SIGNS of the times

some signs you may not have seen before

many originals --- modified from
traffic/warning/caution signs

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! Preliminary ! More signs may be collected here.
Some signs may be re-sized, embossed, etc.

These are signs that I made, mostly for other pages on this site
--- pages on diet, health, humor, etc.

I will probably collect the humorous signs of others on a separate page,
with a link to that page here.

Feel free to use any sign image-file of mine
on your webpages or in your emails.
Feel free to blow them up, print them out, and display them
on your refrigerator, t-shirt, book-cover, tote-bag, car, yard, hospital-wall, etc.

You can right-click on an image, and, in the menu that pops up, use
'Save Image As ...' (or some such option) to save the image-file to your computer.

How the signs are presented :

The sign images below are grouped in categories, such as

  • HEALTH-related signs, on SugarS
  • HEALTH-related signs, on Medical Errors, to Medical Staff
  • HEALTH-related signs, on Medical Errors, to Patients
  • COMPUTER-related signs
  • LOGOS, 'refurbished'
  • WAR-related

Some signs are available in various colors. Click on a color-name below a sign image, to see a different colored sign image. (The image is shown in a separate window. Close that window to return to this window.)

In undergoing 3 surgeries in 2005, at 65 years old, after a life with only one surgery before that (when I was about 8 years old), I experienced various failures in communication and execution at three different hospitals. Thus, I was motiviated to come up with the medical-error related signs below.

The signs on sugarS were motivated as explained in some health blog postsof mine. (See the 'Inadvertent Medical Experiment' post.) SugarS were the root cause of my 3 surgeries in 2005.

HEALTH-related signs, on SUGARS :

near white

light cyan


HEALTH-related signs, MEDICAL ERRORS :
(for posting in hospitals and clinics ;
to remind staff to take care)

HEALTH-related signs, MEDICAL ERRORS :
(to warn patients to take care ; for use in
web pages and other documents addressed to potential patients)


COMPUTER-related signs :

LOGOS, refurbished :

variation 1

WAR signs :


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