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Below are images of George W. Bush in relation to the U.S. Social Security system.

Around 2005, W. Bush and his advisor-lobbyists started pushing strongly to "privatize" Social Security.

They proposed converting the U.S. Social Security system into one more means to put citizens' savings into the pockets of investment promoters --- a significant proportion of whom are little more than scammers on the order of the classic Nigerian prince who needs your help in getting his rightful inheritance out of a Nigerian bank.

A shamefully large percentage of U.S. investment promoters, advisors, and bankers exhibit monumental greed that long ago caused their consciences to shrivel up and die.

And Bush wanted to transfer the Social Security system into the hands of these people under the guise of allowing more freedom in investment options for people with Social Security retirement funds.

    (I guess Bush's advisor-lobbyists were having trouble finding a barely-legal way of getting their hands on Social Security funds directly through the Social Security Administration, so they were trying this end-around approach.)

We all know how frugal those people are with other peoples' money.

The outrageous salaries they award themselves for their self-proclaimed excellent judgment during boom times demonstrates just how financially responsible these executives are.

    (These financial executives were actually looking good because of money borrowed from Saudi and Chinese investors and because of a heated world economy led mainly by a rapidly expanding Chinese economy.

    But their interpretation of the world scene is that they were leading the world economy forward.

    The year 2008 --- the Great Recession --- under Bush --- showed just where they were leading us.)

Organizations like AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) helped alert many citizens to the dangers of the Bush Social Security plan.

The AARP made people aware of the phone numbers of their state's representatives in Congress.

Apparently there was an outpouring of concern and outrage, because by 2007 (when the financial industry started showing clear signs of melting down), the Bush mis-Administration was hardly talking of turning the Social Security system into another one of Bush's unregulated industries dedicated to the fleecing of, in this case, widows, the aged, and the crippled.

Geez, the man (Dubya) had a conscience the size of a flea turd. Serial killers probably have more conscience than he.

But, giving him the benefit of the doubt (in light of the fact that this IS his memorial library), he probably just had a momentary lapse in judgment.

So this wing of the Bush library pays homage to Bush's legacy in regards to the U.S. Social Security system, which is the main system dedicated to the proposition of helping U.S. citizens avoid abject poverty --- and living in the streets --- in their old age.

Note that because of Social Security, you do not have to step over dead people in the streets --- like a niece of mine had to do in India, during a trip abroad in her junior year in college (circa 1999).

    By the way, Bush and his advisor-lobbyists often claim government can't do anything right.

    However, Social Security is known in the computer industry for having developed a hugely successful computer system in terms of dealing with a tremendous number of transactions while achieving exemplary performance.

    I (the volunteer curator of this library) retired in 2005 and was extremely surprised how straightforward it was to register for Social Security.

    There was not a huge amount of government red tape such as I had expected based on all the propaganda of the neo-con pundits on TV.

    And the Social Security system continues to exhibit competence-without-complexity in their annual informational mailings.

    My experience with private banking institutions has been much less pleasing.

    Unwanted phone calls trying to sell me life insurance that I did not want or need.

    I could not get them to stop the calls. They said it was their right as my banker.

    I had to make a personal appearance at one of their banks (Bank of America) to get them to update their database so that they did not continue to harass me with such phone calls.

    The Social Security system does not harass me with sales calls.

    Bottom-line :
    If other agencies of the government (such as the SEC and Treasury Department) worked as efficiently and capably and to-their-charter as the Social Security Administration, we probably would have avoided much of the financial melt-down of 2008.

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About 4 workers per beneficiary.

Bush tax cuts were about 2.5% of GDP,
according to this bar chart.

Creative, fair, cost-effective solutions to
exploding Medicare (and drug) costs need to be
enacted soon --- over the special-interest
strong-arming of medical-industrial-complex lobbyists.

Strength-through-extreme-riskiness propaganda.

The Social Security Scratch-Off Card.
3 Bears and you're bankrupt.

Privatization = a Concrete Life Saver
(a fake life saver)

Oct 7, 2007 - near the start
of the 2007-2008 Wall Street meltdown
due to
'toxic' subprime-mortgage-bundles hawked
by banks & 'investment houses' like
Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs

Amazing how the human eye
can recognize who this monkey is.

Here is a Social Insecurity Calculator
at schumer.senate.gov/calc/.

In case this web page becomes unavailable,
here is an image of the user interface.

An example from this calculator:
A 29-year-old averaging $40,000 per year
would receive an annual Social Security benefit
of $21,970 under the current system.

If President Bush succeeds in privatizing Social Security,
that benefit is decreased 27 percent to $15,988.

(This on top of the likelihood of
losing the entire amount to shysters.)

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