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Below are images related to the 'LEGACY' of G. W. Bush as a result of the George W. Bush MIS-administration.


Please do not lean against the walls. The paint may be wet.

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Do you remember now?

From less than 10% disapproval to 57%.

Maybe a flowery background will cover up.

Does the dead elephant represent
what was done to the GOP?

A military career, cut short,
is an early part of the legacy.

You can point out that you
fostered a Habitat for Inhumanity.

Yes, it can be argued that you have
a bigger legacy than Bill Clinton.

All's fair in war ---
but in love, not so much.

Appreciated by other world leaders.

A few things left undone --- thank goodness.

So that's what the W stands for.

You made a valiant effort to shape
your legacy in your last weeks in office.

Well, you have THIS library in addition to
the Halliburton library --- at much less expense
--- and with much more room for mementos.

We'd like to forget.

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