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I received my mail the other day (in February 2017). I frequently receive mailings from cruise lines. Once again, I had been sent a brochure from a cruise line that was advertising their latest cruises --- for 2017.

This brochure was from 'Crystal Cruises'. A featured cruise was their 32-day 'Northwest Passage Explorer' cruise --- leaving Aug 15, 2017.

This cruise goes from New York City to Greenland and then west to end in Seward, Alaska (near Anchorage, Alaska).

The route goes through various straits and bays and seas near Canada and Alaska --- through

I remembered my days in history classes back in high school in the 1950's when history books talked about explorers in the 1500's looking --- UNSUCCESSFULLY --- for a 'Northwest Passage' from Europe to China --- via water passage ways in the Northern Hemisphere --- near or through Canada.

It was commonly taught in our history classes (in those 'days of yore', the 1950's) that there was no 'Northwest Passage' --- all attempts at finding a passage were blocked by Arctic sea ice. Even attempts to reach China in summer months of the Northern Hemisphere would be quite likely to end in failure.

Well, those explorers from the 1500's to the 1900's would be surprised to learn that --- not only is there now a passage way from the Atlantic to the Pacific by way of northern Canada --- but you can do it in the comfort of a cruise ship.

On Climate Change Deniers

For the past 10 years or so (from about 2006 to 2017), I have been wondering how 'climate change deniers' --- like Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, oil-and-gas industry lobbyists and CEO's, various U.S. Congress people (almost 100% of the Republicans) --- can deny climate change when thermo-metric and aerial-visual evidence has been showing that worldwide temperatures have (on average) been DEFINITELY increasing --- as graphs like the following have been showing.

Global Mean Temperature is Increasing
--- in the 1980 to 2000+ time frame

Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice is Retreating
--- in the 1960 to 2007+ time frame

These graphs are somewhat dated. Recent news reports (from pesky scientists), at the start of the 2016-2017 winter season, have announced that winter temperatures in the Arctic are 'suddenly' about 20 degrees Celsius warmer than in recent years.

The gutless 'lame-stream' media should repeatedly ask the following questions of 'climate change deniers' --- deniers like those people indicated above:

  • Why do you reject and/or ignore a wealth of photographic, experiential, and quantitatively-measured evidence for climate-change in the modern industrial era?

    You, Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich and so on, have seen the amazing urban growth in the Northeast USA over the past 70 years! That kind of urban, manufacturing, combustion-based, heat-generating sprawl is being repeated all over the world.

    How can you dismiss climate-change as hogwash??? --- when there is

    • aerial-photographic evidence (ice and snow --- in the Arctic and at essentially all mountain-tops and glaciers --- receding like never before)

    • personal experience of an elder generation (wading in new waters on Maldive and various Pacific islands) who did not have to wade in those waters when they were young

    • temperature measurements (trends) taken between 1940 and 2017

    • flood insurance rates going up in coastal U.S. cities!!!
      (Money talks, right? Don't you believe in the almighty dollar?)

    Will Donald Trump finally recognize climate change when waters are lapping at the doorstep of his 'Mar a Lago' estate in Florida --- and when his flood insurance premiums for his properties (golf courses, etc.) start attracting his attention?

  • Do you think there were only a few new gas flares (flames) from oil-gas exploration in the years 1930 to 2016 in the US --- and the Middle East --- and Russia --- and China --- and Venezuela --- and Indonesia --- etc.??

    There have been thousands --- in fact, tens of thousands --- if not hundreds of thousands. You saw hundreds of oil wells burning in Kuwait during Saddam Hussein's pull-back from an invasion of Kuwait. That kind of thing is going on in the world on a daily basis --- in gas flares.

  • Have you ever watched the How It's Made TV show on the Science Channel? Have you ever noticed that in almost every show there is a furnace or baking process involved that is generating enormous amounts of heat on a daily basis? Did you ever stop to think that most of those furnaces and ovens did not exist 50 years ago? --- that most of them have come to existence in the period from, say, the 1940's to the current time (2017)?

    Just as the human population is exploding exponentially, the number of furnaces, ovens, gas flares, automobiles, jet airplanes, home heating units, and other heat generating (fossil fuel burning) devices are exploding in numbers, exponentially. In the space of about 200 years, mankind is going to burn through most of the fossil fuel (coal, oil, gas) that is sequestered in the relatively thin sedimentary layers on the surface of the Earth.

