Alan Greenspan Images

Federal Reserve Chairman during the
first part of the Bush MIS-Administration
--- until 2006 ---
just before the 'Great Recession'

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Below are images that capture some of the highlights of the Alan Greenspan years in the George W. Bush MIS-administration, which ran from Jan 2001 to Jan 2009.

All the pundits thought Greenspan was a genius --- until 2008.

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'Yesterday' is circa 2009.

Cox, Christopher = SEC Chairman
Snow = Press Secretary

Well, at least I looked like a hero
while the bull market lasted.

Greenspan isn't the only one who can
make money on books about Greenspan.

House prices almost doubled
in about seven years.
'Greenspan Later Years' = 'His Alzheimer Years' ???

And those 'alternatives' were
bundles of 'toxic' mortgages.

I can't wait 'til I retire.

Why didn't I do this sooner?

I got another book deal!!

Nyah, Nyah.
I made a boo-boo. I made a boo-boo.
And you didn't know it. You didn't know it.

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You can follow the many links in these WEB SEARCH and Wikipedia pages to find out more information on the activities of Alan Greenspan --- during the Bush years --- and before --- and probably after, as Greenspan seeks, in his books, to rationalize and minimize his role in dismantling critical regulatory safeguards on the U.S. financial system.

Greenspan and Chris Cox (SEC chairman) and Bush and Congressional Republicans (and Democrats) can proudly claim that they made a great impact on the world --- such as executive suicides and crashing money markets around the world.

That's what blindly trusting people who have access to billions of dollars of other peoples' money gets you.

Free enterprise gone wild! Wahoo!

Let the citizen beware --- of bankers (such as Wells Fargo) holding your money.

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Inflation of the head AND the money.