A Pair of Letters from
the Trump Support

'Citizens United for
a Secure America'

"Trump's plan to implement
extreme vetting of [only]
seven countries designated
as hotbeds for Radical Islamic
Terrorists is the best way to
keep the American people safe"

What about the Radical Islamic
Terrorists among the billion-plus
Islamic countries???

Trump doesn't want to let a
'terrorist ban' interfere with
his personal business --- thus
a 'selective terrorist ban' ---
and 'compromised safety' ---
leaving out Saudi Arabia and
many other Islamic countries,
such as Malaysia, Turkey,
Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain,
Oman, Bangladesh, Pakistan,
Afghanistan, Kazakhstan,
United Arab Emirates, etc.
etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

(2017 Apr blog post)

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This page on 'Citizens United for a Secure America'
and its insecure, full-of-holes Islamic-ban HOGWASH.

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I am receiving forwarded-mail for a relative who passed away. This relative was giving money to many charitable (and scam) organizations that were sending him repeated requests for money. Hence he ended up on many mailing lists.

Recently (26 Apr 2017), I received a 'creepy' mailing --- from a 'Citizens United for a Secure America' organization, that seems to want to help Donald Trump pretend he is making America safe by putting a 'terrorist ban' --- a curiously selective ban --- on immigration from only seven of a plethora of 'heavily' Muslim countries (link to a sorted list of more than 50 Muslim-majority countries).

    (FYI, the seven 'select' countries are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.)

In the 4-page cover letter in the envelope, this guy David Bossie ('President' of 'Citizens United for a Secure America') talks of ensuring Trump's "plan to slam the door shut on terrorists sneaking into America".

Bossie seems to be 'glossing over' the fact that Trump is leaving the door open for terrorists from Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Mali, Nigeria, ... and so on and so on ... to enter this country and take their anger out on our citizens.

Many articles have pointed out how Trump seems to be sparing some of these countries --- like Saudi Arabia and Malaysia --- from his 'terrorist ban' and from 'extreme vetting' because he has hotel and real estate interests in those countries --- and he does not want 'bans' and 'vetting' to interfere with his 'personal business'.

Bossie's cover letter and money-request 'petition' letter

I have keyed in the cover letter and the money-request 'petition' letter that Bossie sent to 'Xyz Abcdefg'.
(The name has been changed to protect the dead.)

Trump's 'terrorist ban' is so 'full of holes' it is laughable. In light of that, you be the judge of how ridiculous this letter from Bossie is.

    As I keyed in this letter, I could not help but add notes --- my thoughts as I read Bossie's sentences. The notes are in square brackets --- and usually indented.

    I have tried to render Bossie's two letters (a 4-page cover letter and a 1-page letter to be forwarded to Trump) faithfully in regard to use of capitalized, bold, and underscored words and sentences --- and faithfully in regard to the fixed-width, typewriter-like font that Bossie used in the letters.

Start of David Bossie's cover letter to 'Xyz':

David Bossie

[Bossie seems to like his name in a big font, at the start.]

President, Citizens United for a Secure America
Deputy Campaign Manager,
Donald Trump for President

    [A picture of Bossie with Trump is on the left of this heading.]

Dear Trump Supporter,

President Trump needs your immediate help to Make America Safe Again ...

Which is why I'm asking you to sign your I SUPPORT TRUMP'S TERRORIST BAN Petition and rush it back to me in the next 24-48 hours.

The liberals can deny it all they want but ...


    [Yes ... from countries like Saudi Arabia ... which are NOT on Trump's 'terrorist ban' list.]

Trump's Terrorist Ban is the way to stop them ...

    [... except if they come from Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Mali, and dozens of other Muslim countries.

    To say Trump's Ban is 'the way to stop them' is just so ridiculously laughable that I am surprised that Bossie can talk of this in a serious tone.]

But the radical left, liberal judges, and the media are hell-bent on stopping him.

