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Below are images that capture some of the 'lowlights' of the Donald Rumsfeld years in the George W. Bush MIS-administration, as Secretary of Defense, from 2001 to a couple of years before the end of Bush's 2nd term, Jan 2009.

Rumsfeld seemed to be eager to engage in wars in the Middle East. He had a background in the Navy. Perhaps that played a part.

    Rumsfeld seems somewhat like Robert McNamara --- a former Secretary of Defense, under President Kennedy, who, as a former CEO of Ford who was into computerizing a car company, seemed eager to computerize and optimize wars.


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That's Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice.

That's Rice and Rumsfeld
in place of Jackson and Timberlake.

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Perhaps he will again become a director on the board of directors of a pharmaceutical company (he was, at Gilead Sciences) --- and he was CEO of G.D.Searle during controversy over Aspartame.

As a super-'conservative' Republican, Rumsfeld may help companies, like pharmaceutical companies, with their out-of-court settlements, in which they do not admit to any wrong-doing --- as they pay billion dollar judgments --- which may result from people losing their lives and their quality-of-lives.

Unfortunately, such settlements punish investors, not the company executives responsible.

One can expect Rumsfeld to carry on --- and fight the sleazy fight.

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