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This 'Bush Memorial Presidential On-Line Library' page
(BMPOL, pronounced Bimple)

Welcome to the main lobby of the library.


The links below provide access to the "wings" of the Bush Memorial Presidential On-Line Library.

The library wings contain mainly pictures with relatively little text.

Feel free to wander around as long as you like.

The library is open all day and all night, 24/7.

You may touch the images if you like. We just ask that you show the proper respect. That is, please observe the spirit in which these images were lovingly assembled.

Category Pages :
(wings of the library)

Wings dedicated to 'Bush Homeland Security', 'Bush Land (Mis)Management', 'the Bush Lobbyist Corps', 'Bush Vacations', 'Bush Veterans Affairs', 'Bush-Republican Principles', and a few other categories were planned but not implemented.

There would be a wing on 'Bush Energy Policy' if we could find that he ever had a policy involving anything other than oil. In the meantime, see the Oil wing.

Bush Colleagues/Enablers :
(in their own right [wing])

In place of a Bush-Lobbyist wing, the McCain-Lobbyist wing below will serve as a substitute --- since many of the lobbyists supporting Bush and, in turn, supported by Bush (*) constituted the main figures in the McCain campaign.

There is mutual back scratching going on here --- money (many thousands) for power, and power feeding back even more (taxpayer) money (millions and billions).

Now THAT'S some circular feedback and huge leverage!

End of the List of Wings.
Start of some Favorite images.

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Some Selected Favorite Pictures :
(for the main lobby walls)

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For more info on GWB:

The library wings, above, contain mainly pictures with relatively little text.

Here are some links for more wordy information on G.W. Bush.

You can follow the many links in these Wikipedia and WEB SEARCH pages to find out more information on the activities of "W" ('dubya') --- during his administration --- and before --- and probably after.

    I --- and my 401K --- thought "after" was never going to get here --- given the 2007-2008 economic meltdown --- thanks to 'junk mortgage bundles' ('derivative's) created during the Bush years.

Unfortunately, many of W's appointees are in places, like the SEC and the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department, where they can continue the Bush regulatory philosophy --- "Just don't do it".

    Bushicans do not understand that there are good regulations as well as bad regulations. They do not consider that there is such a thing as intelligent regulation 'for the greater good'. For example, regulations to deter --- and failing that, punish --- crimes against fellow citizens.

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Or, if a creator or an owner of an image would like their web site address or name displayed under the image, I will gladly do that also.

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