Categories of REFERENCE DATA & Images

on topics such as Computing, Government, Health, and more

(These "reference info" web pages are documents that I have assembled.
These HTML pages and their reference data --- such as tables, lists, links to
PDF files, links to image files, and links to a few videos --- are too long or
too boringly-factual to be blog posts, and are more suitable
as reference links from blog pages.)

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COMPUTING - reference data and images (such as handy Linux install notes)

CONSUMER ISSUES - reference data and images and muck-raking
    (issues from the sorry state of food-poisoning management in the U.S.
    to spider bites in U.S. hotels/motels)

ENERGY - reference data and muck-raking (such as utility company issues)

GOVERNMENT and CITIZEN - reference info and photos
    (background info on voting issues and other issues ---
    and, see Walls of Shame menu below)

HEALTH - DIET, MEDICAL ERRORS, etc. MENU - reference data on

  • DIET and FOOD-CONTENT (for weight loss and health)
  • BODY-PART INFO (back, eyes, knees, ...)
    • BACK PAIN every morning (a lunge-stretch solution)
  • "WHOLE-ISTIC" APPROACHES to optimum health
  • DEATHS-VS-AGE (in years) table

HEALTH - STRETCHES, "POSES", EXERCISES - reference data & images
    (esp. for pain relief and health)

HOME - reference images for remodelling/building     (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, ...)

INVEST - reference info for investing     (esp. stocks info)

LETHAL CRIMES - reference info for dealing with lethal crimes
(including date-ordered lists of crimes and maps --- for a sample metropolitan area)

MATH-SCIENCE - reference data on math and science (including engineering)
    This menu page provides access to     a math-history timeline page.

MAPS - tiled maps and reference info on making maps, esp. in web pages

POLITICS and politicians

SPORTS - reference data and images (esp. on RUNNING)

T-SHIRTS - original designs
    (mostly on world-improvement topics)

UNSOLICITED MAIL - examples and info
    (examples of ridiculously repetitious 'requests-for-money' mail)

Walls of Shame menu - with categories such as
    Business/Corporate, Politicians, Media, Medicine, Religion, Individuals

eDocuments on topics like those above

    (mostly PDF files of reports, articles, book samples, book drafts, classic books
    more than 100 years old, etc. ; stored locally, rather than as external links
    --- to preserve the content and provide a hopefully-helpful categorized
    organization of the documents)

These RefInfo pages are sometimes referenced from the blog posts:

'subdude' BLOG Posts Menu (small essays - suggestions, petitions, opinions, etc.)

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