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Bush 2000-2008:
Lower taxes. Raise war.

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Below are images that deal with the G. W. Bush (and Republican) tax philosophy --- namely, that lowering taxes will cure everything, including warts.

Got a problem in Afghanistan? Lower taxes.

Got a problem with steroids in major league baseball? Lower taxes.

Got a problem with daylight savings time? Lower taxes.

Got a problem with teaching evolution in public schools? Lower taxes.

The Republicans keep justifying the huge tax-cuts-for-the-rich by saying 'IT WILL STIMULATE THE ECONOMY' --- to such an extent that the IRS will take in more tax payments --- thus offsetting the loss of taxes due to the huge tax cut.


The National Debt (and the INTEREST on the National Debt) keeps going up --- for example, after Reagan and Bush1 and Bush2 --- as seen in the following graph.

There isn't even enough benefit from the tax cuts to keep the INTEREST in check --- much less the actual National Debt.

The Republicans keep repeating this 'it will stimulate the economy and pay for the tax cuts' nonsense on talk shows --- and they are never called 'on the carpet' for their lies.

If the Republicans were required to present graphs showing the complete economic picture several years after the tax cuts, their flawed-logic would be proven false.

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Whenever he is stuck, the
'go to' response is 'Tax Cut'.

There's the catch in the Republican plan.
They can say even the poor get a tax cut
because 'No Job, No Taxes'.

(This is a picture of a street in New Orleans
--- flooded after Hurricane Katrina, 2005 Aug.)

The simplified tax form for the other 95%.

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