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This page provides information on the Samsung PL120 digital camera --- including the PDF file (English) containing the user manual. This PDF file came from the CD that came with the camera.

    This page may be grouped with some 'Computer Hardware' pages of mine that contain info on motherboards, routers, print servers, etc. Digital cameras may not seem like 'computer hardware'. But, because I do most of the processing of my photos from digital cameras on my desktop and netbook computers, I consider digital cameras as another piece of 'computer hardware'.

I bought the camera, on sale, from hhgregg for about $99. I bought it as a small, portable camera that I could carry with me in my car and on trips --- to take pictures relatively quickly --- for example, by walking around with the camera in my hand when I think photo opportunities might be at hand.

One unique thing about this camera is that it has an LCD view-finder on the front of the camera as well as on the back --- as the following image demonstrates.

This makes it fairly easy to take a picture of oneself (along with other people/items in the scene) and be fairly sure of getting a good shot on the first try.

Of course, the camera also has a view-finder on the back of the camera --- for taking pictures with the camera pointed away from the face of the photographer, instead of toward his/her face. The view-finder on the back of the camera is much larger than the front view-finder, as the following image demonstrates.

Guides/Manuals for the Samsung
PL120 digital camera :

There is some info on this camera at this web page, but this link may go dead in a few years after the camera was being sold (circa 2012).

In case the web pages for the PL120 go dead, here is a PDF file containing a 127-page user manual (English) for the Samsung PL120 camera.

On the CD that contained the user-manual PDF, there were also a few PDF's relating to the Open Source software that was used by the Zoran Microelectronics company in the authoring of their 'Coach' firmware.

Here are those PDF's.

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