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Linux :

Linux Installs :

  • Ubuntu Install Notes (2009-2011)
    (Description of installs on several of my computers, including 'netbooks'. Also, description and screenshots of partitioning a hard drive while overlaying a previous Linux install.)

  • Linux Mint Install Notes (2011 Nov, 2012 Jun)
    (Description of install on two Acer AO722 11.6" netbook computers --- including description of solving a Broadcom wireless connection problem --- and installing the 'semi-rolling' LMDE distro.)

  • Linux UEFI Install Notes (Preliminary) (2013)
    (Description of a 'Live' install of Linux Mint Debian Edition on an Acer netbook with Windows 8 pre-installed with 'secure boot'.)

Finishing Touches to Linux Installs :

Adding Apps to Old Linux Installs :

Linux Notes/Guides :

  • Linux Guides (of Others) for Applications, SysAdmin, and Programming
    (an archive of PDFs, links, config file images)

  • my Linux notes/guides on

    • Gnome desktop and Nautilus file manager issues
    • on Image Creation-Editing utilities (especially 'mtpaint')
    • on 3D viewers, converters, and test/demo files,
    • on Audio-Video Editing utilities,
    • on CD-DVD utilities, etc. etc.

    (For more image processing utilities, see the Handy Shell Scripts above.)

Audio/Video Topics :

Special Topics :

Linux Q and A :

  • Linux Questions-and-Answers --- grouped into about 40 categories --- such as Audio , ... , Backups, ... , monitor-Display , ... , Installs (of Linux) , ... , Security , ... , System-Admin , ... , Video , ... , Web Server , ...

Special Linux Install Topics :     (outdated now, but perhaps still instructive)

Web Development :

  • a collection of web page templates. Examples:

    • a basic web page of several blocks of text and a few decorative images --- blog-like
    • a basic web page of photos, medium-res, down the page, with links to original or higher-res photos/scans
    • a web page of a table of thumbnails (6 per row), with thumbnail-links to larger photos
    • a web page of a table with 2 columns, suitable to record runs and run-times, OR stocks and dividend info, OR stocks and exec compensation, OR ...
    • a web page of a table with 3 columns
    • a web page of a table with 4 columns
    • web pages with a Table of Contents pointing to content sections in the lower part of the page (the content could be groups of links, groups of photos, text blocks)
    • a web page with a Table of Contents (TOC) pointing to content on a separate web page for each TOC line-item
  • Also see the HTML-generating scripts via the Handy Shell Scripts page of the Linux section, above.

  • colors for web pages

  • demo pages of 'seamless tiles' for web pages

  • decorative images for web pages - 'decopics'
    (1) animated images and (2) still images

  • How-To put nice math expressions in web pages
    using 'MathJax' (and 'MathML')

Computer PERFORMANCE :   (irrespective of operating system)

Desktop Decoration :   (for any OS - Linux, Apple, Microsoft, ...)

Tcl-Tk :

Computer SECURITY :

  • collected SPAM (bad mail) (esp. 'bad' IP addresses and ranges)

  • 'good-mail' addresses ('good' IP addresses and ranges) - someday?

  • IP addresses (ranges) TO ALLOW (white-list candidates) - someday?

  • IP addresses (ranges) TO DENY (black-list candidates) - someday?

    It would help if the organizations that assign internet addresses would
    assign a range/block of addresses --- esp. with the new IPv6 addresses ---
    to each country, in proportion to their population. This would make it much,
    much easier for people/banks/governments/DNS/routers to block entire countries ---
    either temporarily (in case of emergency) or permanently (if no contact
    is needed/wanted with a country).

MICROSOFT (ugh) Notes :

Computer HARDWARE notes :

Digital Cameras:

Smart Phones:

TV-Video-Audio alternatives to cable TV:

  • Roku usage info to help access video and audio content via the internet
    --- and TRY to avoid cable-TV/channel commercials that are growing like cancer.
    (The Roku 'box' is a micro-computer.)

Network devices:


  • Open Code Archive --- to provide access to code that was once available on the internet but may be hard to find now.

Some pages of external links related to
about ten different computer-topics are
here on the home page of this site.

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