The Really Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year
    as President Donald J. Trump (A So-Called Parody),
    by Alec Baldwin and Kurt Anderson, Hardcover 2017

  26. Trump on the Couch:
    Inside the Mind of the President,
    by Justin A. Frank, Hardcover 2018

  27. The Cult of Trump:
    A Leading Cult Expert Explains How
    the President Uses Mind Control,
    by Steven Hassan, Hardcover 2019

  28. Fear:
    Trump in the White House,
    by Bob Woodward, Hardcover 2018

  29. The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump:
    37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts
    Assess a President,
    by Randy X. Lee, Hardcover 2019

  30. All the President's Women:
    Donald Trump and the Making of a Predator,
    by Barry Levine and Monique El-Faizy, Hardcover 2019

  31. God's Chaos Candidate
    Donald J. Trump and the American Unraveling,
    by Lance Wallnau, Paperback

  32. A Very Stable Genius
    by Mike Luckovich, Paperback 2018 (cartoons)

  33. #SAD!:
    Doonesbury in the Time of Trump,
    by G. B. Trudeau, Paperback 2018 (cartoons)

  34. Team of Vipers:
    My 500 Extraordinary Days in the Trump White House,
    by Cliff Sims, 2019

  35. Impeach:
    The Case Against Donald Trump,
    by Neal Katyal and Sam Koppelman, Paperback 2019

  36. Trump's Brain:
    An FBI Profile of Donald Trump -
    Predicting Trump's Actions and Presidency,
    by Dr. Decker (pseudonym), Paperback 2017

  37. Catch and Kill:
    Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators,
    by Ronan Farrow, Hardcover 2019

  38. Running Against the Devil:
    A Plot to Save America from Trump ---
    and the Democrats from Themselves,
    by Rick Wilson, Hardcover 2020

  39. A Very Stable Genius:
    Donald J. Trump's Testing of America,
    by Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig, Hardcover 2020

  40. The Watergate Girl:
    My Fight for Truth and Justice Against a Criminal President,
    by Jill Wine-Banks, Hardcover 2020

  41. Facts and Fears:
    Hard Truths from a Life in Intelligence,
    by James R. Clapper and Trey Brown, Hardcover 2018

  42. Winter is Coming:
    Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the
    Free World Must Be Stopped,
    by Garry Kasparov, Paperback 2016

  43. Putin's World:
    Russia Against the West and with the Rest,
    by Angela Stent, Hardcover 2019

  44. Putin Country:
    A Journey into the Real Russia,
    by Anne Garrels, Paperback 2017

  45. Putin's Kleptocracy:
    Who Owns Russia?,
    by Karen Dawisha, Paperback 2015

  46. Vladimir Putin:
    Life Coach,
    by Robert Sears, Hardcover 2018
    (Sears is the bestselling author of 'The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump'.
    So ... yes, this is comedy ... that makes you cry at the same time.)

  47. The Mueller Report
    Paperback 2019

You often hear jokes about how America's comedians give thanks every night that they were given Donald Trump.

From this list of books (incomplete because I got tired of listing them ... while more are coming out every week in 2019), you can see that America's journalists and novelists (and cartoonists and caricaturists and book illustrators and psychiatrists) also give thanks every night that they were given Donald Trump.

A poem that captures the
'Essense of Trump'.

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About 40% of Americans condone Trump's behaviors.

Trump is backed by a bunch of 'brown shirt' Senators.

Trump shows how Senators should pucker up to kiss his *ss.

And Trump shows the procedure he demands
--- namely, kiss both the left and right cheeks.

This is how Trump looks as he bad-mouths the
FBI, the CIA, the State Department, and anyone
else his paranoia convinces him that
he must spew hatred toward.

He wants a weak FBI, because he knows all the
crap he did in New York City would not yield good
results for him if the FBI thoroughly investigated.