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( Dali, David, Escher, Magritte, and others )

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A large number of Salvador Dali paintings are among my favorites. Most of this page is dedicated to images of his paintings --- and images of him.

Also, images of some of my favorite works of Jacques-Louis David (pronounced Dah-veed) are near the bottom of this page.

Other Artists

Two other artists who have created many works that are among my favorites are Escher and Magritte. A link to a page of images of their works is at the bottom of this page.

Another link at the bottom of this page is to a page of images of "other favorite works" --- by Kandinsky, Tanguy, Man Ray, Bosch, DuChamp, and others.

Personalized Art Gallery

One nice thing about making web pages of one's favorite art work is that one can assemble a personal art museum made up of art that is spread throughout the world.

For example, Dali's paintings are in the Tate museum in London, in the City Museum of Amsterdam, in several museums in Spain, in museums in the United States, and so on. But by the miracle of a web browser and the HTML language, one can bring that art together in one place.

How the Images are Presented below

Most of the pictures are presented in a small size (about 100 pixels in height) --- with a link to a larger size (about 600 to 2,000 pixels in height or width).

Click on a 'thumbnail' image below to show a larger image.

The larger sizes are shown in a separate window.

Close (or minimize) the separate window(s) to access this window again.

    (A link to even larger images may be provided in the future --- to emulate being able to get near the art work in a museum.)

Salvador Dali

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Dali and War


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row 13
Dali and Butterflies


row 14



row 15



Spain, San Feliu
(near Barcelona)
Dali Museums


At least one of the images above is
an emulation of a Dali painting using
a superposition of photograph images.

(Hint : Check row 8.)

For more on Dali, check out Wikipedia - Salvador Dali page.

Jacques-Louis David




For more on David, check out Wikipedia - Jacques-Louis David page.

Other Artists :

Escher and Magritte images         Other images (Bosch, DuChamp, Kandinsky, Man Ray, Tanguy, ...)

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