    [I'm a quasi-liberal and I am not hell-bent on stopping him. I just wish he would devise RATIONAL, COMPREHENSIVE 'bans' and 'vetting' that would REALLY make America safe ... or at least safer.]

They'll do anything to destroy Trump and his Pro-America agenda.

    ['They' are probably more 'Pro-America' than Trump is. 'They' are not compromised by having business interests in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, etc.]

And that is why it's up to you and me to let Trump know that WE SUPPORT him and his Terrorist Ban!

    [There you go again, David ... talking about a 'terrorist ban' that is so full of holes, it cannot even qualify as a 'terrorist band-aid'.]

So please, sign and rush back your I SUPPORT TRUMP'S TERRORIST BAN Petition to me right away.

    [But mainly rush back the money ... Right, David?]

I need to hear from you ... and more importantly ... President Trump needs to hear from you.

So please rush your signed Petition back to me in the next 24-48 hours.

    [What's the hurry, David? Your 'terrorist ban' is not going to stop terrorists coming from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Phillipines, Bangladesh, Belgium, the various '...stans', and so on.]

Barack Obama kicked the door open and rolled-out-the-red-carpet to any radical Muslim who wanted to invade our country ...

    [Well, Obama really did not do that. There was a functioning Immigration service doing vetting. But let's just humor Dave. How is Obama's 'open door' significantly different from this 'full-of-holes' Trump 'ban'?]

Obama didn't care if they were fully vetted and his decisions had deadly consequences.

    [Speaking of 'deadly consequences' ... Trump's 'business interests' --- which distort his 'ban' --- are going to have 'deadly consequences'.]

But Obama is GONE and now it's time to slam the door shut to radical Islamic terrorists!

    [Maybe Trump is slamming the 'front door' ... but he is leaving the 'back door' and many 'side doors' and 'windows' wide open.]

So please act today. Stand with President Trump and his fight to Make America Safe Again by rushing back your signed I SUPPORT TRUMP'S TERRORIST BAN Petition to me.

    [Why send it to you? Some would probably prefer to send it directly to a Trump-headed entity. Are you using this as a way to get your name in front of Trump some more? Are you, Dave, angling to be Trump's Goebbels or Himmler?]

If you've turned on your television since Trump became President, you've seen the same thing I have ...

  • Leftist radicals yelling, screaming, protesting, and destroying property.

      [Most 'leftists' do not advocate destroying property. Destruction like that is pointless and counter-productive. There has been horrific destruction by 'rightists' --- for example, the Oklahoma City bombing --- domestic terrorism that killed many children in nursery school.

      To act like 'leftists' have a monopoly on destroying property is ludicrous. Besides 'rightist' killing is a lot worse than 'leftist' yelling and protesting.]

  • The media reporting fake "news" meant to destroy Trump.

      [Trump propagates more 'fake news' than anybody.]

  • Liberal judges throwing away the safety of the American people for their own radical political agenda.

      [There you go again, David ... acting like Trump's 'terrorist ban' is not 'full of holes'.]

The left won't accept that Trump won the election.

    [Oh, most of the left is painfully aware that he won. What a nightmare! --- for the national forests and parks, for the environment (water and air), for the economy (like with Bush, no doubt another 2008-like-meltdown will come, as sensible regulations are trashed), women's bodies will be 'pwned' by men, etc. etc.]

They believe they can keep spreading lies about Trump and turn the American people against him.

    [Over half the American voters were ALREADY 'against him' at election time. He is alienating more day by day --- like the man who was a Trump supporter, literally singing his praises with his guitar at Trump rallies, but whose ill son was betrayed by Trump's removal of health care options for his son. So the number-against will be steadily growing.]

But, I know the American people stand with Trump and his plan to Make America Safe Again.

    [Yes, those people, who like Trump, think there are only seven countries from which radical Islamic terrorists come.]

How do I know that?

I saw it when I traveled the country as Trump's Deputy Campaign Manager. I worked hand-in-hand with Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway to get Trump elected President even as the media told us it was impossible for Trump to win.

