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! Preliminary ! More T-shirts to come --- and some may be revised
--- for example, fonts may be changed, graphics may be added/changed,
and text may be re-worded.

Below are large "thumbnails" of t-shirt designs --- arranged in application groups --- Government-Environment-Politics, Health, Humor, etc.

You can use the table-of-contents below to go directly to pictures in these category-groups. OR you can simply scroll down this page to spot pictures (t-shirt messages) of interest.

Table of Contents :     (links to sections below, on this page)

Some shirts fall in several categories. For example, a t-shirt on funding for a national health plan could fall under both the Government and the Health categories. For non-redundancy, each t-shirt image is put in a single category. Simply scroll through the gallery to see them all. The gallery is not huge.

Many of these t-shirts are text-message shirts --- no graphics. More t-shirts with graphics will be added someday.

The t-shirts are less expensive to have made if they are of a single color. So most of these t-shirts are simply red lettering on a white background.

End of Table of Contents. Start of thumbnails (pictures).

How to view images on this page :

If you hold the mouse-cursor over a thumbnail image, a pop-up will appear that (sometimes) shows a brief text string describing the image. (This should work in most web browsers.)

Click on a thumbnail image to see a larger image. The thumbnails are only about 90 pixels high. The large images are around 800 pixels high.

The larger sized images are shown in a new, separate web browser window from this page. You can minimize or close that new window to return to viewing this page.

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Tshirt G1 - Front

Tshirt G1 - Back

Money ... gateway drug
Tshirt G2 - Front and Back

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Tshirt H1 - Front

Tshirt H1 - Back

Keep TRIGLYCERIDES less than 150 mg/dl
Tshirt H2 - Front

It's the TRIGLYCERIDES, stupid
Tshirt H2 - Back

Tshirt H3 - Front

Tshirt H3 - Back

NUTRIENTS ... NOT Calories
Tshirt H4 - Front and Back

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Tshirt Hu1 - Front & Back

Under Assistant West Coast Promo Man
(the title of a Rolling Stones song, circa 1965)
Tshirt Hu2 - Front & Back

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Tshirt L1 - Front & Back

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