    Note the global temperature graphs above --- and the exponential human population graphs below. Do you really think the correlations of these graphs with human heat-generating, fossil-fuel-burning activities are just an accident?

    I think it is safe to say that History will be the judge --- and History will find 'climate change deniers' to be guilty of selective-blindness and outright-stupidity. Donald, you may think you are the smartest guy in any room, but History is going to reveal you for the self-deluded, naked-emperor that you are.

I plan to put a link to a 'Climate Change Deniers' web page here --- that lists people like Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, most of the Republicans in Congress, some Democrats in Congress, many lobbyists for the oil-and-gas industry, various media talking-heads (mostly 'conservatives' ... who really are not interested in conserving much of anything at all), and various oil-and-gas company CEO's and other 'deniers' of climate change.

In the meantime, here are some WEB SEARCH links that can be used to find information on 'deplorable deniers' --- and 'fake news' and 'real news' (truth) on climate change.

Exploding Human Population --- and 'Side Effects'

I have an old 2009 web page devoted to graphs of exploding human population growth. Here are a few images from that page.

That little dip, around 1400, when the European plagues occurred, was a huge thing at the time.

But, in terms of population impact, from the point of view of someone looking back from the current vantage point, about 600 years later, the plague did not slow down human population growth much at all.

If you are a climate change denier and/or if you believe that the above graphs are 'fake news' (to use a term popular with Trump and his aides and supporters), then you only have to look at the population growth graphs of the world's major cities ---

  • New York City, USA
  • London, England
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Shanghai, China
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Mumbai, India
  • etc. etc.

--- to confirm that human population growth is exploding in an exponential manner --- such that, by the year 2050, the world is going to be facing some issues that have gone beyond 'the tipping point'.


Note that if large mammals had to pay taxes (like humans do), there would be good census figures on their population. However, since they do not pay taxes, we have only rough figures --- like: there were more than 100,000 tigers in the world around 1900, and there are only about 10,000 in 2017.

In other words, as the human population has exploded, the populations of large mammals (those which man does not raise for food or betting or pets --- such as cows, pigs, sheep, horses, dogs, and cats) are experiencing drastic population declines ---large non-human-food mammals such as

  • elephants
    (which unfortunately have human-desired tusks)

  • rhinos
    (which unfortunately have human-desired horns)

  • tigers
    (which unfortunately have Chinese-desired body parts)

  • lions
    (which unfortunately have Chinese-desired body parts)

  • leopards

  • panthers

  • wolves

  • whales
    (the Japanese desire to kill them, for 'research')

  • dolphins
    (the Japanese desire to kill them, all over the world)

  • etc. etc.

    The small mammals --- such as rats, mice, voles, squirrels, rabbits, etc. --- seem to be holding their own so far --- but even they are going to succumb to parking lots and malls and highways and urban sprawl, eventually. Their only hope for survival is for a meteor strike to wipe out the humans, like the dinosaurs --- leaving some of the subterranean dwelling small mammals to survive and eventually thrive.

SAD (as Trump likes to say). If you are a parent, be prepared for the days that you will have to tell your grandchildren (or their children) that all large mammals are no longer found 'in the wild' --- that they are only available confined in zoos --- or only available in pictures on the internet.

And just as there is a correlation between explosive exponential human population growth and accelerating population decline of large mammals, there is a correlation between human population growth and accelerating global temperature increase --- and the acceleration in the decline of ice and snow cover.

In Conclusion

Hey, CCD-ers (Climate Change Deniers). Most of you are (hopefully) smarter than Trump. Do not fall for his constant stream of unfounded conspiracy theories --- especially his climate change theories.

If you CCD-ers (almost half the country) are not smarter than Trump, then the USA is in for a decline and fall --- just as many European observers of what is happening in early 2017 in the USA are predicting.

I know people in Europe who are wondering 'what the heck is going on' in the USA, to borrow some of Trump's words. They have lost respect for the intelligence of the people of the U.S.A.

    Trump says the rest of the world is laughing at the U.S.A. Yes, they are, Trump ... because of you, you neo-Russian baboon, you. If you love Russia so much, take your rubles (and tax returns) and go there to live. Good riddance.

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