I went to rallies and talked to countless Americans that love this great country and we're sick-and-tired of Obama and his liberal policies.

    [Like his 'liberal policy' of expanding drone strikes all over the world? Like his 'liberal policy' of not sending a single Wall Street mortgage scammer to jail? Like his 'liberal policy' of letting Shell Oil try to drill off the Alaskan coastline? Like his 'liberal policy' of Obamacare paying for men's Viagra but denying pay for women's birth control?

    Those sound like 'conservative Republican policies' to me.]

And even though we won on Election Night the liberals and the media have not given up their fight.

    [Yes ... because there is a childish, extreme-egotist ... who is a stranger to the truth ... in the office of the Presidency.]

They've set their sights on Trump's Terrorist Ban.

    [There you go again, Dave ... talking about a 'Ban' that isn't even as effective as a 'Band-Aid' ... like it is a real thing. You're delusional, Dave.]

Polls show the American people support it. Heck it's just common sense ...

    [Those pollees probably thought they are voting for an EFFECTIVE ban.]

You don't allow people to come here from radical Islamic countries that are hotbeds for terrorists without full vetting.

    [So why isn't Trump pushing for 'full vetting' of travelers from Saudi Arabia? from Malaysia? from Bangladesh? from Nigeria? from Mali? from the Phillipines? ...]

It's not rocket science --- it's common sense ...

    [Yes, it is common sense to vet travelers from Saudi Arabia and so on. So why is Trump not mentioning that?]

But the liberals DO NOT CARE. They do not care about your safety. They do not care about the greatness of America ...

    [Apparently neither do you, Dave. You want to let terrorists from Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc. etc. endanger our safety.]

They only care about their radical left-wing agenda.

    [... while you, Dave, 'only care about' promoting a 'terrorist ban' that is NOT going to do a thing to impede more than 90 percent of the 'radical Islamic terrorists' in the world from infiltrating this country.]

President Trump can't fight them on his own. On Election Day he had almost 63 million Patriots vote for him ...

    [... and about 64 million Patriots vote against him. And those 'Patriots' who voted for him ... how many of those are really just looking for a tax break? --- or NO taxes at ALL --- to support their Great America?]

And now he needs your help again to save his Terrorist Ban and Make America Safe Again.

    [Dave, Dave, Dave. Can you just stop with this nonsense about Trump's 'Terrorist Ban' being able to 'Make America Safe Again'? Do you really believe that banning just those seven countries will make America safe?]

So please, I'm asking you to do two critical things for me today:

  1. Sign your I SUPPORT TRUMP'S TERRORIST BAN Petition.

  2. Rush back a one-time urgent membership donation of $20.

Let me tell you why both actions are critical to defend Trump and his Terrorist Ban.

    [If I have to hear about this phony 'Terrorist Ban' one more time, Dave, I swear I am going to have to scream --- and not send you the $20 to $1,000 (or more) that you are asking for (in the 'petition' letter below). Your constant repeating of nonsense about Trump's ineffective 'terrorist ban' sounds like you are taking this advice from Hitler :


First off, my goal is to collect 5 million I SUPPORT TRUMP'S TERRORIST BAN Petitions -- and at least 50,000 from every state.

    [Such a waste of time-effort-money on a 'full of holes' ban.]

I'm going to package these Petitions and send them directly to President Trump. We all know how crazy the attacks are on him and it's up to us to ensure he stays strong in the face of them.

    [I'm sure he will read them all. He is such a voracious reader. Well, he might weight them --- on his gold bathroom scale --- about 3AM some morning when he is wandering around in his bathrobe --- in between the Tweets.]

I can just picture him inviting members of Congress to the Oval Office surrounded by stacks of millions of Petition [sic].

    [Yes, just like so many Presidents before him ... who have stacked petitions in the Oval Office and invited Congress in.]

With 5 million signed Petitions he'll be able to show Congress, the media, and the judges that the AMERICAN PEOPLE STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP!

