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Below are images related to 'Health Care' issues during the George W. Bush MIS-administration.

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  • U.S. Health Care system

  • Drug Safety & Medical Research

  • Food Pyramids - various

  • GMP - Genetically Modified President

  • Charts, Graphs, Exhibits

  • Child Health Care

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Who's 'they'?

An FDA review process that reviews clinical data
from the drug companies, with no independent clinical tests,
is very close to letting them regulate themselves ---
in other words, almost no regulation at all --- with
the inevitable consequences to the end-user ---
high-prices for dangerous outcomes.

This is the private part of the public-private partnership.

Socialism (government aid) for drug companies
is fine --- but not for the taxpayers.

Sounds like socialism --- government aid to hospitals
and doctors --- in end-of-life situations.

"Leave sick children behind."

Make war, not health.

Saving doctors from lawyers.
A new plank in the Republican platform?

See comment above on using drug-company-only data
in the FDA review process.

Adding to the disclaimers --- in order to
pre-empt lawsuits.

Judging from the disclaimers in their drug ads,
the same could be said of Pfizer, Merck,
Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, etc.

FDA report card.

Food pyramid BEFORE update.

Food pyramid AFTER update.

Just kidding. That's NOT how it happened.
It was the breast feeding (Barbara).

The food and drug agencies are under HHS (Health and
Human Services) and USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture).

FDA = Food and Drug Administration
FSIS = Food Safety Inspection Service
CDC = Centers for Disease Control

To see how convoluted the food safety system is,
try to find where you report food poisonings for your
state and city. (You will probably find a dead-end.)

However, the FSIS mission is suspended when
Republicans (or corrupted Democrats)
control the Executive branch.

However, for splitting headaches, Listeria can't be beat.
(You will feel tempted to decapitate yourself to end the pain.)

Campylobacter       Shigella       Cryptosporidium       E. coli


An example of a restaurant inspection report
-- a relatively benign one.

Discussion of Child Health Care
under Bush:

It is quite probable that the 'Child Health Insurance Program' (CHIP) was the usual Congressional legislation --- fostering spending without the proper motivational factors built-in to encourage fiscally responsible spending.

But it REALLY IS time for a proper health care system --- if not for adults, at least for children.

In light of

  • Canada having a health system that Canadians would not trade for the U.S. health care system (shown via surveys),
and in light of
  • the U.S. system being at least 50% more expensive that the Canadian system (pointed out by Canadian prime minister, 2009 Feb),
it is about time we have a properly designed health care system --- efficient and not outlandishly costly --- and not riddled with dangerous special interests theatening citizens' health in a quest for the almighty buck.

A public-private COMPETITION (not partnership) system would seem fair.

Especially since Republicans insist that government is not capable of doing anything right.

Republicans should not be afraid of having private insurance companies competing with a government-run insurance company.

By what the Republicans say, within a few years, no one will want to use the government-run insurance.

Everyone will gravitate to the private insurance companies.

    It is rather hard to believe that people will actually choose insurance companies on which, traditionally, you cannot count for catastrophic health care --- because the insurance companies are infamous for unilaterally terminating the policy when the patient is in dire straits.

    And it is hard to believe that people will choose insurance companies from which you cannot get insurance for pre-existing conditions --- for example, after a person is laid off, or if one wants to switch insurance companies.

    Let government insurance premiums and payments be isolated from the general fund, and let the competition begin.

In a government-run system, there would hopefully be built-in motivators for better health.

Lower monthly premiums for those whose weight is below a near-obesity level for a person's height.

Why the current private health-care system does not have motivators like that built-in to their policies is beyond belief.

(Could it be that Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Hershey, and Mars Candy are against that? Surely they couldn't be in league with the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies and the late-night TV fat-loss-system marketing companies --- ???)

Also, why there are not catastrophic health care policies being widely advertised, with high-deductibles resulting in lower premiums, is another mystery.

It seems that this would be a way for young families and small business owners to get some basic protection.

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