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! Preliminary !
More signs may be collected here,
if/when I revisit this page.
Some signs may be re-sized, embossed, etc.


These are signs that I made, mostly for other pages on this site --- pages on diet, health, humor, etc.

    I may someday collect the humorous (and serious) signs of others on a separate page, with a link to that page here.

    Some images that are 'sign-like' can be seen on a Humorous Quotes page and a Serious Quotes page of this site.

Feel free to use any sign image-file of mine on your webpages or in your emails.

Feel free to blow them up, print them out, and display them on your refrigerator, t-shirt, book-cover, tote-bag, car, yard, hospital-wall, etc.

You can right-click on an image, and, in the menu that pops up, use 'Save Image As ...' (or some such option) to save the image-file to your computer.

How the signs are presented :

The sign images below are grouped in categories, such as

  • HEALTH-related signs, on SugarS

  • HEALTH-related signs, on Medical Errors, to Medical Staff

  • HEALTH-related signs, on Medical Errors, to Patients

  • COMPUTER-related signs

  • LOGOS, 'refurbished'

  • WAR-related

You can simply scroll down this page to view the sign images.

Some signs are available in various colors.

Click on a color-name below a sign image, to see a different colored sign image. The image is shown in a separate window (or tab). You can close that window to return to this window.

Some background info:

In undergoing 3 surgeries in 2005, at 65 years old, after a life with only one surgery before that (when I was about 8 years old), I experienced various failures in communication and execution at three different hospitals. Thus, I was motiviated to come up with the medical-error related signs below.

The signs on sugarS were motivated as explained in some sugars-and-health blog posts of mine. (See the 'Inadvertent Medical Experiment' post.) SugarS were the root cause of my 3 surgeries in 2005.

near white     green     blue     gray

orange     light cyan


orange     blue     gray

variation 1

red     cyan     gray

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