    [Yes, those petitions will show that those people believe in his 'full of holes' 'terrorist ban'. What a country! What a future we have before us!]

Now as I'm sure you know -- collecting 5 million signed I SUPPORT TRUMP'S TERRORIST BAN Petitions will not be easy. That's why your one-time membership gift is critical to my efforts.

    [Yes, people should be eager to send you $20 to help you promote a 'full of holes' 'terrorist ban'.]

I won't be able to reach my goal of 5 million signed Petitions without patriots like you stepping up and giving what they can.

    [Ah ... the inevitable request for money. Don't any of you 'patriots' send in a Petition without the money. Trump will not see your Petition.]

You see by joining Citizens United today, with a one-time $20 donation you will allow me to send an additional 52 Petitions to President Trump ...

    [My calculator says that is $0.384615385 per Petition.]

And if you're able to give more today -- say $35, $50, $100, $250 or more I will reach my goal even faster.

    [Great. Maybe you can fill the entire Oval Office with petitions. That would REALLY impress Congress --- or make them think that you and Trump are bat-shit crazy.]

Only you know how much you can send today -- but whatever the amount, please send it back to me in the next 24-48 hours.

    [Sorry, Dave. Dead 'Xyz' will not be able to do that.]

The left is doing everything to stop Trump and keep our borders wide-open for radical Islamic terrorists to sneak in.

    [... and Trump allowing radical Islamic terrorists from Saudi Arabia and Malaysia to sneak in is somehow different ... ???]

Please support President Trump by rushing back your signed I SUPPORT TRUMP'S TERRORIST BAN Petition and one-time membership donation of $20, $35, $50, $100, or more.

    [I am going to be seeing those capital letters "I SUPPORT TRUMP'S TERRORIST BAN" in my sleep for the next several nights, Dave. Was that your intent with using the bold-capital-letters over and over, Dave?]

        To Make America Safe Again,

        [Bossie's signature here]

        David Bossie, President
        Citizens United for a Secure America

P.S. President Trump needs your support to stop the radical left, the media and the liberal judges and save his Terrorist ban.

We all know that most Americans support Trump's plan to Make America Safe Again and now we must ensure his plan to slam the door shut on terrorists sneaking into America is enforced.

    [How is leaving the door open for terrorists from Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Mali, Nigeria, and so on and so on --- 'slamming the door shut on terrorists sneaking into America'???]

So please, in the next 24-48 hours sign and rush back your I SUPPORT TRUMP'S TERRORIST BAN Petition along with your vital one-time membership donation of $20, $35, $50, $100, or more.

    [You had to slip in one more "I SUPPORT TRUMP'S TERRORIST BAN" ... didn't you, Dave?]

End of Bossie's cover letter.

Does it sound like a 'snow job' to you? It sure does to me.

This guy, David Bossie, must need a geography lesson on how many 'Muslim-majority' nations --- and other 'many-Muslim' nations --- there are on this Earth.

Bossie must not have been paying attention in his geography classes in junior high school.

Following is the text of a letter (which includes a 'petition' to Trump) to be signed and sent to Bossie --- for delivery to Donald Trump.

Start of money-request disguised as a 'petition' :

Citizens United for a Secure America

PO BOX 96523
WASHINGTON, DC 20090-6523

    Xyz Abcdefg
    9 Whatever Street
    City, State 99999-9999

Dear David,

Thank you for the work you've done -- including your time as Trump's Deputy Campaign Manager. President Trump is working hard to keep the American people safe from Radical Islamic Terrorists, but he's under attack from liberals and the media at every turn.

    [Thanks for putting these words in my mouth, David --- including those nice words you say about yourself. Schmoozing up Trump, eh?]

