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Introduction and Documentation :

Back around 2006 or 2008 (?), I bought a D-Link DP-301P+ print server because it had a Centronics connector, instead of the newer USB printer connection standard.

I had a couple of HP ink jet printers at home with the Centronics-type connector, and I wanted to be able to share the printers on our home computer network.

I did connect the print server to an HP DeskJet 820Cse printer and connected the 'pocket' print server to our home network via an ethernet switch box.

I was able to print from my Linux (Ubuntu 9.10) home-built desktop computer to the printer (ca 2010) --- until the ethernet switch box 'fried' --- and a replacement fried. I have not tracked down the cause yet, but I suspect a bad power outlet on the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to which the switches were connected.

So I have not been using the Print Server in 2011 and 2012, but I provide the following PDF guides here, in case I ever need to reference them.

Here are 3 PDF's that came on the CD with the print server.

Here is the D-Link web page for the DP-301P+ print server.

And, in case that link goes dead, here is a PDF that I got from that D-Link page.

If you want additional information on the D-Link print servers, you can try a WEB SEARCH on keywords such as "d-link" print server. You can add a model identifier.

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