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This page provides information on the Fuji Finepix S1000fd digital camera --- including the PDF file (English) containing the user manual. This PDF file came from a 'Manual (PDF:4.45MB)' link on a fujifilm.com page.

    This page may be grouped with some 'Computer Hardware' pages of mine that contain info on motherboards, routers, print servers, etc. Digital cameras may not seem like 'computer hardware'. But, because I do most of the processing of my photos (from digital cameras) on my desktop and netbook computers, I consider digital cameras as another piece of 'computer hardware'.

I bought the camera, around 2008, via an Internet site, I believe (if I find info on the source I will put it here) for about $200. I was mainly looking for an SLR-like camera that uses AA-batteries for power, rather than a proprietary rechargable battery or a battery requiring a proprietary recharging cable. By 'SLR-like', I mean a camera that has a good-sized, fairly high-quality lens --- with a better than 5-times zoom capability --- and with a variety of both automatic and manual controls.

I bought it as a farly-small, yet feature-rich, portable camera that I could mount on a tripod or monopod --- originally for taking pictures of tennis matches in action. Thus the need for a good zoom capability --- and the ability to be able to freeze the action, by using an approriate shutter-speed and shutter-opening-size if necessary.

The Fuji S1000fd had received fairly favorable reviews on such sites as amazon.com --- about 4 out of 5 stars.

The camera was 'discontinued' by 2012, but there were other Fuji S series cameras available by that time that were similar in features --- including being powered by four AA-batteries. So if I am satisfied with the features and performance of this camera in a few years (after 2012), when I search for a replacement, I may look at the Fuji S series.

This camera has a reasonably large LCD view-finder on the back --- as the following image demonstrates.

But, to save on battery power, one can switch to a view-finder mode --- as seen in this labelled image of the back of the camera.

And here is a labelled image of the top of the camera.

The camera also has a fairly good flash that can be popped up, like on more expensive SLR cameras --- as seen in the following photo.

When I go to put the '.JPG' files, that the camera creates, onto my desktop computer for processing and putting into web pages or emails, I pop open the compartment at the bottom of the camera --- as seen in the following photo.

Then I put the memory chip into an SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) card reader attached to my computer via a USB cable. I simply drag-and-drop the '.JPG' files from the chip into a directory on the hard disk of my desktop (or netbook) computer. Those computers run a Linux operating system (Ubuntu or Linux Mint).

I typically use the 'mtpaint' image processing program to

  • rotate images, if necessary
  • crop images, if necessary
  • gamma-correct images, if necessary

in the '.JPG' files.

I use some batch-renaming scripts in the 'feNautilusScripts' subsystem of my Freedom Environment software to rename the '.JPG' files to '.jpg' files --- and change the prefixes on the filenames --- and add some descriptive info into groups of filenames --- and, often, to automatically put date-time stamp info in the filenames.

I use some batch-resizing scripts in the 'feNautilusScripts' subsystem of my Freedom Environment software to make reduced-size '.jpg' files --- from about 3648x2736 to around 400x300 --- or 533x400 or 640x480 or whatever. These smaller sizes are more suitable for emails and web pages.

Guides/Manuals for the Fuji
Finepix S1000fd digital camera :

The info on this camera at the fujifilm.com Finepix S1000fd web page may go dead within a few years after 2012.

In case the fujifilm.com web pages for the S1000fd go dead, here is a PDF file containing a 164-page user manual (English) for the Fuji Finepix S1000fd camera --- preserved here so that I can have access to it --- say, via a netbook computer when 'on the road'.

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