To fight back and support our President I've signed my I SUPPORT TRUMP'S TERRORIST BAN Petition and am joining Citizens United for a Secure America today, with my best, one-time urgent membership gift of:

   o $20      o $35      o $50      o $75      o $100

   o $250     o $500     o $1,000      o $____ Other

Make your check to "CUSA" or use the secure credit card form on the back. The first $15 of your annual support will go to Citizens United membership dues.

    [Say, David --- didn't you just say above 'my best, one-time urgent membership gift' --- and then you immediately turn around and say 'your annual support will go to Citizens United membership dues'.

    So you want (at least) $20 per year for the rest of the life of 'Xyz'?

    Dave, Can't you go even one sentence without contradicting yourself?]


 WHEREAS,  The people rejected Obama's open-door imigration
           policies by electing Donald Trump President.
 WHEREAS,  President Trump's plan to implement extreme
           vetting from seven countries designated as
           hotbeds for Radical Islamic Terrorists is
           the best way to keep the American people safe.
 WHEREAS,  I do not believe the lies being told by the left
           and the media and I fully support President
           Trump's plan to protect our country from 
 Signed: ____________________________, City, State.
          Xyz Abcdefg

End of money-request disguised as
a 'petition' to 'the Donald'.

David Bossie just cannot seem to get his head around the idea that most of the terrorists that have infiltrated and attacked the United States are from countries where Trump has hotel and real estate development interests --- and so those countries are NOT on the 'TRUMP TERRORIST BAN' countries-list.

Some links to info on 'David Bossie' and
'Citizens United for a Secure America' :

  • A 'drowning in junk mail' page that indicates that there seem to be multiple 'Citizens United' organizations that seem to be closely related to 'Citizens United for a Secure America'.

    This 'junk mail' page reveals that Bossie is behind all sorts of money raising schemes, based on

    • letters to a commandant of the Marine Corps

    • a survey about illegal immigrants committing voter fraud

    • a letter about "In God We Trust" is going to be removed from US currency

    • a request to resend a $50 check you sent us a while back (which was never sent)

    • various letters to exploit the elderly.
      Example: Social Security is going to be taken away.

  • David Bossie Biography at imdb.com.
    In additon to being 'President of Citizens United', Bossie is 'Executive chairman of Breitbart News' and a 'Fox News contributor'.)

  • Citizens United organization description at Wikipedia.
    ("Citizens United is a conservative political advocacy group organized under Section 501(c)4 of the federal tax code, meaning that donations are not tax deductible. To fulfill [its] mission, Citizens United produces television commercials, web advertisements, and documentary films.")

There are definitely some Muslims who threaten the safety
of our citizens and the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Consitution
--- especially the right of Freedom of-and-from Religion.
Only the most idiotic of liberals deny that.
(See next image below.)

And some of those Muslims are downright rabid in their hatred.
See these signs, like 'Butcher those who mock Islam'.

Do you ever see Catholics carrying a sign that says
'Butcher those who mock Catholicism'?

Do you ever see Unitarians carrying a sign that says
'Butcher those who mock Unitarianism'?

Do you ever see Presbyterians carrying a sign that says
'Butcher those who mock Presbyterianism'?

So how do we effectively 'vet' these
violence-prone immigrants/travelers to the U.S.?

Like this?

Or burn a Koran in front of them and see if they squirm
--- or leap for your throat?

It's up to Trump to come up with an
effective 'extreme vetting' method.
Can he do it?

For more info :

More information on 'Citizens United for a Secure America' and 'David Bossie' MAY be added at a future date.

Until then, you could try some web searches for more information on the 'Citizens United for a Secure America' organization and 'David Bossie'.

How about 'extreme vetting' of the KKK?
And deportation of those that fail.

Yes. Trump's full-of-holes, ineffective ban is
probably great for ISIS recruiting --- which
actually makes America less-safe, rather than safer.

'Radical Trumpism' is almost as bad as 'Radical Islam'.
(Just what we need ... more hate in the world.)

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'Citizens United for a Secure America' organization
--- and its Political HOGWASH
promoting a
full-of-holes, only-seven-Islamic-countries
vetting system.

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